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Two Parties in One Week - CRAAZEE!

Benefit Cosmetics "Tips & Tricks for Chicks" Blogger Party for Miu
(also the preview launch of Benefit's "Stay Don't Stray!")

Alice in Wonderland's Tea Party at The Smokehouse, Bangsar
(not your ordinary food review session)

I can't believed I survived this weekend with 2 major parties! Probably a piece of cake for some of you! but I am going insane now with having to work, blog, raise funds for my laptop, organized the Smokehouse Restaurant tea party food review and then pick 7 blogger @ followers as my entourage for Benefit Cosmetic's first Blogger's Party called the "Tips & Tricks for Chicks!" at Pavilion, Kuala Lumpur (all in a few days). My life is getting crazier and I hope I'm not losing any Muchness! The word of the month "STAY don't STRAY!" can u guess what it is? I'm going to blog about it real soon.


  1. the Alice in Wonderland party looks like such a blast! :)

    xxx suzanna

  2. Suzana:

    Its so much fun dressing up and posing here & there for the camera! we're so blessed to have Stellar (Ms. March Jacobs Alice) bf who owns a big fat arse camera to direct us!

  3. wahhh so happening.better crazy than nothing huh.

  4. the mad hatter party look fantastic^^
    looks like you done a great job on the decoration and arrangement of the party =)

  5. miu, both of yr parties so happening. looks like all of u hv so much fun :)

  6. Mrs.K: haha u said it right! Better crazy thn nothing. Life's too short to be boring. Especially now that I feel my youth flying outa window.

  7. Pinky: I feel that I couldve done better, it was all thx to d sporting bloggers that came. I'm grateful to have such nice followers around.

  8. Kelly: yeah!! Gosh wish I could rewind n be more crazy n posing!

  9. blog fast miu, I can't hardly wait, hahaha =D

  10. wow~ fun~ i like you guys dress up, so pretty ~

  11. a gazillion thanks to MIU!
    for inviting stellarvixen not One but TWO Fabulous events in a week !!

    Shopping & dining is my forte indeed *lol haha not too mention photography

    I hope my photos are acceptable !!
    and you are most welcome too

    once, i've blogged about the parties i will trigger ya *hugss

    stay active gal

  12. miss Ayna: i know u blogged oledi! i shall blog my soon! T___T thinking about taking leave tomorrow just to sit down n blog things up..

  13. Sarah: heheh.. Gossip Girls @ Bloggers hahhaa..

  14. Stellar: zomg.... glad u love it! that's the thing I like about you, you're so positively divine that u see light/happiness in everything even people. I must learn from you to be more PROZAC then judgmental/or gloomy.

    your photos are great! i am beginning to fantasize about getting lumix-gf1 sob sob.. when i have funds.


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