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Cute Clinique Sets!


this picture was taken last a week ago

Brightening Solution@ Derma White
clarifying brightening lotion 50ml
brightening moisture cream 15ml
moisture bar 30g

Blemish Solutions @ Anti-Blemish
Cleansing Bar for face & body 50g
Anti-Blemish Clarifying Lotion 60ml
Clearing Moisturiser Oil-Free 30ml

Dullness Solution @ Turnaround
turnaround instant facial 15ml
visible skin renewer 7ml
superdefense Moisturiser 15ml

De-Aging Solutions @ Repairwear
rinse off foaming cleanser 30ml
repairwear contour firming formula 15ml
intensive eye cream 5ml

I collected all the Clinique Solution Sets @ RM40 each. I think I'm falling in love with the brightening set which has a cute soap dish! great for traveling! (aren't they all?). On the side note I was pretty lucky to have bought the Dullness & De-Aging set from Isetan Clinique before their launching in MidValley after my 3 step consultation where the beautifican check my skin & went through a series of questions to ascertain what type I am. She gave me the 3 step samples & a moisture cream as I was really peeling on that day, due to my unhealthy lifestyle and working enviroment I suppose. Thanks Clinique!~

InTrend (July issue) where u can redeem 3 step samples

Oh girls, the sets are sold out in most Clinique counters. The Brightening set just came & they're also being snagged up pretty quickly. It's limited to 2 sets per person. Each sold for rm40 only available at all Clinique counters near you.

which solution do u need?


  1. i got 2 sets ony..anti blemish for my bro and whitenin for me!
    hehehe :)

  2. Miu, where can i get these sets for RM40 each?

  3. Haze: at all leading clinique counters near u :)

    white set is just out :D

    it's the last remaining set for this event

  4. rm 40 each is pretty worth it
    i might give it a try if i've got time to drop by for a face mapping by them
    the 3 steps one not rm 40?

  5. Yeah i got all the solution sets bcoz it's such a bargain.

    The 3 steps not for rm40, but they have promotional packs for rm100 over I think..and depending if u're student or not.. i think they've been doing rounds in Unis.. n promoting for students with a special price.

  6. Thanks miu for informing, I just went and get myself a Dullness Solutions set ,they are all out except this one, will try another location tomorrow. The Superdefense SPF25++ is too oilly for me. Just tried for 3 hours and the grease is just unbearable.Luckily I try this first before spending the big bucks. But it seems that the company is telling the SA to sell this to NEW Customers only cause its so cheap and they dont want their existing customers to hog up all the sets.Afterall its kind of introductory offer of sorts.

  7. THANK YOU TAMMY YOU ARE MY ANGEL... THANKS FOR HELPING ME TO GET THE SETS~ Muah muahh muahhh you are the best, I swear to cupcakes I gotta make you yummy yummy calorie-less cupcakes. :D

  8. I am so jealous at u now!!!huhuhu...I am very busy these few weeks...sob sob...


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