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KLCC Fashionista Mac Workshop


Mac Fashionista Workshop 17/4/10 11am

WOW yesterday the JAM & Carpark was crazy mad at KLCC area! I thought I would reach in time for the KLCC Fashionista Mac Workshop at 11am in time but all kinds of JAM can be found on my way there! there was road jam, traffic jam, car park jam, human jam and even escalator jam! The PC Fair started in the weekend at KL Convention Centre and so is the 1st Video Games Live Orchestra event at 2.30 pm and 7.30pm at the same place. People, geeks and cosplayers were seen walking towards the place.

makeup artist and model (Pinky's cousin?) both pretty

There were about 10 girls in this workshop at MAC KLCC. It was a small group session along the right hand side of the shop. We sat on the makeup chairs facing the makeup artist and a model (picked from the 10girls). It's just a makeup demo using Mac Cosmetics, which some of the girls said they could not replicate at home. Hey eyeshadow technique and blending amazed me, I really like what she did to Pinky's cousin eyes. Since I was late, I could only watch the remaining makeup demo. There's no f & B available since this is just a short session by Mac Cosmetics. There's also no promotion or specials for the participants.

the limited edition Lady Gaga lipstick!
(autographed by her as well)

I wanted to get the MAC Lady Gaga lipstick which is limited edition and almost sold out at most Mac outlets. Come on who don't like Lady Gaga? she's so eccentric and weird, even if you hate her, you still kinda find her one of a kind don't you? Well for her big fans, this autographed Lady Gaga lipstick is a must have! Also a part of the purchase goes to charity! The woman next to Lady Gaga is Cindy Lauper (hope i got her name right). My reader (Pigita) said Cindy is the "Lady Gaga" of her time. Ok don't guess when's that alright, granted Cindy & Gaga are two well known eccentric ladies of our time. The lipsticks goes for RM63 each only (not bad considering it's autographed and also for charity).

swatches of Cindy & Gaga's lipstick

Anyway I didn't get it coz I was running late for my Video Games Live Orchestra event at KL Convention Centre! but don't worry I manage to get swatches of the lipsticks! yay! Red one belongs to Cindy Lauper's and the Pinky one is Lady Gaga. Have fun!

Pinky Cousin, Pinky, Rain & Me posing with our goodie bags

our door gift from this workshop, the girls love it

the salabianca bracelet is pretty cool

Judging by the expressions everyone had when they found out their door gift which consists of many product booklets and a 30ml travel size make up remover, it also has a little special something from Salabianca - a costume jewelry bracelet with metal beads and bling bling. Anyone got theirs too? drop me a note :)


  1. I dunno my name is on the list or not..>.<
    I like the pink lipstick too.. but seldom use lipstick so did not go get it..

  2. I saw the Lady Gaga lipstick!!! I wanna buy that lipstick too!!!

    RM63 ONLY OMG!!!! I like the pink tone too!

  3. Jean: u can check at the Concierge @ KLCC for your name. I checked mine yesterday with Raine & Pigita. We also confirm our spots so the concierge don't have to call us again to re-confirm.

  4. Reiko: not bad for an autographed collector's item of Lady Gaga! Parkson Member day is on 30th April and Isetan's member day is coming next month.

  5. i wish i could attend......but the timing was not good for me~
    love ur gifts~

  6. i like your long volumize hair miu!
    huraah for MAC doorgifts!

    the only thing from MAC that caught my attention is the mineralize skin finish blushes! TWO VIRTUES!

  7. the MAC event sounded like a lot of fun! I have heard so much of those lipsticks.. MAC sells out very quickly in Japan so I usually dont bother, also it's sooo expensive!!! enjoy your goodies!

  8. is it "invitation only"? I want to attend this workshop so badly :( BTW, Apple look cute in ur picture!

  9. Ayu: its open to public for registration ayu! u might just get to register if there's still sessions n space. Check out all the workshops KLCC Fashionista event is holding here http://www.plusizekitten.com/2010/03/klcc-fashionista-workshops-n-events.html

  10. I got the same bracelet, I think everyone got the same one :)

  11. Hi Tammy, good news for you. The Benefit's goodie bag has the miniature lipstick which you spotted on last Saturday! It also has EDT vial and a packet of moisturizer sample. There is Salabianca bracelet, same design as well. So I guess all these workshops are sponsored by Salabianca. ;)


  12. wow, that means the benefit workshop, i will be getting the same goodie back to as rane mention??my slot will be this thursday :)

    yayy yayy yayy..*good stuff to recover my disappointment over the ipanema contest :(

  13. ciawei: hah... so many bracelets.. then haha..

  14. Rane: oh goodie!!! hey what's the promotion again.. to get the 3 pcs thing? thanks for updating me! happy happy..

  15. Nic Nic: T_T never use a mac lipstick b4.. but i am tempted to buy the lady gaga autographed just to keep!!! (my pocket says nOo nOoooo my heart say yessss yessss). When my friend went to japan, even Jill Stuart anniversary collection was gone in the first hour of opening day! omg... japan is maaaddddddd

  16. miu : i registered for the benefit workshop today, thank God still got place!! :D am looking forward to it..this is my very first beauty workshop, tks for the info on your blog!!

  17. Irene Chima:

    woah! still got spot today? O_O heaven sent! hope u enjoy it! i think u'll be on a high receiving your first goodie bag ^____^


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