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My Anna Sui Haul again

My Anna Sui Haul (again)

OK don't freak out! I know I'm mad for hauling back Anna Sui again this time from Isetan KLCC! I just couldn't resist the STAR LAMP! it's the STAR LAMP'S FAULT! oh and also the Anna Sui signature style accessory box! OH NO! looks like I'm just going to eat Maggie Mee this month *cries*.

get all this if u spend rm


Anna Sui Signature Accessory Box

necklace, rings, jewelry rouge ring can put inside!

my freebies for purchasing over rm400
thank u nice SA!!!

for the freebieholics & beauty bloggers!
try the latest Anna Sui powder/liquid foundation!

i just love collecting sample packaging

Another freebie I would like to mention is for Isetan Members only. By now all Isetan members would have received the newsletter from their post box. Please check out the latest promotion by Anna Sui (also Dior and the Ettusais workshop). It states that for the 1st 50 imcc who book a makeover (step by step make up lesson) they also get a goodie bag worth rm80!!! yes u don't have to spend rm400 to book for this makeover appointment. No obligation necessary no spending needed, just be a Isetan Member & go book for your makeover. I know what's in the goodie bag!

On a side note, there's also trying the latest foundation/base/liquid foundation from Anna Sui and if u bring a friend (and she spends rm80) both of you get a makeover & u get a MASCARA for free! OH and if u buy any of the latest foundation/base/powder/liquid foundation you get a Anna Sui pouch :D

Price List for Anna Sui Accessories:
Beauty Tray S RM67
Beauty Mirror Rose RM67
Beauty Mirror Rose W RM67
Hand Mirror RM67
Beauty Mirror Black RM67
Beauty Mirror M RM124
Hair Brush RM144
Hair Comb RM33
Folding Hair Brush RM67
Brush Stand RM55
Face Brush RM134
Cheek Brush RM108
Eye Color Brush RM44
Oil COntrol Paper Case & Refill RM67
Eye Lash Curler RM41

*I wasn't told about getting a free makeover using autumn colors when I purchase rm400 above! Hope I could still get to have a makeover!


  1. eh? ur fiance??
    when u engage?
    i thought ur bf.
    tell tell!

  2. OMG i love the lamp..sangat somel!
    and the accessory box too..pretty pretty.

    nice haul..

    oh, no wonder my sister said she saw u at isetan klcc entrance last night..just went for hauling ye?!

    btw, just go to the counter and book the makeover izit?my isetan newsletter hasn't arrive yet.

  3. you done it again :) another great deal

  4. Ah!! I'm going to have to dash across during lunch!!! But... wallet! It's crying ;_;But i want the coloured eyeliners ;_;

  5. wah wah!! the star lamp is so nice!!! looks romantic neh... the accessories box looks like a classic 1... i guess u've spend ur RM400 wisely though... hahaa!!!!!!

  6. im not letting these slip tru my hands!!!!

  7. i saw the Star Lamp ystd.. sooooo cute!!

  8. hehe... you are really in love with Anna Sui :)

  9. Before this u r so fanatic with Anna Sui...
    I am really sure u like unique stuff...hehehe...just like me...
    so jealous la...I'm broke la rite now cannot over-shopping until end of this year..huhuhu...

  10. wow for haul and freebies! very cute packaging too!

    makeover? free or have to pay. haha... i havent gotten my newsletter! Isetan is always very slow with me. bad Isetan bad!


  11. Miu, How To GEt The Freebies ??
    Teach Me :)

  12. Do you still have any stock with Anna Sui! Thanks!


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