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Thank You Girls

swapped with Suziana the Shopaholic
(finally I got to blog about it!)

souvenir from Korea, big thanks to Si Gediks!
(omg babe thank u so much lovin it!)

souvenir from Australia, thanks to Ms. Rely!
( she said will be useful to cut open my credit card bills!)
sob sob sob...

big thanks to Wing, help me order this from Taiwan
Stila Card Holder Key Chain
Stila Limited Edition Brush Set

I paid roughly rm140-150 for this (not including postage)
but i prefer the World Travel Brush Set that I had


  1. miu,Stila Limited Edition Brush Set tidak sama dgn World Travel Brush Set ? seems sama wor..

  2. hmmm..sama but not same pattern..

    but i like the one i have better..

  3. good to know u love it..
    babe to inform u..
    im already in Korea ..
    will back for good 7 months later :P
    so after that i could join u makeup hunting etc ..
    hehehe cant wait!!!

  4. ehehe Miu. finally you blogged about it. ehehe. i've been following your blog but shy to leave comments.


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