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HellBoy II: Cooler, Sexier & Sobbier


I attended the Hell Boy II: The Golden Army movie preview yesterday at Cathay Cineleisure, Mutiara Damansara and boy was it full of publicity. There was 8TV, Hot FM & Mix FM? hosting the preview and literally Men in Black (women in black as well) bodyguarding the entrance to the cinema halls. They were later station in the Halls, protecting the movie from piracy intrusion. Some guy's handphone went off and MIB quickly went to politely ask him to switch his handphone off. If it was mine, I would be embarassed by the confrontation from a Men in Black.

On to the movie! yes Hell Boy II has more to offer than the previous Hell Boy movie. It has juicier insider peeks at the secret underground facility where Hell Boy co-habitat with Ms. I like being angry and hot. More like in MIB seriously, where u get to see some aliens alongside humans working in the same place. Also this time, Ms. Angry & Hot decided to be more expressive than before in her role. PMS seems to be ragging from her but of course it's the opposite that happened (won't spoil anything here! ngek ngek) I guess the directors think it would be nice to show us a glimpse of her in her pajama hotpants and skimpy shirt and the fact that Hell Boy & her do the rumpy rump - to create an unsual picture in our heads. Hey if you're not wondering, I am.

Abraham aka Mr. Blue also lost his credibility as the brain of the entire operation. It started with him falling in love, being in love and finally losing his mind for love by thinking it was great to let the Golden Army destroy the world. Ok? is it that way in the comics? bcoz I don't read the comics. I am a bit disappointed they made him seem emotional this round as I admire his intelligence and reasoning.

Hell Boy seems to have lost some weight, probably due to the persistent arguments from Ms. Angry & Hot. Can't help but notice the characters are slightly different, I just need to watch Hell Boy I again to find out. WELL APART from personality problems, the movie is packed with action from all sides and more "MIB" like this time. I love how it's becoming more open and descriptive about their enemies and the "unseen world" in New York. Not to mention a new hero - Mr. Johann Krauss, an air thingy that can unlock your safe deposit box and control inanimate stuffs under his will.

The baddies this time, an overly pale Prince Nuada who wages war against humans and his sidekick Mr. Wink with a mechanical flying arm. Interesting chaos unleashed by him and the fact that his extra cun twin sister that I too want to marry.

Overall I'll give it a thumbs up for excitement, alien bang, some nice yummy scenes of tooth fairy munching on humans, and an earth day attempt for showing us what we will be missing if we continue to chop trees/plants. If u like Pan's Labyrinth, you'll love Hell Boy II.

And thumbs down for Cathay Cineleisure for the crappy technical problems which up till todate is still going on! What's with the THX & Movie Quality becoming CRAPX? it happened like more than 5 times! and I didn't bother to count anymore. It ruin the movie experience man!


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  1. Hellboy 2 was fun... for sure that director has an amazing imagination, reminded me a lot of his work in Pan's Labyrinth


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