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Jurlique Promotion

Jurlique promotion at 1utama old wing 1st floor

Today I passby a Jurlique roadshow event on the first floor of old wing (it was somewhere in the middle of that floor). They were having a promotion going on. You can see sets of their Jurlique skincare (Jurlique is from Australia and organic) at a promotion price and they're also selling facial & body promotions at rm99 each session. A RM30 voucher will be given to u as well (terms n conditions applied). The facial & body vouchers are valid until end of September and only at Curve Jurlique branch.

I bought both so I could try out Jurlique
(never try before this brand)

Specialized Facial Treatment and Eye Care Now RM99 (Usual Price RM278)
A highly relaxing treatment tailored to your skin concerns and boosts hydration level of the skin, giving it a radiant healthy glow.
1 & 1/2 hours treatment.
*FREE De-stress Scalp Massage & Feet Relaxation!

Individual Prescription Full Body Massage Now RM99 (Usual Price RM175)
A wonderfully luxurious & relaxing body massage with pure essential oils to significantly reduce stress and sore muscles.
1 hour massage.
*FREE Eye Pillow Treat.

Jurlique freebies!

AND freebieholics! u can redeem free samples from Jurlique from this roadshow event. The Purely Age-Deying Day Cream SPF15 is out of stock they say, so they'll sub with another sample. Simply present the flyer to redeem your freebie!


  1. "feet relaxation" hmmmm wonder what they will do with my feet???

  2. massage ur feet.. hehe n clean it..

  3. mmm... i have tried Jurlique facial and massage before. i wonder if it is only for first-timers? wouldn't mind going again if i could.

    wow. didnt know about the freebie. gosh so fast OOS. did you get it Miu?


  4. Is this the one you went to? the RM99 trial one?

  5. speaking of which the "upon consultation" in the Jurlique card... anything like the Clinique one?


  6. oh yes this is the one i went to:

    my reviews:

    1. Body Massage (Aromatherapy)
    uses east meets west massage techniques e.g sweedish + traditional pressure point massages.

    Great for those who wants yummy hard pressure. I don't like this style of massage as my pain threshold.. ouch.

    2. the facial
    ok relaxing, a lot of face massage, foot and head massage too. Uses a lot of essential oils. Products used for me is for soothing my redness n sensitive cheecks. Verdict: so so, can be comparable with clarins and is as expensive as clarins. Packages are very expensive and they will want u to sign up packages after your treatment session. Sign if u like their style & products.

    The only thing I kinda don't like is each time after the sessions, my hair becomes so oily, I'm embarrassed to be walking around the shopping center looking like I didn't wash my hair for a week.

    TIP: go home straight after your session!

  7. how are the packages in general?

    do you remember the prices?

    I don't think it will be the published rates like RM300+ per facial, etc.. right?

  8. CheekyGal:

    I think it's evident that after every "promo" treatment services, a packaged and line of products catered to your skin needs regardless of you telling them that you are currently using XYXYXY brand and XXXX Skincare for your needs already, will be out there sitting waiting for you.

    Upon knowing this, I did not enjoy my sessions at all.

  9. yes.... i always have that in mind..


  10. CY: I was "recommended" the facial package buy 6 free stone massage or 50% off stone massage + 1 more free facial (only on that day).

    The Soothing Facial is rm188 (other facial ranges more or less from there). Total to pay RM1128? about..

    amazing how ppl think u can come out from 1 session and be ready to part with rm1k

  11. i am wondering if that just happens only in asia..

    I did read an article somewhere on the internet on the similar hard-selling tactics i've seen here that were also used in a slimming centre in japan elsewhere. it was written by a white foreign woman in Japan.

    if just buy two facials (50% off stone massage+ 1 free facial), maybe.. but the entire thing about only that day is total bull. that's waht they all say to frighten the customers.

    i believe they'd say to customers, you can pay using 12 month instalment- etc etc.. which sometimes is the "lure" or "incentive" for customers to buy. that so totally happened to me!! (not surprising....!)

    but the moment one buys, and by the time i enter the 2nd or 3rd sesion of my facial, they come in asking me to top up as they have got a better deal... (and all the sales pitch)..

    nonethelss, with all that said, Jurlique is a good brand.

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