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Bubba Gump : Udang Galore!


Sunday Night, I went to Bubba Gump at Curve, Mutiara Damansara just to try something new. One will remember Bubba Gump from the movie "Forrest Gump" (google it up k.. it's a great movie). I got a few pointers to say about Bubba Gump they are:-

Nice Ambience, makes me feel like in a American Restaurant..

U know like TGIF & Chillis, love to decorate their walls n shop with keepsakes, car plates..etc.

Creative with their settings, like a dessert/drink menu on this..ping pong knocker (dam i suddenly forgot what it's called!)

How bout this Bucket? it's fill with things u need for your meal.
what things? see below

What things? these things man

remember the sign Run Forrest Run? well if u turn the sign over, it's STOP Forrest STOP! meaning you want the waiter/waitress to stop and come see what u need. Cool right? My bf said it's such a hassle.

This is their... specialty The Bourbon Street Baramundi RM29.90. My verdict? the sauce is awesome, the mashed potato is not amazing, and the fish is smelly. Yeap I couldn't stomach this dish. I'm not a fish smell fan. My bf said it's not nice.

This is Bubba’s After The Storm Bucket of Boat Trash cost RM42.90. Nice shrimps I must say, though for an appetizer that cost RM42-90 this is the pits, i mean look at the portions? (almost all the appetizer of various shrimp dishes cost nearly that much and that little) I didn't know what to do with the lobster tail? the shell is marinated and I tried eating it... crunchy.. but sharp, spitted out n only eat the meat inside. Fries? McDonalds beat them to it.

Well an overview of their menu, they do have a variety of alcoholic drinks available in cool names. Lotsa shrimp this n that meals to choose from that cost a bomb to me. I rather eat in Chillis or Fridays. The service? initially I was really pissed at how the waiter seems to be showing a bit of attitude because I didn't order in 1 minute. He don't seem to understand what I meant when I asked what's different about this coconut shrimp and other shrimps? the batter? I mean come on.. there's so many types of shrimps here, you have got to tell me what's special about them? He even talked funny and seem to rushed us for our orders. Well after the orders were done, the service got better. Refills were almost instant (if u put STOP FORREST STOP sign) and plates were clear in a jiffy. The waiter gave me the awesome sauce from the fish dish, so I can dip my fries in it. K brownie points back.

Overall I wouldn't come here again. Why?

  • the price is $%&^^&*!@@#$%%^ for so little and for shrimps? UDANG?
    UDANG IN KELAPA? UDANG DIMASAK CILI? udang udang! unless u love SHRIMPS.
  • the ordering service, showing attitude becoz customer couldn't decide on what nice dishes to choose from.
  • the crampy built in tables n seaters (pls go sit in chairs with tables if u r plus size like me)
  • the smelly fish.. nuff said
  • the fact that Shrimp Heaven ran out of coconut shrimp.. and i had to order another dish n eat lobster shell (i must be brain dead already for thinking lobster tail shell can be eaten? or maybe it can? oh i don't know.. i gave up eating it. I ate it bcoz the price was RM42.90 and it must be the special lobster tail which was fried in some nice batter could be eaten?!).
THERE.. angry bitch review done.



  1. ya lor, looked only nice, mou liu tou. everything darn expensive, for the same amount, i can eat shrimp until i vomit in port klang. and better shrimp too. better eat the next door pan cake shop. i was so dissappointed about the food there that i only mentioned in passing about it here

  2. just finish readin your post on udang shop! i couldn't agree more with u the price, at port klang i can eat nice shrimp at best seafood places or just go market n fry at home!

    well people who live in seafood town knows seafood best! muahaha...


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