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Shaolin Girl Challenge! test your movie watching kungfu!


I'm going to organize another Movie Blogging thingy and show uncle thomas I am a bad girl! yeah I gona dress up as EMO go. Haha no jk, but I guess we could make it fun? however this time it's a movie on Shaolin Girl, a japanese movie? but I see some Hong Kong actors in it and it's produced by Stephen Chow (my favorite all time Asian actor!).

Here's the synopsis:

About a young kung fu teacher, Rin, who must take over her grandfather's dojo. In order to prepare herself, she make a journey to China for 3,000 days of grueling Shaolin kung fu training. Upon her return to Japan, she works to rebuild the dojo and joins her university lacrosse club, putting her considerable prowess to work for the team.

Watch the trailer:

The Reviews on Shaolin Girl:
If you Google Shaolin Girl up, you'll find a bunch of links about how bad the movie is that until Stephen Chow decided to keep a distance after franchising the idea instead of a direct sequel to Shaolin Soccer. Though it may seem the reviews are @##$$%%^&^ I don't mind a challenge to see what's in store and do some review of my own too. The actress seems cute and I love Japanese girls.. haha.


Shaolin Girl
TGV 1 Utama
4 Aug 2008 (Mon)
9:00 PM

So the challenge this time is to watch a movie that has been sentence to death by reviewers and see if we too join the dark side! I only have 10 invites available and these are the requirements to get in:

How to join the Movie Challenge!

1. Post a comment leaving your blog link, name & email address.

2. Incomplete entries will be disqualified.

The List a.k.a the confirmation list
1. Miu
2. Brick1235 (guest)
3. Hurley
4. Thomas
5. Thomas's wife
6. Jasmine
7. Tiffany
8. Jasmine's Brother

dateline: 3rd August, 2008


  1. not really a contest but I want to know if u dare see a movie like this or not lol...

  2. err hello? hello? hello?

    i didn't blog anything and hiding in one corner also kena inducted in to view a sux movie ah? si beh char lat...can apply for exemption or not? i have still to get over the un-oomphness of the x-file.

    if still can not escape, then, i'll have to apply for additional tix for my wife, lest she thinks i go dating with other people, you know, the 7 years itch kinda of thing?

  3. hahaha...

    we need discuss on our blog mocha mah

    so better come!

  4. ok lah, i try to make my day free for you guys but better gimme a buzz. also, how about my application for additional tix?

    lastly, i just read your sms. thanks for the head up and how come you can collect when you don't know the, you know what...

  5. read the list mah

    ur wifey in there :D

    dun need buzz u right!! u should b able remember k k

  6. My bro used to have a very very powerful memory but now getting 'cha' liao.. Better to buzz him, otherwise you will wasted the ticket .. hehe
    Can include me?

  7. oh the tai kar jie has spoken.. uncle is getting older!

    :)u're in Tifanny, and don't need ur info coz i got it! haha

  8. I want to go.. again! yay
    cant waIT to meet you guys again!


    can maaar?
    will be going to malacca now.
    will confirm again on the 3rd!
    yay.thank you MIU!!

  9. sure =)

    I hope everything is ok for you, sorry 2 hear about what happened. I'll wait for your news on 3rd =) right now the spot is yours till then.

  10. hello hello, it's not the memory getting cha. unlike albus dumbledore who can take some of the memory and store elsewhere, i have to keep everything inside the head. even computer can hang lah. i am keeping more and more memories lah, need to defrag soon.

  11. ** update **
    i hv accidentally won another 2 passes for the same show? must be THAT bad. so, miu, collect for me too? now, i hv to find another 2 persons to go, mebbe my 2 kids or mebbe Tiffany's husband....make it a semi-family outing, hehehe

  12. uncle how i collect for u leh, i need ur ic to collect. wan to send by email? if not u have to collect loh..

    :) call ur kids lah! make it a family moment! and since i got extra tix, tiffany husband also can come (pls ask her? tyty)

  13. seems like no reply on that so case close!

    i'm gona open this invite to other people liao.. whoever lah :)

    don't want to waste the tix


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