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X-Files: I want to believe & Blog Mocha!


Special thanks to Ewin for the group pic!
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Thursday 24th July, 2008 - X-Files BlogMocha!

First of I would like to thank Hurley, "uncle" thomas, tiffany, ewin, joyce (not a girl), fiona, may & hubby, http://kcspawn.blogspot.com/, Shen & gf, Balka & gf, Danny @ kerbau, Jasmine and lastly Brick for coming to this event! Although the crowd was a mixture of world of warcraft gamers, myb & bloggers from different walks of life, it turn out to be real fun even if it's just collecting tickets from me.

Joyce & Ewin (who said he won't take my pic but curi ambik also) made the event felt like "a red carpet" event with them and their cun cameras snapping away. Fiona @ IceNyior who is a bubbly sweet girl graduating soon from limkokwing (I'm also from limkokwing! how small the world is), Kelvin a funny guy whose very sporting!, the beautiful couple soon to be happily ever after - May & Kevin (they both look like models!@) I'm so jealous ngek ngek. Tiffany & Uncle Thomas - side kick bloggers from port klang! Uncle and Hurley the devil in orange blog, thanks for doin the impromptu yumcha session :)

The ones not in the photo are from world of warcraft (wow for short) and they're pretty shy people. I've been doing movie preview events for my guild in w0w for nearly 2 years but since I stopped playing, I decided its time to meet up with a new genre of people (bloggers) and foster new friendships in my country :)

Thanks all for making the 20minutes of my life seem red carpet worthy and you're welcome for all the currying from your blogs! *shy*

Special thanks to Joyce for this pic =)

I will end this moment with a review on the movie we all watched:

Truth be told, this movie arrived a bit too late (10 years) even for the after glow of it's popular tv series X-Files. Since then, a lot more pseudo x-files type and investigative, crime solving, supernatural shows has since come and go leaving us behind with special effects, cool plots, shocks, surprises, gore, blood, killer scenes to go comparing X-Files with. The movie was in short, boring, draggy, the usual plots seen already in some other movies and tv shows, the character developing of the newbies were weak and disappointing to begin with as they show no depth in "trying to be the anti-mulder" persona.

The long awaited "love scene" between Mulder & Scully was a drag as it seems all the tension build up in the shows just ended with 2 old, grumpy, unbelieving couple who lost a son (don't know how, don't know why) and still up till todate arguing like teenagers. That isn't what we want to see, but thanks for the scene on Mulder caressing Scully on bed.

The "bad guys" in the movie, were nothing more than a story u seen or read from somewhere about scientific research on head transplant, and it's not new. It would at least save the plot if they show actual scenes of the victims suffering, being chopped around the neck/body parts, blood ozzing and screams more horrific than "NO NO let me out". AND hey how about the sentimental missing people's syndrome where families cry, friends searching, people getting afraid of this incidents? I don't see that being much shown. Looks like it's quite a normal town where people go missing everyday and nobody comes to claim or look for them. BAh HUmbug.

Too old, too late X-Files has left the building and with this movie "I want to Believe" isn't making any come back worth talking about. I'll give 1 star for Mulder & Scully' to believe in each other again.



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