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  • Umai-YA!!!!!!!


    Lately I've fallen in love with Umai-Ya, a japanese restaurant in damansara uptown!!! (miu zero, food 1) so far I've been there 5 times already since last month after I discovered the fabulous Umai-Ya's "promotional rebate vouchers" 1 set of 8 vouchers for rm29-90, which is not bad actually!. You get 4 freebie dishes from that voucher set, and 4 types of rebates of your total food bill :

    • Spend RM60 - rebate RM25
    • Spend RM100 - rebate RM40
    • Spend RM160 - rebate RM80 (1/2 price!)
    • Spend RM300 - rebate RM150 (1/2 price!)

    4 freebie dishes:

    California Maki / Agedashi Dofu (toufu) / Green Salad / Litako Kyuli (baby octopus)

    The only setback in this promotion is:
    1. the amount you spend must be on food, not drinks/dessert.
    2. only 1 freebie redeemable per visit, per receipt, per table, per day.
    3. freebies must be redeem at the branch stated
      (note black coupon is DU branch, brown is Damansara Perdana branch)
    4. only for dine-in, not take away.
    5. valid until October, 2008.
    6. It's a lot of food... u're definitely going to gain some weight if u buy this rebate set.
    7. total rebate coupons are 8 (2 of each type)
    I'll show you some pictures taken from my last visit to Umai-Ya (which is yesterday) here:

    Umai-Ya Damansara U

    Fabulous ambiance I must say. No that's not me in the picture, just my friend being seduced by display of food in front of her.

    Here, this is what she's looking at.

    Tori Nankotsu (Deep Fried Chicken Soft Bone)

    Jasmine, happy with the food.

    Soft Shell Crab Maki yyyummmy..

    Tori Katsu Nabe (Claypot Deep Fried Chicken with Onion & Egg)

    My favourite!
    Kani Unatama Maki
    (Soft Shell Crab+Unagi+tamago)

    this is how it looks like =)

    Ika Geso Karaage
    (Deep fried squid legs)

    Chicken Teriyaki Bento Set

    Soft Shell Crab

    Grilled Pregnant Fish?

    Just order any sashimi & they'll put it in a ice bowl =D

    Unagi & Rice yummmeeee!!

    I have more pictures! however.. u must be wondering why it's so dark? well the place is really romantically dim, with tatami seating areas and a Japanese ambiance. Food is awesome here! and did I mention the REALLY NICE ambiance? price wise it's just like dining at Sushi King/Genki Sushi but... of coz it's way better!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    If u people are interested in knowing where you can get the rebate coupons, drop me a comment =)


    1. Where can I get the rebate vouchers? Can I just print them out from your website?

      I'm thinking of checking out this place tomorrow after hearing so much about it..

      email me :)



    2. I have been searching high and low for the perfect Japanese restaurant and I think I have found it! I am glad to have read your post. Question is, where would I be able to get the rebate vouchers? or do I print out the coupons as mentioned by Diana?

      Do drop me a line as well at elainekychew@gmail.com! Much appreciated.

      Elaine xx

    3. actually the promotional vouchers is selling for rm29-90 (it's a book of 8 rebate vouchers + 4 bonus food freebies). I gave a rebate voucher to Diana to try already since I had extras.

      I got a extra # Spend RM60 - rebate RM25 voucher that I can give to u if u really want to try this place out. I already eat here duno how many times and i still can't finish my vouchers. They're going to expire in Oct 31st (so i dun encourage u buy the vouchers coz only 2 months to use - cannot finish wan unless u really eat japanese all the time).

      i got your email so I'll drop u a line^^


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