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  • My Anna Sui Haul


    my anna sui haul

    I took a cab to Metrojaya Warehouse Sales @ Stadium Melawati Shah Alam from Mont Kiara. Guess how much it cost me for a ride there? rm32 for just one way! A price to pay just to go grab what I have been lemming for! Anna Sui Beauty Mirors! Retails at rm134, now at this sale u can get it for RM62 (and it was further reduced to RM50 yesterday!). Now you can see why I must be there! Overall the response & comments about this warehouse is either boring, blah or the worst one ever from Metrojaya. Luxury brands not many and perfumes probably you can spot Mont Blanc, Hugo Boss, Anna Sui there along with Hello Kitty & Hanna Montana perfumes n gift sets! Cosmetics? Loreal, Bloop, the usuals. No luxury brand except Anna Sui which compare to 3k Kompleks warehouse sales by PNG was pricier and older here (mostly 2007 manufactured dates for cosmetics).

    on my wish list: Anna Sui Beauty Miror M (np rm134)
    now rm50!

    they had more than 30 colored nail polish on sale!
    rm15 each

    Anna Sui Beauty Face Brush (Blusher)
    made from pony hair

    Of course I wouldn't miss out on the brushes! This face powder brush retails at rm134 and it was further reduced from rm67 to rm40 yesterday! yip yip hooray! The Anna Sui Beauty Tray was going for RM34 only! OMIGOSH!!! I got like 3 :D happy happy. But so sad, the nail filler was on sale for rm25 then further reduced to rm5! it was all sold out!! arghh! rm5 can u imagine?!! I want that nail filler! sell to me anyone!!!

    If anyone is lemming for Anna Sui accessories or cosmetics! today is the last day! (Sunday 16th August until 7pm) but be warned, there's not many cosmetics for sale and accessories might be sold out too. When I left there was nail polishesh, lip rouge, eye glitter sticks, beauty mirror and whitening emulsions left (this not cheap).

    pictures taken at Metrojaya Warehouse Sales
    Anna Sui Table


    1. My sister bought me Anna Sui brush from the warehouse sale and last night i washed it because it smell like goat. But when i washed it, the bristle shreded like hell..so sad..

    2. argh!!!! i missed these!!!!!
      sob sob.....
      Anna Sui.............

    3. oh miu, that's a STEAL!!!!
      you should have ask me to join u.
      we are both Anna's fans~~
      good job on your haul~~

    4. wow.. good deal for you! hehe.. the taxi one way.. the price still ok as last time I take taxi to damansara cost me RM60 one way

    5. Miu, you got anything to let go?? ^^
      Just saw your post and realize they have Anna Sui for this warehouse sales!!! : (

    6. Miu....why did not inform me about the nail polish :(

    7. gosh joey.. :(

      its rm5 more expensive than the PNG Anna Sui sales at Subang Jaya plus I went there in a hurry.

      T_T so sorry..wuwuw..

    8. =( they said in sns that it wasnt good! alamak! only today i read ur haul! emo nyeeeeee! ~

    9. Ayu: O_O serious?! i think u should take it to Anna Sui n ask for exchange! the sa is actually from Isetan MV, her name is Diana very friendly. Maybe can ask her to ask her HQ? can exchange?

      Akiki: u miss..again.... but.....nvmmm... anna sui warehouse sales should be cmoin again end of year...

      Sherry:wut?! where u traveling from rm60! klang?

      Ling: urm urm... i am letting go the brush... at warehouse sale price (b4 further reduction) it's good buy :D

      Anngel: urm it wasn't that good, n the only branded cosmetic luxury level is anna sui..which is just that small counter only with limited items for sale. So depends :( on if u r anna sui fan or not.. then can consider ok la.. the warehouse sales at 3k is even better.


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