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Angry Sad Kitten Becomes Happy


MEOW!!! Thanks you Vina!!! MUAKS

Today Pos Laju man visited me in the morning and gave me a parcel. I though what parcel is this and didn't open until just now. Of course I am excited! did someone send me a gift? or is it a =_= bomb? so I tore open the parcel with my teeth *grr grrr chomp chomp* and guess what?! it's a GIFT! from Vina my reader!! (upgrade to fan now) she sent me Etude House goodies! I am so happy! oh can't wait to use that BB Cream! I love BB Cream!!! omg the Blusher palette!!! so sailormoon-ish! arrghh..thanks Vina!!! for turning my day from black to sunny!!! love love love them! it's my first Etude cosmetics!


  1. wow...the BB cream is nice!!!! c...we o support u!!! dun b upset!!! happy always go lucky!!!

  2. looks like you're having a sunny day despite the rain.. :)

  3. dont be sad la.. ehhe.. still rain here leh. where got sunny.

  4. Trust u to do sumtg like this..hehe!! Glad u like it.. :)

  5. ahahhaha ganas miu strikes

  6. MY 1ST EVER BBCREAM was from ETUDE and i had a swelll experience..thus never stop my adventure in trying BBcream madness kekeke

    seems like the LOVE package comes right in time to giv you some SUNSHINE *hugs

  7. ohhhh.....lovely gift
    btw, im also looking for a new BB cream
    any recommendation?

  8. wahhh! sunshine dy, so cute n manja manja one :D

  9. really strong teeth huh , LOL

  10. I cannot see enough of this hehe.. very good pic infact hehe.. bite it. first pic darn cute :D


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