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  • Stila: Launching of Summer Collections 2008


    June 15th, 2008

    Today I went to 1 utama in the afternoon for the launching of Stila's Summer Collection (which was already launch last year in the States, I can't believe Stila Malaysia is so back lagged) and how frakin sux is Stila's Marketing Department anyway.. they screw up my mother's day event and now they're launching a collection without the collection for customers to buy?? they only got sample = = can u believe it??

    Summer Collection features :

    The much awaited Limited Edition Summer Palette with colours from right (r) to left (l):

    Sells for USD40, but the big let down is Stila Malaysia is selling for RM190-00. FRAKING SHIAT.. (this is me letting out steam) do they know how much is RM190-00?? They think just because we love stila so much they decided to jakk up the price thinking we'll still buy because we could afford it?? HELL NO, the only reason we've been buying is bcoz we love stila n we'll just OVERSPEND for stila (hell ok maybe just me). Hell I can't afford to throw RM190 for 6 small eyeshadow ANYBODY NOTICE IT'S DAM SMALL? WHY IS COSMETIC IN MALAYSIA SO EXPENSIVE ANYWAY? IT'S JUST A PACK OF COLORED POWDERS with is only about the height of 1 DVD?? what the hell wrong is all the mutha fraking companies nowaday.

    Silk Shimmer Gloss in Kitten rm90 & Silk Eye Shadow Wash in Kitten rm85. If u like frosted shimmers Kitten is the Cat's Whiskers.

    Stila Sheer Color Tinted Moisturizer SPF 30 Oil Free rm110-00.

    Stila Shine Lip Color SPF 20 RM60-80? I can't remember.


    1. hello there.. I stumbled upon your blog.. btw,nice blog u got here.. =)

      anyways.. I just read this entry and I'm a stila freak just like u! hehe..

      so..I just wanna ask u.. have u bought anything from stila recently? if so.. do u still keep the receipts? because I am a stila girlfriend club.. but the thing is, I lost one of my receipts (which I need to attach them with all my 10 stickers)

      So now, I have 10 stickers and 9 receipt only..

      If I get this one last receipt, I'll be rewarded from stila: a make up bag, and rm800 worth of stila products..

      But, If i couldn't find this one last receipt, i'll just get rm300 worth of stila products..

      which means, if i did not have this one last receipt, it can make me lost: a stila bag, and rm500 worth of products..

      sob..sob... =(

      that's a major lot right...iskk..

      so..now, i wanted to ask u, whether u have it or not, because if u do..could u possibly give your receipt to me as in return, i will give u rm250 worth of stila products(brand new, of course)

      please, if u have.. let me know asap ok babe..


    2. actually i have! sounds good!!! come let's go!!!!

      but when did u become member and when expiring? i have different receipt dates does it matter?


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