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My name is Tammy Lim and I am an award winning blogger from Top 10 Malaysia Magazine and Cleo Malaysia Magazine. I have been blogging since 2008 and I am also the founder of a local Malaysian beauty & lifestyle community called The Butterfly Project. People often tell me that I'm a wonder woman, but in reality - if it's something you love, you can do wonders.

When I'm not wondering, I'll be on my computer searching for the next fountain of youth or hunting down a fantastic deal. I'm also a shopaholic, wanderluster, spa enthusiast and proud hipster who loves planning special occasions and surprises for her loved ones.
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  • Results: Sothy's Goodie Bag


    Sothy's Goodie Bag Contest has ended!

    Thank you all for entering the contest. I have to disqualified those who are not my followers & I do check your blogs to see if you're also following me there. In my contest page, I said 3 winners especially to those who blogged about it had a higher chance of winning. I also had in my sleeve, 6 lucky additional winners who charmed me with their slogans. Life is full of suprises at Plus Size Kitten! Do not judge a contest by it's cover! haha.
    Top 4 Best Entry+Blog Post:
    1. Candy of Candygal's Precious Box [received]
    2. Joyce of Piggytales [received]
    3. Ice Nyior of Zestful Ice Nyior [received]
    4. Sherry 
    Top 5 Best Lucky Entries:
    1. Pigita [received]
    2. Datin Orange
    3. Lily
    4. Fatin [received]
    5. Juwaini [received]
    It's a tough call, I love you all but only the best slogan will win. You can try again on my next blog contest next month. Also I decided to award newbie readers this time around (coz pros like tutu j won before!). Kindly contact me if you have not received an email from me. You're given 2 weeks to reply back to me with a confirmation of your address, name & contact so I can courier the package to u. Your prizes will reach u in 1 - 2 weeks time after I do the necessary


    1. WALIAO eh,

      means now got 5/22 = 22.72% chance of winning a prize!!!

      how great is that???

    2. wahahah congrats lor......^^

      tutu J

    3. I won a prize YAY!!

      thanks so much Miu!!

    4. thanks so much miu!

      Mayb u should put what the other winners wrote. Would love to see what they said

    5. woohoo!!

      thanx loadss miu.. :)

    6. Yahoo!! I had won the goodie bag!!

      Haha... supposed to blog about this good news earlier of the week, but was being too lazy la...!

      Please find the thank you on at my blog:-

      Thanks Miu!!!

      Congrates to all other winners as well.

    7. Harlo...

      i actually have both the above vouchers.. as for deschaque cleanser.. that one i only tried the sample of my cousin's lot.

      have u ever been for a sothys facial? my cousin goes to sothys, but she doesn't study the menu-- so hopeless person to ask.

      the voucher states RM128.. for a normal price RM330. i remember from sothys menu- normal price is 2x the price of RM128.

      initially i thought it was RM128 for their normal first time promotion price facials, so i was wondering why they are printing it. now i realise, that it maybe the normal Rm128 plus other additional so called treatments as well.

    8. CY: I tried it last last year..they seem to have this rm128 everywhere.. and every now and then.. for first trials only.. not bad nice, that time i was in for the mandarin/fruit facial.. nice..with foot rub BUT ..

      BUT the after facial treatment, again these ppl think you're ready to plunk down thousands for their packages or rm300-500 for their products. Pricey.. even 1 item cost hundreds.. i never looked back. Can't afford and the product is so so only.


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