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  • RMK Workshop: Feedback


    Hello ladies! how was your RMK experience today at The Apartment, KLCC? Was it fun? did you learn something? There's always room for improvement so don't worry about hurting my feelings, your comments & suggestions would be helpful for Lilian and/or RMK management who had organized this workshop. Arigato!

    you may use my workshop rating system to rate it as well!

    1 being weak
    2 ok
    3 fair
    4 good
    5 being awesome

    You may rate on the following:

    1. Venue
    2. Food
    3. Service (beauticians/SA/staff/speaker/makeup artist)
    4. Learning Experience
    5. Goodie Bag
    6. Time (rush?too short? too long?)
    7. Promotions (gwp/etc)
    8. Make Up
    9. Skincare
    10. Others (anything else you'll like to highlight)

    Suggestions & Improvements:

    Overall rating:

    P.S: If you have attended this workshop & blogged about it, leave your blog link post here for me to put into my post. Remember, bloggers are not just mere mortals.


    1. 1. Venue-1
      2. Food-2
      3. Service-5
      4. Learning Experience-4
      5. Goodie Bag-3
      6. Time-5
      7. Promotions-3
      8. Make Up-3
      9. Skincare-3

      i like this workshop. the services were awesome! but the food.... too little choices and the rm100 redemption voucher is not good as i got to redeem rm120 fully for ysl workshop before.
      i hope to get some false eyelashes but there are not available in malaysia yet... so bad...

    2. 1. Venue = 1
      2. Food = 2
      3. Service = 3 (im in session 2)
      4. Learning Experience = 3
      5. Goodie Bag = 4
      6. Time = 5
      7. Promotions = 4
      8. Make Up = 2 (they have them for normal skin type, so mine gotten very flaky when i put them on)
      9. Skincare = 2 (for workshop), 5 (for counter afterwards)
      10. Others =
      Suggestions & Improvements:
      I don't like the open view area, it's nice and all but i cant see what I was putting on my face clearing cause we're not facing the light and the lighting there isn't any helpful too

      Overall rating: 3

      this is my first time at a workshop, so I didn't expect anything, but I think I would prefer one-on-one demo unless they have very good promotion going on.

    3. Hi Tamy,

      I will not breakdown my opinion based on venue, food, service and etc coz there will never be a 100% happy satisfaction from the participants from any workshops. Everybody are entitled for their opinions.

      Bottom line is that I was quite statisfied the workshop. I learned quit a bit at the workshop and I look good. My family complemented on my look.

      I just have few things to say that, we were not given much time to do some of steps coz the Instructor were in a hurry to go from one step to another. That's understandable coz the worskhop supposed to start at 10:30 but what we can do if some of the participants came late.
      One more thing is that I dont think some ppl dont like to share the make up utensils for hygenic purpose. Lastly for those ppl who were sitting behind the window (including me) were having some difficulties to see result of their doings coz the lightings.

      Finally, like what I said to you earlier. I want to thank you for working hard to make this workshop successful for us. Keep up the good work gal!!!

    4. 1 Venue = 5
      Nice and cozy but the back to back table layout was too near to each other.Making it quite hard to move around.

      2. Food = 2
      Wish we had more variety !!

      3. Service (beauticians/SA/staff /speaker/makeup artist) = 5
      Super friendly and helpful staff !

      4. Learning Experience = 3
      I rated it fair because it think skin-care and makeup could be separated into different session.

      5. Goodie Bag = 2
      RMK could be more generous :D
      Btw, I don't find the RMK vouchers in the goodie bag beside the one given by you.

      6. Time (rush?too short? too long?) = 5

      7. Promotions (gwp/etc) = 5
      This is the most awesome part as I got the RM190 cleansing set. yay!!
      RMK really gave us great deals.

      8. Make Up = 3
      I wish they have more makeup set for us to experiment with.

      9. Skincare = 4

      10. Others (anything else you'll like to highlight)

      Thanks so much for bringing us to this workshop. Glad to have met you in person too! :D

    5. 1. Venue - 4
      2. Food - 1
      3. Service (beauticians/SA/staff/speaker/makeup artist)
      Lilian - 4
      others - 2 (not being helpful, like we owed them something)
      4. Learning Experience - 3
      5. Goodie Bag - 2
      6. Time (rush?too short? too long?) - 2 (ok at beginning, but rushing at the end to meet the time line)
      7. Promotions (gwp/etc)
      Promo pack - 4
      GWP - 1 (only give so little samples, unlike SHu they given so much samples when purchased)
      8. Make Up - 3
      9. Skincare - 4
      10. Others (anything else you'll like to highlight)

      I was expecting the workshop to be very fruitful workshop as i heard so much about RMK before i joined the workshop. But it turned out to be really disappointed.

      Firstly on the content of the workshop, i thought they will at least intro or let us know more about their star products as the workshop was emphasized on Natural! In fact, they didn't even talked much about their skin care star products. I thought i can get more info from this workshop whether i should change from Shu to RMK or not, as expecting it will be a good products which comparable with SHu oil cleanser.

      Secondly on the beautician, they somehow gone too fast on the explanation, well, if we are expert make-up artist like them, we will not be attending any workshop. Reason being we were all sitting there is because we wanted to learn something from them! Lucky Lilian was there to offer her help to us.

      Overall, i think miu, u had put in more effort than RMK's management. Anyway, i really appreciate all your help getting us to get together in this workshop! Thanks!!!

    6. Miu I have blogged in details the whole process of the workshop and have included review and comments on the workshop. I hope the RMK Management will take note of things we shared here honestly !


      p/s: Special thanks to Miu for co-ordinating this and we hope to see this kind of events more. However unhappy experience from RMK's workshop is at no time is at your fault okay!!!

    7. 1. Venue-3
      2. Food- -10
      3. Service- 2
      4. Learning Experience- -5
      5. Goodie Bag- 1 (product manufacturing date 2007 -_-III)
      6. Time- 2 (rush rush rush)
      7. Promotions - 3
      8. Make Up - 2 (i make up by myself..but chutney did touch up my eye brow, she is quite helpful)
      9. Skincare- 2 (did not show the skincare step by step)

      Overall, the workshop is NOT GOOD at all, especially the food O_o...ayamas or A1 nuggets bin served to us after the workshop is TOTALLY WRONG!!!! i paid Rm150 - guess wat i got from the workshop? creamy make up base @ manufacturing date 2007, few pathetic samples and pathetic food????

      And the trainer never highlight the RMK star product as well, as such, how r we willling to spend more money to try on RMK products?

      I am now listening to Lenka's song - The Show..I wan my money back, i wan my money back...can i?

    8. 1. Venue-4
      The lightning was ok,i love the natural light. i heard the previous free RMK workshop was under orange/yellow light. But i wan to complain the table arrangement was horrible, too sorrow and not fair to those who sit behind, can listen properly d SA explanation.
      2. Food- -10
      The management told me 'maybe the apartment wanted to make it as finger refreshment' please, the food arrangement supposed to be arrange by RKM, i dont care to have finger refreshment, BUT definitely not ayamas nuggets.
      3. Service- 4
      Mmm..i realized the event management missed out quite a lot of things, all the brush NOT clean and the eyeliner was BLUNT(i know RMK not emphasize on eyeliner..and i found 2 tables share 1 eyeliner only..) Lilian very helpful, she cleaned up the brush immediately.* in fact i cant recog who is SA,beautician, or staff..i done my make up by myself
      5. Goodie Bag-
      No comment, just found out the manufacturing date was 2007...
      6. Time- 2
      Rush,the SA mentioned they are rushing of time, so i thought they are paying the venue by hour and we need to leave asap after get done our session.
      7. Promotions - 3
      8. Make Up - 2
      The make up product were so so only, and we were limited to few color only.after we applying the eye colors on the table only i realized next table actually had different color from us.(and nicer than us)
      9. Skincare- 3
      Just show us the basic step that removed our make up, i expected can try out other product like oil remover, scrub etc..

      This is my first workshop, a bit disappointed with the arrangement, but i was enjoy so much to meet up and hang around with all the beauty blogger, thanks Miu! :)

    9. I oso attended 2nd session workshop..can i have your email address..i got some question to ask u, miu.

    10. my e-mail tammylci@gmail.com :)

    11. 1. Venue-2
      2. Food-1
      3. Service-5
      4. Learning Experience-4
      5. Goodie Bag-3
      6. Time-4
      7. Promotions-3
      8. Make Up-3
      9. Skincare-3

    12. Dear Miu,

      Thank you for organizing this RMK Workshop, Well done to you. Append below are the feedback from me for your kind perusal:

      1. Venue 2
      As compared to the other workshop, I would personally prefer that the workshop would be held at an event hall like Pavillion like the previous RMK workshop as there would be more privacy and not obvious in the public’s eyes and attention. The sitting arrangement is rather poor as those sitting at the back can’t really hear what the trainer is talking about. For those who are sitting near the window and their back is facing the window, they basically can really see their own face as the sunlight is behind their back.

      2. Food 2
      Taking into the fact that we actually paid for this workshop, I personally feel that quality of the food provided should be better. The drinks were okay, but the nuggets are rather hard and dry, plus the wedges had become soggy and cold by the time we eat.

      3. Service (beauticians/SA/staff/speaker/makeup artist) 1
      Of course, Lilian was very professional in handling all the participants but overall, the make up artists should have done a better job.. The male make-up artist hand smell was rather unpleasant as he has smelly cigarettes smell. It smells horrible especially when he try to put on make up for the participants. Basically, the trainer is standing right in-front of her model, she basically block all the participants view including how she put on the skin care and make-up for the model after numerous attempts I highlighted to the other make up artist and staff that she should either stand on the left or right hand side of her model in order to give a better view for all the participants.

      4. Learning Experience 1
      Overall, the learning experience was not much for me.

      5. Goodie Bag 3
      The Goodie bag was okay as they provide a full size make up base but I did not expect them to give a make up base whereby the manufacturing date was 2007. Is it possible to change to a later manufacturing date from Lilian over at her counter?

      I did not manage to get the make over voucher and free eye brow trimming for my friend and myself as I only realize it after going back home. Thus, it would be more practical for RMK Management to pack property the door gift for all participants prior before hand.

      6. Time (rush? too short? too long?) 3
      The duration of the time is ok. But due to the limitation of brushes, mascara, skin care range and etc, most of the time is wasted as the participants are waiting the availability of the make-up tools and products to reach at their end.

      7. Promotions (GWP/etc) 3
      The promotion set is ok but the GWP is not attractive as for Isetan Card Members during their card member sale, by purchasing RM380, there will be 3 charms size of the gift with purchase with a full size of mascara or lipstick. Thus, for this workshop, we have to purchase RM580 to obtain the 5 items of the GWP, thus i don't think it is really worth it.

      8. Make Up 2
      The Make Up eye shadow colors are so limited and the colors available for all the participants to try out are not those nice looking colors.

      9. Skincare 1
      I understand that RMK has quite a number of star products and I thought they will actually introduce during the workshop like the recovery gel, brightening product, kiwi scrub for all of us to try and understand the product better. But, unfortunately all the star products were not provided during the workshop.

      10. Others (anything else you'll like to highlight)

      Suggestions & Improvements:

      Tammy, thank you for all the effort for organizing this event, this event was not successful due to the poor management skills of RMK Management and it is not your fault. I’m really looking towards the other make up workshop that will be organized by you. Lilian has been very professional in handling all the participants on the workshop, giving her best make up skills and knowledge to everyone.

      By charging RM150 for this workshop, I think it is rather pricey as compared to other workshops.

      Overall rating: 2

    13. Dear Miu, feedback as below:-
      1. Venue - 3 (the long tables - remind me of Harry Potter)
      2. Food - 1 (The Apartment & nugget? cant quite relate them)
      3. Service - 2 (some ok, some not really focusing on the participants' needs, cant see the model's face cos d speaker's back was blocking her)
      4. Learning Experience -3
      5. Goodie Bag -3 (sachets of samples - can be more than that?)
      6. Time - 2 (waiting items to be passed around)
      7. Promotions - 2 (redemption value is bit low relatively)
      8. Make Up - 2 (limited quantity and variety during workshop)
      9. Skincare - 3 (would be better if focus on star products- but speaker did highlight the ingredients and their effect/ benefit, cool!)
      10. Others - charging RM 50 as workshop fee is quite high ...

      Thanks to Miu for your effort. You sure got a rating of 5 for that!

    14. Hi Tammy

      I was in the 2nd session. My review of the RMK workshop is as follows:-

      1. Venue: 3
      very scenic place but lighting was kinda bad since i sat near the window couldn't really see what i have applied really well but workable just have to change direction. waiter service pretty good

      2. Food: 2
      food was bad. the nuggets was all dry and cold. sandwich was so so... filling ... so little. finger foods can still be delicious... warm little tarts pies etc....fruits very little also. drinks ok

      3. Service (beauticians/SA/staff/speaker/makeup artist): 3
      the sa was really helpful also pretty accurate in giving us our foundation shade. But everything so rushed and because someone was stuck in the jam we had to wait 20 mins for them.

      4. Learning Experience 2
      the makeup artist was doing the skincare and makeup with her back to us so I actually couldn't really catch what and how she was doing the steps. SA's were around to help whenever we got stuck tho.

      5. Goodie Bag 2
      I have seen better goodie bags. my base was manufactured in 2007.

      6. Time (rush?too short? too long?) too rushed since we had to start late. had to wait 20 mins.

      7. Promotions (gwp/etc): 4
      8. Make Up: 2
      limited products and colours. They should have given more choices in base and foundation. They had a new foundation out they could have let us tried that as well. The eyeshadow colour provided was too limited the shades of which are too hard to pull off for cool skintone girl like me. had to borrow from next table luckily can. the metallic eyeshadow was really gritty and lots of fall out. the mascara provided for us was actually finished. we had to wait to borrow from next table. better preparation next time.both lip gloss provided at my table were orange! i look terrible in orange. more choices next time.

      9. Skincare: 3
      the cleansing milk smells divine yummm..... the eye make up remover does not remove waterproof mascara very well.

      10. Others (anything else you'll like to highlight)

      lilian keeps telling us that rmk star product is the base make up when we were applying our eye shadows haha

      That's my review. I do love RMK but some things need improvement.

    15. Wah like you all comments...but as far as i know.the goodie bag is pack at Isetan counter.Not from the management.Maybe shld ask Lilian why some don't have the voucher...
      If you say had attend any workshop last yr 2008 and the goodie is good sure lah..last yr economic how and this yr how..
      For those who are new to attend workshop pls don't expect so high.
      For me i expect to learn something i don't and new to it
      Abt the food,shld we all complain to the Apartment KLCC?Visit their website. No use to blame the RMK management.Not they cooked or prepared?
      C u all....

    16. Thank you all for your feedback.

      Kindly leave your name and quote which session you're in when leaving feed backs here.

      All anonymous comments, unidentified participants will be deleted.

    17. Dear Miu,

      THANK YOU so much for organizing this. I know you did so much work, and I'm sure we all appreciate everything you've done. I know also that you were so hassled by this, that you hardly had time to enjoy yourself....

      Here's my post abt it on my blog. Overall it was so-so je....


      It was my first make up workshop but it won't stop me from going to more.

      Thanks again Miu. *hugs*

    18. Zaheera @ Session 1August 13, 2009 at 8:37 AM

      Honestly i was very disappointed with the RMK Workshop. It was nothing like i imagined except for the part of meeting really fun n cute frens.

      1. Venue:
      Venue was good coz m a regular at the Apartment. Just love the layout & decoration there. One thing that i thought was abit was the lighting for those participants sitting facing inside. The lighting was just bad. They couldn't see how much eyeshadow they have on or wat color are they using. Donna couldnt even see how much eyeshadow she had on n eventually her whole face was covered wit glitter.

      2. Food
      Now the food was ridiculous. Wedges & nuggets. I mean come on they could have done better than that. Me paying Rm150 n just getting nuggets n wedges. Thats just awful. They should have ordered something from the Apartment menu or at least something more edible. If they wanted to serve nuggets they should have just had the workshop @ McD. I'd be happier there. LoL

      3. Service (beauticians/SA/staff/speaker/makeup artist)
      Service I'd say was ok ok. The first girl that attend to me was really nice n when i told her i dunno how to use mascara she showed me n explained to me what i was doing wrong. The lady doing the make-up on the model (i 4got her name) when i asked how come my lashes look weird (long n pointy) after the mascara all she could say was u did the curling of lashes wrong. She didnt even bother to explain or at least help me fix it. She wasnt really helpful as we couldn't really see wat she was doing on the model.

      The male make-up artist was just bz wif the 3 Malay ladies at his table. He just took the eyeshadow from our table and started using. No manners at all. I was shocked. When Donna asked him wat foundation was rite for her he just said the same foundation that was in his hand. He didnt even look at her to see her skin color or anything. When we asked him like the next step or the importance of doing a specific step, he just said "listen to the explanation" or "just like explained just now".

      4. Learning Experience
      Unfortunately i didnt learn anything except that dun use both glitter eyeshadows together as they make u look like a walking talking santa claus. LoL.

      5. Goodie Bag
      Goodie bag not soo good. It was all old product. My so called "goodie stuff" was manufactured in 2007. Thats really disappointing. If they didnt want to give us anything they shouldnt have have given us old stuff. I feel like some cheap person been given useless stuff.

      6. Time (rush?too short? too long?)
      Well i think time was more than enough if there were adequate ppl to help us, so we wouldnt make soo many mistakes. We wasted more time correcting out mistakes. The lady doing the make-up on the model (TLDMOTM - tats for short ) was going a lil fast. She didnt wait for every1 to finish n just moved on to the next step.

      7. Promotions (gwp/etc)
      The promotion wasnt good as i didnt know the voucher was valid only for that day only. And at first i heard we couldnt redeem for the already packaged items but later on it seems they changed their mind. I tink almost every one redeemed for the same thing. Everything else just didnt seem worth it.

    19. Zaheera @ Session 1August 13, 2009 at 8:55 AM

      Waaaa so much complains. Sorry Miu.

      8. Make Up
      Make-up was just so-so. All the eyeshadow was glitter glitter. I looked like walking talking Christmas Tree n i hated it. They didnt even provide enough colors. All the colors were subtle n there wasnt a single dark color available. I had to ask the girl for a darker color n luckily she was nice enough to get me 1 for the pallete.

      9. Skincare
      From the entire session i could only understand that the skincare products contains lemon n are water based. She kept repeating the same sentence over n over n over again. I wish she spent more time REALLY explaining like how lemon helps or how the oil based can help ppl like me who hav ezcema or how we could combine some of the skincare to suit our individual skins.

      10. Others (anything else you'll like to highlight)
      - RMK Workshop wasnt up to par.
      - They should have 1 make-up artist to 4 people max.
      - They shouldnt give goodies as though they are trying to get rid of they old stock, we arent beggars.
      - RMK needs to learn on how to treat their customers wif more respect.

      I was thinking of buying their brushes ( the blusher n dual-eyeshadow n face powder brush n 1) but after all the mistreatment n negative feedback i'd rather spend my RM700 @ a more worthy store.

      Do u feel what you've paid for RM150 for a workshop like this is worth it?
      - NO

      Did u enjoy the workshop? apart from being with your friends?
      was it helpful? NO

      Did u learn anything about RMK?
      - That the make-up artist aint always rite.

      Were u happy with the workshop planning, seating, service and food preparation?- NO

      Was the goodie bag in any satisfactory way?-NO

      Was your makeover voucher in there?- NO

      Were u happy with the GWP? -NOT AT ALL

      Why did u join this workshop?
      -Bcoz Miu organized it n i had read some good feedback about RMK products but that was before i knew they had such terrible service.

    20. This post is to answer Miu's request abt the workshop we attended....

      Where did I find out abt it?
      Miu's blog. Was inspired to go too to learn more make up tips and to try RMK's products.

      When and Where?
      1st August 2009, the Apartment KLCC, 10.30am to 12.30pm.

      RMK makeup SAs training officer and bosses.

      Who attended?
      The list is on Miu's blog, but among my frens were:-

      1. Me
      2. Raven
      3. p*jot
      4. fena
      5. Adni
      6. Shima

      Adni replaced Rin who was on duty that weekend, and Umm*l couldn't make it cos she was down with fever and didn't want to pass it on to us.

      What I thought abt it?

      1. Lilian (the RMK counter manager at Isetan) was a SWEETHEART. Even amidst everyone converging on her, she was patient and helpful and cheerful!!!
      2. The SAs at the workshop (other than Lilian) were nice and gentle. Nobody hurt me while helping me with my makeup or cleansing. Especially FAUZI. He's SO nice.
      3. We had fun making fun of each other trying on stuff. Ahhh any excuse to meet up and chat. Hahahah.
      4. The voucher was a good amount. RM100 worth of RMK products, plus two more vouchers for eyebrow trimming and makeover. yay!
      5. I love the liquid foundation. At first it felt a bit greasy, but then it looks great. I still need to put on powder later cos it tends to make my face oily and greasy.

      1. Too rushed. Time to try out stuff too short. I mean, we're still newbies, ok?
      2. Not enough tips. NO NOTES. I had to rush to write down what she said. We can't be expected to remember everything, right? I thought they would've at least given BASIC notes.
      3. Too cramped. 30 girls squished into abt 8 tables, with no space in between the chairs between the tables to walk. So the SAs who helped us try make up had to bump and squish some of us. Sheesh!!
      4. Not enough products to try. They only brought ONE type of eyeshadow, the shimmery type. And the SAs had to go around pumping moisturiser, liquid foundation and such when it came to using those products. I mean, I wanted to use the item myself! So if I DO end up buying the damn thing, I know how much to put on my hand, right? (Btw, the eyeshadow caused my eyes to hurt, they actually FLAKED into my eyes. Aiyoh. I do NOT recommend RMK shimmer eyeshadow line for contact lens wearer).
      5. Food was HORRIBLE. It was at the Apartment for god's sake. We expected something nicer than nuggets and potato wedges. If I wanted HARD, COLD chicken nuggets, I'd have bought some to bring with me from YESTERDAY'S afternoon tea at home. Oh, and not enough drinks refill. Had to ask again and again before we got refills. No option for mineral water. Sheesh. I can't believe that they served that stuff at the Apartment. How much DID we pay for F&B? And if that's the kind of food served at the Apartment... tak payah pergi la Apartment. Dari makan like that, I'd rather go to Uptown Damansara and eat.
      6. Vouchers had to be redeemed that very same day. Talk abt pressure to buy!!! Didn't have time to think much. So ended up buying something I already had at home. Cheh.
      7. Too many girls around. So trainer didn't reach everyone personally. Lucky we had other Luxasia staff there to give a hand. But still... I think the trainer should've come to all of us at least ONCE.


    21. here's my link for the rmk post workshop..



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