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My name is Tammy Lim and I am an award winning blogger from Top 10 Malaysia Magazine and Cleo Malaysia Magazine. I have been blogging since 2008 and I am also the founder of a local Malaysian beauty & lifestyle community called The Butterfly Project. People often tell me that I'm a wonder woman, but in reality - if it's something you love, you can do wonders.

When I'm not wondering, I'll be on my computer searching for the next fountain of youth or hunting down a fantastic deal. I'm also a shopaholic, wanderluster, spa enthusiast and proud hipster who loves planning special occasions and surprises for her loved ones.
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  • Benefit Cosmetics + Plusizekitten = PARTY!


    Benefit threw Miu & her followers a Party!

    "Are you sure?" they asked me. "Yes! it's not a April's Fool's Prank!" I said. I was glad they all turned up for the party. In fact, I was fashionable late for it (sorry! horrible jam in K.L) and they were early! oh except for Wani (she had a fall & went to the doctor! thank goodness she's alright). Benefit "masked" her the bad girl for being the last to arrive (there's 6 assorted eye mask with girly chic titles on it! - wild, sexy, single, bad, flirt, & tease).

    wouldn't it be cool if we could have our photos like this?
    (personalized Benefit lipstick icon namely u! )

    Miu & her entourage! meet the girls!
    (except for Hana! waitin for her pic)

    It was an email from Benefit Cosmetics Malaysia that made all this happened. I was just minding my own business, doing my work and probably did a bit of facebooking on the side. Then bam the email came. I almost scream in my office (until I realize my boss might just fire me for finally losing it). CALM DOWN read the email...

    the 1st Benefit blogger party for me & 7 followers!
    (called "Tips & Tricks for Chicks")

    Some of you might be wondering what brand is this? well to sum it up Benefit Cosmetics is a fun, wacky and unique cosmetic brand created by the Ford twins (Jean & Jane) aiming to deliver quick fixes for every girl's beauty dilemma. When Benefit debuted in Malaysia at Parkson KLCC in 2006, me & my boss hauled back RM1k++ worth of products home! we didn't missed out on the popular Dr. Feel Good, Dandelion and Benetint a rose tinted lip & cheek stain (do you know it was originally made after an exotic dancer requested something to make her nipples pretty & pink?).

    Benefit Cosmetic's Flagship Brow Bar at Pavilion, KL

    SO when I read the e-mail I jumped at the chance of having to party it down with 7 of my followers @ bloggers, get our brows done at the popular Brow Bar (which I didn't have the guts to go for until now) & learn makeup lessons from Matt Ng, Benefit's regional Makeup Artist at Benefit Cosmetics Parkson Pavilion, Kuala Lumpur. I am beginning to wonder if all makeup artist with the surname NG are all handsome dudes? (Frederick Ng Shu Uemura)

    Benefit's Regional Makeup Artist Matt Ng

    have u tried the Brow Bar yet?

    it's also the preview of Stay Don't Stray!

    There's also a lil' surprise for all of us! coz we're going to be the first few lucky chicks to preview the latest product from Benefit called "Stay Don't Stray" a primer that stays from AM to PM (hence the name). It's an dual action primer that works 360 degrees around your eyes (prime your eye shadows & concealers). Also works to brighten up your eye making it luminescent. FYI also the combination of two products - lemon aid (color correcting eyelid primer) & eye bright from Benefit!

    the latest from Benefit! Stay Don't Stray RM115

    Miss Popularity Sash from Benefit!
    (totally lurve it! prancing around)

    Not to brag or anything, but I was really in cloud nine when Benefit's marketing exec Hwa Yeegave me a Miss Popularity sash to wear for the party. It reminded me of the Miss Popularity highlighter which I bought last year from their sales. What a great idea actually from her connecting the party themed to the products they have.

    Ayna & Hanna both big fans of Benefit!

    the yummy fun products lay out for us to play!

    oh I seriously love product porn

    we were further spoiled by food catered from Zang Toi

    say "cheese"!!! - the girls at the party

    Being the first blogger party for all of us and also for Benefit, I must say the planning and little chic additions were brilliant. Benefit is after all a very chic, girly and fun brand. Their products and counter look like candy store goodies for us. Now if only the Benefit management wore pink frilly feathers and sombreros we could have loosen it up and party it down! (Parkson would probably banned us from entering after this).

    Hwa Yee giving welcome speech

    mini prizes for Q&A! (I won two!)

    Matt explaining, Candy looked serious!

    Of course when I arrived late (no thanks to KL jam), some of the girls already got their makeover & brow arch done. Which is why you don't see Hana's face in my pictures that much(coz she was busy getting her brows done when I was snapping pictures). Without further delay, Hwa Yee gave a welcome speech & introduce Matt to us. Being such a cutie, everyone paid extra attention to him (either that or the sudden mini giveaway for answering his questions!). What else is "STAY Don't STRAY?" for he asked. I shouted "CONCEALER!!!"correct! Matt hands me a firmology sample. I bag another one again soon after (evil laughter).

    Matt showing us makeup how to on Carmen

    Carmen looking sexy and sultry (before & after)

    looks like the girls are enjoying the makeover demo

    The makeover began with Matt showing us how to use the Stay Don't Stray on Carmen (model). Dabbing around her eyes, he started to blend the primer. Cameras went flashing at this point. Too much excitement seeing a new product being used (lol). He did a 1/2 face makeover so that we could compare the before and after look. Using Creaseless Cream Eyeshadow in Skinny Jeans (best selling shade), BADgal brown mascara (rm95), BADgal waterproof eyeliner (his favourite, RM93) and the Smokin' Eyes palette (RM165) Carmen look like she's ready to ditch us and head for the clubs at Bukit Bintang.

    mix the two = smooth flawless complexion!

    Suddenly Matt mixes the Stay Don't Stray with That Gal (best seller - face brightening primer rm129) which kinda shocked us. He told us a tip, that if we're looking for a quick beauty fix, we could mix the two products to create a smoother complexion (somewhat like a BB cream). True enough, I could see that the result of mixing both products work like a charm on the model. Smoother face texture, pores and lines reduced, that pink healthy glow, I was sold.

    the girls get a makeover too!

    After the makeover lesson, the girls could get their own makeovers from Matt too! Here's me spying at Buaya Wing. Matt's using the BADgal on her (yes she's a BADGAL! muahaha). I would love to get my makeover too but there's something I forgotten! I need a BROW ARCH! Thanks to Benefit Cosmetics, everyone is getting a free complimentary Brow Arch service from the popular Benefit's Brow Bar on the spot! I have never done it before so I am pretty excited!

    Benefit's Brow Bar Flagship store in Pavilion, KL
    (also the first in South East Asia)

    secret recipe wax in warming container

    the brow bar is seriously equip and ready

    wtf?! there's a wax release form???

    The boiling thing (ok warming) kinda amazes me. I was asking Michelle (S.A) many questions! since it was my first time at brow waxing. She told me it's Benefit's "secret recipe" wax from San Francisco! It's pearl wax mix with honey? and it's the best wax coz it's not so harsh on the skin as compare to other waxes.

    Michelle remembers me from shopping at KLCC
    (amazing memory bravo)

    one two....


    WOW! my first BROW WAX EXPERIENCE WAS AMAZING! EXHILARATING! what can I say?! you MUST TRY IT! gosh! I felt my adrenaline rush right after the first RIP OFF! if you're asking me whether it's PAINFUL, my answer would be, I felt more SHOCK than PAIN! in fact if I need to explain pain, you can take a plaster and rip it off your hand FAST. That's the pain! (of course pain threshold is different for each individual). I have sold my soul to the Brow Bar, not only was it cool to get my brows waxed, it's even better to have nicely arched brows thanks to the brow experts at Benefit.

    Stellar & Wing after their makeovers
    (gosh look at the flawless complexion I'm
    so goin to get That Gal for my next haul!)

    All traces of wax is clean off with a cleanser called Wax Off and then soothed with cooling gel to bring down the redness (yes you'll experience a temporary redness on the wax areas, it might be different for individuals). I was happy to find out that the brow arch service has finally been reduced from RM55 to RM38. There's even packages for it for frequent waxers.

    Wani getting her polaroid taken by John

    Before the party end, John (manager) Benefit Cosmetics asked us to pose for polaroid pictures! Yes I'm beginning to think that the people from this company are really creative with events. From girly masked to Miss Popularity sash, to having our polaroids taken, you won't find me complaining. Some of the girls even had 3 polaroids taken! (stares at Stellar).

    goodie bags for the girls! a posie tint pillow!

    Reiko with her Posie Tint pillow

    Hana's goodie bag is a TEASE!

    all the Benefit collectibles & samples in a pouch
    (also 2 Brow Arch Service worth RM55 each)

    Everyone kept telling me that the goodie bag is so darn great! I am really happy that my followers are happy! also very happy that Benefit Cosmetics didn't let us all down on the goodie bag (given they're quite restricted with giving samples/freebies away at their counter). Going back with something to remember and smile about makes any girl happier than prozac. Also as a special token to us if we're interested to purchase any two items from Benefit in this party - a chic charm bracelet! (quality is good for a freebie charm bracelet). It must have been the food or the goodie bag or the charm bracelet that got almost everyone hauling back items (or maybe temporary lost of sanity after having our brows waxed).

    My Haul - Dr. Feel Good & Dandelion
    (first time Benefit gives GWP! I'm thrilled!)

    I won't say the party is perfect, but in my most honest review I will say that the details and thoughts given into the planning of this party was beautifully thought of for us, which makes it after all - perfect. I will end my post with a picture, a memorabilia of my first Benefit party and a lesson that I will never forget. Benefit Malaysia, I hope you have more parties for girls out there and I thank you for choosing us (and me) to be the first. I will definitely go back for more BROW ARCH service! and That Gal! (Arghh after I went back home only did I regret not buying it! I want to mix it with my Stay Don't Stray for flawless complexion!).

    thank you Benefit Cosmetics for the party!
    (and special thanks for the goodie bag)

    Big huge kisses n hugs thanks to the following 7 followers of mine who faithfully and didn't ditch me on April Fool's day alone at Benefit! Big mucho gracias to each and everyone one of them. Stellar the Prozac Blogger ever ready bunny to make me smile, Candy big che che and supporter of what I do, Mizz Ayna Benefit's biggest fan sure not to be missed, Hana all the way from JB (ok I know somewhere further) thx for coming!!! I hope u had a great time! Reiko the pretty n tall model chick first time meeting u! Wani (InTrend Mag April Blogger of the month!) who had the time to ditch her studies and still make it to this party after a fall! Buaya Wing for being my assistant and ferrying me around lol! Love you all! XOXO.

    My Entourage Blogs!
    Candy's Precious Box
    Hana Hanabaloo
    Buaya Wing has no blogs (cis)

    *credits to Stellar for some pics used for my post!
    *a review on Stay Don't Stray will be up! (hopefully when I get my laptop).


    1. miu!!!! how amazing is this???? girl ... i wouldve joined u! ure so far away ... :-( i love benefit! its all i wear ... ok maybe except for nars. what a blast and thanks for sharing love! and u looked super adorable on top of it all! ;-)

    2. what cute and cozy pillow!!!!

    3. Wahhhhh looks like u guys really had fun!



    4. YAY Brow bar is here!

      You believe it anot, I've not been to Pavillion.. ever? :P

      And yay for <RM40 brow waxing! The MUA there good ah? I have wanted to shape my eyebrows since forever (my eyebrows are virgin one, never do anything to them before) but because I have very little eyebrow hair I always also takut the MUA do wrong shape for me then the hair don't grow back T.T

    5. The pillow GWP so nice ^^ I want both !!!

    6. BBM: gosh! if u're here i would have definitely asked u to go!!! can't believe you're using benefit only! u looked great in all your pictures! what's your Holy Grail of Benefit items?! i could learn a thing or two from u!

    7. Joey: haha.. guess what! I don't have a pillow wuwuuwuw..

    8. Reena: with so many things line up i think that kept everyone distracted hehe!!! wish i could snap more pics with them :(

    9. aww ~ this party was so great and I was shocked when I saw the goodies bag picture because as you said, Benefit is quite restricted on their Samples n GWP one mah ~

    10. electronicfly: yay for rm38 brow arch service! I recommend Michelle from Benefit KLCC :D there's also a brow bar service there. Wah u got very lil brow hair? then better ask the SA to draw for u first the shape b4 waxing off. Michelle is so fast, i didn't really feel pain (or suffering haha). I am also brow virgin!

    11. ciawei: the pillow not gwp! the charm bracelet only :D pillow and sample kits n 2 brow arch service worth rm110 is goodie bag ^___^ don't worry next time got any other party, will ask if u wanna go.

    12. Cath J: they're adorable darlings! i can't believe the quality... u know normally gwp gifts are like very flimsy, not hardy kinda stufffs but when I hold the charms, I knew it was not just some ciplak charm.

    13. Anna: yeah! I am shocked too. Benefit Msia very restricted on giving away samples/freebies unless it's a promotional campaign like few months ago NST readers can call n cut out page to redeem free brow arch service. Ayna went for that and was so happy. She's really into their Brow Arch Service.

      Initially they want to give just the pillow, but i suggested to add more stuffs and Benefit really listened! I'm touched that they're actually put effort into making this work.

    14. like the charm bracelet, so chic :P

    15. kelly: yeah ^_____^ gwp ownes me!

    16. MIU!! Thanks for the INVITE
      i had a fabulous time!! Benefit staff were uhmazing! hehe me luvvv the charm bracelet! so girlish & playful !!

      my blog shoutout party is here:

    17. i have been waiting forever for your post, dear... it's funny and witty, hehehe =P with all the pics editing some more, this will make all the benefit team beaming with pleasure, hahaha =D i had a blast, and looking forward for more cool events after this, wink2

    18. Ayna: I know T_T u blogged so fasT!!! sigh sigh..envious.. i gotta slow down on trying to do so much at one time.. making me not doing anything at all T_T

      thx for ur lovely comments!!! yeah.. i been editing the pictures to make them more retro or fun. U can see benefit patterns merge with the photos :D creating a brainwash.. image hahahah

    19. Ush! Once my exams are over I am gonna give myself a treat and visit Michelle in KLCC. Recommended and so much easier for me to go to :D

    20. luckily they listened to you ! If they are just giving away the pillow then it will be too lousy ~haha...
      argh..I'm tempting to try the brow arch service too but cannot ! my eye brow is abit cacat now coz erm...last time lilian trimmed my eyebrow since the makeover,and i was shocked after i went back and removed the makeup...herm ~may be she just suddenly lose her hand gua ~
      gonna wait until my eye brow grow back properly 1st loh ~

    21. sido: thanks! but... haih.. it's just my clothing... i am still plus size.. T__T

    22. i love what u did with all those photos!! looking very niceee! anyway, thank u again miu..for inviting me!! u're awesome (and SO nice!) =)

      oh btw, i hope the pajama fits u.. i dunno ur size my dear..just hantam sajaa! hehe ;p

    23. stellar: saw ur cute post already!! so full of pics too.. u n Reiko at War is it??!!! but they're all really nice pics.. good camera.. so jeles lah. Looks like i need to save up for a good camera..in order to shoot product porns!

    24. Miu: Definitely will looking forward for more of yr upcoming workshop/party ^0^

    25. Stellar: glad u enjoyed it & thx for blogging about it!!! you're welcome my prozac baby!

    26. ciawei: ^___^ i look for those who's really my followers

    27. wani: thx for the PAJAMAS!! it's so adorable n nice.. i dun even dare to unwrap it out of the box T__T it's jus too much..thx wani for giving me such a lovely present... and i hope u enjoy the workshop.. T__T didn't have much time to chat with u! parkson closing osb sob...

    28. hey miu... try a pic show gigi when smile :D

    29. haha.. the container I think of eat lut lut. got it? lol

    30. Anna: O_O hah!! lilian trimmed wrongly? T_T pity u loh.. lilian is normally very kengchou in brow trimming. Now she's gone... not in rmk.. i duno where to look for her oledi. Gotta find a new brow trimming place T_T

      grow your brows n go try loh.. i hope they do back the promotion for ppl to try their brow waxing again

    31. Sherry: LOL!!! u ah.. hungry now ka?!

    32. electronic fly: dun forget to say who recommend u! wink wink

    33. wow..u joined lot of demo class. Tat's great!

    34. Agnes: thanks :) I became popular because I was one of the first to blogged about workshops and sales escapade.

    35. wow... the party is so interesting! thanks for sharing Miu. The pictures look great.. u did it urself? the brow bar.. do they let 1st time to try or got any promotion?

    36. the nst gave out free brow bar the other time but it was limited to first.. how many ppl. I didn't manage to go. Now i am T_T so regret...after see u have ur brow done..

    37. the party was awesome...i loike d pink cushion so much..its in my car now..so i can c it avday...LOL
      but i do hope tat in future their make up artist wil b more interactive and share more tips wit us....Matt is kind of shy le...:p

    38. bestnya.... parti!!! stay dun stray tu primer utk mata je? tapi that gal pun face primer, campur lagi SDS tu...apa bezanya..miu

    39. wow....sedapnya party ni!!!!!!!!!!!! huwwwwwaaa nak pergi jugakk!!!

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