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  • Anna Sui Step-By-Step Make up


    I'm pretty sure everyone has heard about the Anna Sui step-by-step makeup consultation promotion at Isetan KLCC the past week. It's a really mini makeup workshop whereby each session fits 3 participants (one of them being the model). The sessions are divided into 11am, 3pm, 5pm & 7pm from 17th - 27th August, 2009 at Anna Sui Isetan KLCC.

    me half way through the makeover session

    It was fun as my session were filled by Buaya Wing & Von Von. We didn't know we will be together for the make up session! As Buaya Wing is pretty sick, I asked Von to be the model so we can just watch and learn. We were given the chance to play with the latest Anna Sui Fall Collection where we tried on the face products: make up base, liquid foundation & loose powder. We were really happy with the latest shimmering eyeshadows too which came in 3 different shades (with butterfly monogram on it!). Buaya Wing loved the lipstick.

    the 3 latest anna sui e/s shades
    (top row)

    make up base, liquid foundation & powder

    the latest lipsticks that Buaya Wing love

    after the makeover, we were given our goodie bags
    (worth rm80 by Anna Sui!)

    The best part of the makeover is the goodie bag (honestly!) why do you think we go ga-ga over makeovers and events? In this goodie bag, Anna Sui gave us samples of their latest face products e.g primer, liquid foundation & powder besides sachets. There's also a travel size mascara & a Anna Sui lomo camera!!! Is this all worth rm80? I think it's worth more than that! (but the film is too old to be used as the SA said the camera was a promotion some time ago. If i remembered it was back in 2003 that I first saw it given out as a GWP).

    And I swear to you that this makeup session + goodie bag is absolutely free for the 1st 50 Isetan Card Members who book an appointment with Anna Sui, Isetan KLCC. Serioulsy free, no obligation necessary! but i warned you the current promotion for Anna Sui is tempting that even I spend rm404 just to get the accesory box & star lamp!

    I wasn't given a makeover using autumn colors
    (in fact nobody told me about it when i purchase rm400 above)

    get all this if u spend rm400 above!

    if you buy any of their latest face product, you'll get an additional pouch from Anna Sui, not to mention if you bring a friend along & she buys a face product worth rm80 above, both of you get a free makeover & you get a travel size mascara.


    1. Mui,
      I was there to check up the make up session but all weekend and 7pm session are full..... arghh....and i can't take leave....but i manage to get my freebies... hahahaha..... so love the mini 2 way cake... wow....so happy!!

    2. Oh i want he lomo!!! Sell to me? :p

    3. wow. lots of nice stuff happening this weekend and i have to be so busy. how wonderful is that.

      woot! all freebies look sweet! Clarins too! and not all sachets! got tube also. nice.


    4. yes, i signed up!!!
      going tomorrow... hahaha...
      i'm so excited!!!

    5. aaaaaa...u got me running madly and screaming just to see the freebies!
      i can't wait for my session this coming thursday with vina and wan.

      i wanna lomo!

    6. does anyone know if the quota of 50 ppl is already filled? if not then wana go to KLCC and register. hehe

    7. there's still spots but sessions n days available are quite rough.

    8. hi,

      I did d makeover at KLCC on Saturday.

      It was the first time I have tried Anna Sui. The SAs were friendly and helpful.

      I asked for bling-bling eye makeup, do something different from my daily stuff!! The SA did it with the limited edition e/shadow u see in Miu's photos. All glittery.

      I liked the rose scent of the products, v subtle and yet u cannot miss it when u use it.

      overall a positive experience.

    9. wow, r u going to sell the supersampler?

    10. supersampler...the lomo camera i mean..

    11. oh!! hahah sorry my bad

      hmm i am keepin the supersample@camera, it's my 1st lomo, really want to keep it :D


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