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Clinque's Concern Kit 2010


are u waiting for this? coz they're coming back!

Last year Clinique had rm40 starter kits which came in cute pouches, if you don't know click here to see coz I blogged about it. This year there's an additional set included and they're going to be on sale starting tomorrow Mid Valley and soon at Clinique counters everywhere for the same price of RM40. Also limited to one set per person (same as last year) so choose your kit wisely! get a consultation if you're undecided.

Clinique Concern Kits 2010

The 5 sets are for Dryness, Blemishes, Lines and wrinkle, and Dark spots/Discoloration in travel sizes. First come first serve, limited to one per person while stock lasts. Check with your nearest Clinique counters to find out more info. Check out Clinique website here.


  1. i want them all!

    okie lets not be greedy, maybe just the hydrating & anti blemish ones.. lol

  2. Fatin: yeah for me, i'll for the whitening ones

  3. Sherry: hahah save save... this one next year also can buy

  4. I just bought 3 of them from Isetan Mid Valley.
    The brightening set is not available yet. It will only be available on 3 August.

  5. Fiona: wow which one u bought?

  6. These look so cute. Think I'll sneak out at lunch break and pick one up at 1U.

  7. according to the Mid Valley Cliniqe, other counters around will only start selling next week :(

    for now you can get them at Mid Valley only

    to be sure, pls contact your clinique counters to verify yap :D

  8. ooh okie. thanks for letting me know but sad since now have to skip shopping :( lol

  9. hehe! nvm next week is coming fast! and whitening kit will only be here in August (next month) tahan a bit! keke

  10. Miu, i lik the anti-blemish!! really works good on my pimples.. btw, what is the size of the concern kit?? very small??
    Miu, I lik ur blog theme! i think tis one suit u most.. ^^

  11. Cindy: woah thx.. i still trying to find the perfect blog design :( lookin for sponsors haha...

    the concern kits is travel sizes,for last year u can click the link on my post to see my detail breakdown of the sets n sizes.

    this year punya i havent' see/buy yet so duno. But would be the same/nearly same. Travel kits like this punya.

  12. Is there any concern kit this year ? ^^


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