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When I'm not wondering, I'll be on my computer searching for the next fountain of youth or hunting down a fantastic deal. I'm also a shopaholic, wanderluster, spa enthusiast and proud hipster who loves planning special occasions and surprises for her loved ones.
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  • My RMK Haul


    After the RMK Workshop today at The Apartment, KLCC, the girls & I went to RMK Isetan to redeem our RMK Products. Guess what I bought! well I spent a total of RM1.7k++ on RMK Skincare! That's 4 sets of skincare promo set RM190, 2 sets of recovery gel set rm280, 1 x skin brightener set and 1 x liquid foundation set. Well Dorin & Babyloves shopping asked for personal shopper services to get them 1 set of skincare RM190 each and Cai Wing asked me to get the recovery set for her as she needed to rush of to attend the Neutrogena Media event launching in 1 utama.

    this is by far the best value set!

    actual size of skintuner light (moisturiser)
    cleansing oil (makeo up remover+cleanser)
    creamy soap (whipped cream cleansing soap!)

    I had to get their popular liquid foundation!
    which is so popular in Japan, Taiwan etc!
    (it's said to be smooth, pearlicious flawless!)

    finally I bought the ever popular RMK liquid foundation!

    I read reviews about RMK's famous star product the liquid foundation which is water based and very good for those who have dry/combo skin, as the water content is high in this product. This product is very famous b'coz it leaves a natural, non-cakey, no lines/dry look on your face (when apply properly). It has some awesome ingredients in it like pearl powder or something? i shall go research on it. Very easy & smooth to apply, it's almost like using skincare! bcoz it's like translucent & smooth, i think it's more of a light coverage. For those with blemish face, creamy foundation is advisable for more coverage. From Kennes the make up artist at the workshop, she said that after application no need to apply finishing powder anymore coz this liquid foundation after applying on face, will become like powder already, creating smooth finish just like your second skin. I really am falling in love with their liquid foundation. Planning to go back on buy more of the sets for my mother & boss as presents.

    The Recovery Gel set that I have been waiting months for!
    RM280 (actual price of recovery gel is rm235)
    this set has their star product liquid make up base too!

    it's an intensive moisturiser for night usage
    (that keeps working! so must wash off in morning I read)

    smells so fruity! i have yet to review about it
    look at the amazing vitamin balls?

    RMK Recovery Gel description:
    Your intensive skincare begins while u sleep. An overnight treatment that moisturizes with the mix of juicy gel base and soothing capsules. Its sealing effect enwraps your skin with deep moisturizing action that continues throughout the night to combat damaging factors as dehydration.

    finally the brightener set that comes with sunblock too!
    (pouch n skintuner fruit as well!)
    rm195 for the skin brightener & u get 3 goodies extra!

    I shall review about the products after I use them for a week alright?! I'm now using the recovery gel, it's so smooth n nice! love the smell & texture. This set was SOLD OUT today at the counter, thank goodness I reserve 2 sets earlier!

    Take a peek at RMK products & price listing here! :)
    See my RMK Kiwi Scrub Review here!

    Sets at RMK Isetan, KLCC until stock last!

    The Skincare Promo Set RM190 has:
    1. RMK Cleansing Oil 175ml rm110
    2. RMK Skintuner Light 175ml (toner+moisturizer) rm135
    3. RMK Creamy Soap 115g rm105

    Skin Brightening Set Rm195 has:
    1. RMK Extra Brightening 30g retail rm195
    2. RMK Skin Protector SPF 31 (15g)
    3. RMK Skintuner fruit (30ml)
    4. RMK silver pouch

    Recovery Gel Set RM280
    1. Recovery Gel rm245
    2. Liquid Make Up Base 30ml rm135

    Cleansing Oil + Liquid Foundation at RM 210.00
    (liquid foundation shade only in 102 & 103)
    1. Liquid Foundation 30ml RM155
    2. Cleansing Oil 175ml RM110

    I do free personal shopping services for RMK products! so ^_^ feel free to ask me buy stuffs for u! tammylci@gmail.com. If you want to have any sprees contact me too!


    1. Hi, could you tell me the retail prices for the liquid foundation, base and maybe also the eyeshadow and cheek colours? I am interested to get some of the products but dont think will have any promotion by the time I get to KL.

    2. wow.. thats so many to see here.

    3. I know good stuff sure sold out fast!!

    4. Hi SS,

      I bloghed their product n pricelist up here http://plusizekitten.blogspot.com/2009/07/question-what-2-redeem-at-rmk.html

      u can take a look to check out other prices n stuffs. I am available to help u purchase it ^___^

      liquid foundation is 30ml rm155 (i do encourage u to get the set at rm210 which has liquid foundation in 102 & 103 shade + actual size cleansing oil)

      the eyeshadows are priced at :

      RMK Jelly x Powder Eyes RM130 (6 colors)
      RMK Ingenious Natural Eyes N RM196 (6 colors)
      RMK Ingenious Eyes N RM88 (8 colors)
      RMK Mix Colors for Eyes RM135 (9 colors)
      RMK Metallic Powder Eyes RM75(8 colors)
      RMK Holographic Eyes RM75 (6 colors)
      RMK Jelly Eye Color RM70 (6 colors)
      RMK Water Color Eyes RM105 (7 colors)

      RMK Jelly X Powder Cheeks RM130 (3 colors)
      RMK Ingenious Cheeks RM85 (25 colors)
      RMK Mix COlors for Cheeks RM135 (4 colors)
      RMK Holographic Cheeks RM75 (5 colors)
      RMK Jelly Cheek Color RM70 (3 colors)

      u can email me at tammylci@gmail.com, i do free persnoal shopping services for RMK :) terms n conditions apply

    5. Sherry: ya lo, good stuffs will go fast. But the cleansing skincare set rm190 still got a handful :) that one is BARGAIN! worth rm350 over..

    6. Hi Miu,

      I am wondering if the eyeshadow colours are the new ones that came out last May? There was supposed to be 35 shades under the RMK Renewal Eyes and Cheeks. I am interested in getting two Ingenious Powder Eyes, in SH-06 and ME-01. How much are those?


      Thanks a lot.

    7. Hi miu,

      have u tried them? the RMK stuffs u bought i mean. wonder if it works on sensitive skin or not

    8. ah you got RMK liquid foundation :) have u tried it out? I heard that it's good, but I cannot afford it at the moment lol no $$$ xD

    9. HAI,
      pls do review for RMK cleansing oil,better can compare with Shu U or others brand lah...Bcs Your REviews means my buying GUIDE THanks!
      Vampire bonnie

    10. now I know its hard to resist good sales. :)

    11. wow so tempted wanna try the recovery gel..but kinda pricey eh..if i still working sure i buy no need to think twice but now cannot lor sobsob..

    12. Rmk is amazing!the new creamy polished base is beautiful and the creamy foundation.recover gel is deffo worth the money,my skin looked better afer just 2 nights!theres a counter in birmingham in selfridges now,they have loads of products i havent found in london or manchester!

    13. hi rmk girl!

      u from UK? how much is it over there for the items u bought! really curious to compare prices from Malaysia & UK!!!

    14. I am indeed,the recovery gel is £37.19,the creamy polished base is £23 and the creamy foundation is £28.38,well worth the money,theres a new massage balm for the face comming outover here too soon,do you already have that?x

    15. :( no we don't have that yet aw.. what's coming is the autumn collection!!!

      5 e/s in one palette for rm150
      cheek blusher palette rm150
      gel eyeliner
      lip glosses

      hmmm what else........ i'll be goin to check out my rmk counter soon! n let u know!

    16. Replies
      1. Hi Ann, this promotion has ended. I do provide personal shopping services to international readers :)

      2. I see. I'm very much interested in rmk products but we dont have them here in our country. I sent you an email inquiry :)

    17. wow. lol so much stuff!

      i just came across your blog today, really like it! now following you :)

      www.tigerlilybeauty.blogspot.co.uk | UK beauty blog



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