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  • Kiss by Buaya


    Today Cai Wing the buaya gave me a kiss and I had this "image" of her doing it in my head. I use paint program just now and drew this up. Cai Wing pls don't give me buaya kiss anymore!

    this is made for Cai Wing the shopaholic buaya

    this is what Cai Wing need now.. she's very stressed at work

    I don't normally go drawing buaya in paint program, today I felt that i need to cheer up this really bad mood person who is cursing at me in gchat. Hope u cheer up ok? remember ur bandung shopping coming soon!


    1. Wing will get mad about this!!! :D

    2. hahahaah..DAM FARNIE la..KNS u...later i giv u BUAYA BITE!!!!

    3. hahahaa...the las pix is like u cooking buaya la..thanks for makin me laff!!!
      i cant stop laffing at o....

    4. Joey: let her get mad!! she's cursin at me everyday!!!

      Cai: wahhaa!! u cursing at me again!! u KNS!!!

    5. okok..no curse n swear now..i giv u more buaya KISS!!!!

    6. this is d cutest buaya i ever seen!! muahahaha~

    7. I like the drawing :) very nice you can print on tee!

      umm so nice.. program u got there.

    8. LOL~ apa kena dengan itu buaya? :) great drawing using mouse, which is a very hard thing for me to do~ gua salute sama lu~

    9. waseh so talented... so cute.. miu cooking wing in a pot!!!!!!! how come the lips so red 1 ... use stila 1 ka>

    10. ur buaya is sooo kawaiiiiiiii, draw cute tiger next time for me la pulak ye, hehehhe =P


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