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Free Paul & Joe Goodie Bag for iFeel readers!


if u bought iFeel April, be sure to redeem this!

It's in chinese and I am banana here (chinese outside english inside) but to sum it up, Buaya Wing told me about this yesterday and I was really excited and I bet those itching to try Paul & Joe or are already die hard fans of Paul & Joe would love this. However its just too far for me so I wish u girls all the luck to get the goodie bags! There's a couple of samples, travel size item and even brow trimming services free as well when u redeem. Best of Luck and pls share me your photos and links T_T coz I can only look at the pictures.

thx to a contributor for the pix of her goodie bag!
(she wishes to be anonymous)

Show iFeel mag (April 2010) pages 57, 68 & 70 bearing ads of Paul & Joe products at Paul & Joe Parkson Pavilion, Level 3 (shoe entrance). There's no coupon or redemption particulars on it, just show either pages stated. From 22/4 today until 28/4! whopeee!


  1. Haha! =p great description for Chinese like us =p

  2. Chelle: the most simple way to explain already >_<

  3. I redeemed this and I don't even understand a thing.. lol!!

    I'm thinking this freebie is nicer than the ones from the English mags..

  4. lol...i think.. they wil be shock if indian n malay Nuyou magazine readers show up

  5. fatin, what do you get the freebies?
    how much is the mag?

  6. tomorrow will try my luck to grab the paul & joe goodie^^ and i redeemed the free GAp+CLEO "0% plastic" eco friendly bag today. the SA told me left 10 pcs..so tomorrow still got chance to grab it..

  7. Pinky: candy was no.19 who redeemed at 9pm, tomorrow still got chance ^__^!! Gap left 10pcs? then tomorrow morning first 10 will be lucky...

  8. hahaha whatever language its in, the P&J goodie bag sure looks good! :D

  9. hey, miu, u got a new follower - coffretgorge, a sweetie all the way from Philippines !!

  10. oo i din know iFeel is english inside the mag ar..
    and is that Rainie Yang on the cover.

  11. does this means by 7pm paul and joe is no more? i was thinking to redeem it after class today :(


  12. Harim: the redeem is valid till 28/4/2010 or stock last..you can try your luck by grabbing those freebies^^

  13. I redeemed the P&J and Gap bag! Yay!

  14. it say 100 for grab...i only can go there on wednesday....by then should be finish dy!


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