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  • Kiehl's Ultra Light Daily UV Defense Review


    Miu's Believe It Or Not: Did she get a BIG sunscreen?

    I was given the chance to review Kiehl's Ultra Light Daily UV Defense last month and finally after 3 weeks, I could share my thoughts on this product with everyone here. Before I go on, I would like to ask what the hell is going on with our weather? I wish the weather was like 20 years ago where I could live happily without putting on sunscreen and prancing here and there thinking "neh sunscreen/blocks/etc are too oily! forget it!". Yes I am a person who hates dislikes putting on heavy/creamy scented products on my face (e.g sunblock). Even 10 years ago I was still not worried about sunscreen until one day I woke up...

    dam u sun! dam u brown spots! dam u freckles!
    (and it's all my fault!)

    Well those were the days right? coz now whenever we step out of our cave, the sun comes greeting on you in the face (and everywhere else) frying you like a microwave (slowly). Seriously, look at my arms? they look like they belong to someone else! My face? Don't talk about my face, I'm trying not to remember that I have freckles and brown spots invasion (so they can miraculously go away).

    choose your weapons wisely! this is mine!

    The dangers of the UVA & UVB from the sun is a HARSH REALITY especially for us girls (who cares about the guys as long we're the prettier ones right?). We're talking about age spots, brown spots, all kinda spots and not to mention wrinkles, fine lines, & turning into a baked turkey. Skincare and cosmetics are coming up with more and more UV SPF products because they know the sirens in our heads is going "EEE OOOO EEE OOOO EEE OOOO".

    Mexoryl SX & XL = high level sun filters
    (effective sunscreen protection)

    Is There A Cure?
    I read that if you start to use sunscreen daily 90% of skin aging can be prevented!* (Skin Cancer Foundation). There's no miracle product to cure browns spots/aging/pigmentation but there are products where u can minimize and lighten. Even after that there is still one thing we should do, which is to protect and prevent! Like the saying goes "Prevention is Better than Cure". I have been using the Kiehl's Ultra Light Daily UV Defense with SPF 50 PA+++ UVA which is great for me as I am needed to work under the sun in the City most of the time. The previous sunblock I used is just a face moisturizer with SPF30 enough for indoors but not outdoors.

    loving the light texture on a SPF50 sunscreen!

    The product description says that besides being a powerful ultra light sunscreen with antioxidants for maximum protection it's also PABA FREE, FRAGRANCE FREE, COLOR FREE and OIL FREE. I have got to say that I love the texture of this sunscreen, it's light and easy to apply, best of all it's not making me uncomfortable. Now don't get me wrong, it's not totally "can't feel I have sunscreen on" but it is ultra light compared to most SPF 50 PA+++ sunscreens. It's not oily nor greasy but can be a bit sticky which is not a problem after dusting on loose powders. In fact what I did was after my toner and lightening spot cream, I used it as a moisturizer @ face primer for my make up (thanks to the Glycerin ingredient) giving me an matte finish. Since it's colorless, I don't have to worry my face turning a slight zombie-ish (some of the sunscreens I use turns cakey/whitish).

    Some good points about this...

    The fact that there's no chemical scent (that usually comes from a sunscreen) is great because the scent reminds me that I have a thick sunscreen on. Another good point is that it has VITAMIN E. VITAMIN E has many benefits for our skin, including anti-aging, antioxidant, protection against UV the list goes on. Slapping on sunscreen is not just a form of protection anymore now. Then there was this one part that says it's suitable for even sensitive skin (me) and so far it doesn't sting or cause any redness to my face from using it for 3 weeks.

    under the dermatologist solutions range

    The packaging is also cute and portable friendly. I slip it in my bag and carry it to work. However the price is a bit too steep for me RM140 for a 30ml sunscreen, those who don't mind a thick/creamy sunscreen can get one from the pharmacy for less than RM30.

    Key Ingredients: Mexoryl SX™, Mexoryl XL™, Tocopherol (Vitamin E), Glycerin (Moisturizer)

    Key Formula Benefits:

    · Powerful, long-lasting sunscreen protection

    · Ultra light fluid texture that doesn’t clog pores

    · Antioxidant and moisturizing benefits

    · Matte finish

    · Dermatologist Tested, Non-Comedogenic, Fragrance Free

    Formula Usage - Apply all over face and neck after usual skincare regimen and prior to make-up application.

    Size: 1 oz. (30ml) / Price: RM140 / On Counter: April 2010

    Please comment?
    I asked for a few weeks already and the samples is not ready yet for testing. I wonder if there's a lighter sunscreen product than Kiehl's Ultra Light Uv Defense. Also anyone has any reasons to why they're not using sunscreen yet? coz we really need to start using it under out BBQ Sun weather now. Don't forget to check out this product at the nearest Kiehl's store and snap pictures of Mr.Bones (or you if the SA allows) carrying/posing with the GIANT sunscreen product! I find it great to shock friends in Facebook! ahahaha these are my pictures, enjoy!

    Is it Light or Heavy? u be the judge!

    Mr.Bones with his latest accessory

    yea the TRY ME sign rocks back & forth do u know?

    fuh this is dam cool, wish there's a giant one
    where i can sneak under & snap pic

    nvm I'll settle for a fighting shield instead!


    1. I don't like using sunscreen coz my face is damn oily d, use sunscreen my face EVEN oilier beh tahannnn.

      I've tried drugstore to counter sunscreens, nothing so far has manage to NOT add oil to my face :(

    2. hi tammy! ever tried japanese sunscreens? im currently using kanebo's allie sunscreen spf 50 and its light and not greasy, you might want to check it out :)

    3. electronic fly: i have dry face so this ultra light works for me :D but if there's waterbased sunscreen..wow..will be so nice.. good for oily skin also. I hope Kiehl's come out with the samples fast, so those with oily skin can try n comment see how it is.

    4. CoffretGorge: hey actually the face moisturizer i am using is from RMK japan but only 30spf. The Kanebo allie sunscrreen is it water base or cream? sounds like the kiehl's sunscreen. What's the price like from your side?

    5. nice :D hee.. but no chance try as pokai

      later come grab award at http://sherrygo.blogspot.com

    6. Sherry: u try when samples come out. That's why i like kiehl's, always can try b4 buy. It makes me go back to their shop more. No stress to purchase just bcoz inquiry items.

    7. tempted to try.. but what do i do with the IDI sunblock? still got a lot lol..

      but rm140 also a bit pricey.. think i'll wait for samples..

    8. adoi. something else i NEED to get. since my sunblock running out and i'm loving the kiehl's stuff i oredi bought.... so.... adoi RM140.

    9. i just want to say your face is really cute, hahahah

    10. Fatin: use IDI finish dulu! but is the IDI sticky on your face? coz for me i find it sticky.

    11. Kit: wait promo time? but seriously i like the texture.. great for city walking. Price.. ouch!

    12. Hey Miu! I also got to test the Ultra Light Daily UV Defense, and am even holding a giveaway of it on my blog - simply to spread the love for sunscreen :D So many women go unaware that sun exposure causes so much ageing! :O

    13. shilka! hello angmo girl! i didn't know O_O u r following me and had me link! let me link u back!! seriously... msians also can join?! i wanna join!!!!! zooming to ur blog now!

    14. heh. i was debating on whether to get this or not... and lo and behold! a review from miu!

      seriously tempted now... uisyyy...

      (kit, let's go to kiehl's together-gether)

    15. Zyrin! u gotta go today coz today is Kiehl's Earth Day (also World Earth Day celebration). I'm going later to buy some much needed items.

      It's RM10 rebate off every RM100 purchase! only today!

    16. Nice.. am still hunting for a good moisturizer/sunscreen.. mine's all gone (am currently using the RMK mini i got from u, next will try on another sample i got from my beautician) But RM140 for 30ml?!?! Preddy steep, esp since we'll want to use it everyday.. huhu :(

    17. Haze: how's the rmk mini? but for outdoors kiehl's wan much better. The price T_T i am also sad by it.. but if u buy today for Kiehl's Earth Day will be rebated rm10 off! whoooo hoooo.. later i gona go kiehl;s 1u, buy my dandruff shampoo.

    18. thx for the review! was lookin to buy one girl!

    19. Girls go get it!!
      Definitely worth every penny you invest.
      For contact lense user, you'll love it. It doesn't sting your eyes.

      Am loving it!


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