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BUDS “Re-Home a Toy for Earth Day” Campaign


Do Your Part on Earth Day 22/4/2011

Anyone know that Earth Day is coming? It's on the 22nd April which is tomorrow! so what do you do on Earth day? I know you got plenty to do and you're not the only busy bee getting green. If only I got the idea to collect and recycle softs toys like BUDS Organics (a certified organic skincare line for babies & children). They launched this campaigned called "BUDS Re-Home a Toy for Earth Day" campaign. Sounds really neat right? it's launched to raise awareness on the 3Rs (Reuse, Reduce & Recycle) among kiddies.

Enthusiastic about recycling. Mr. Jonathan Horsley, Marketing and Export Director,
I-Green Sdn Bhd (extreme left) is seen here with the children of Tadika Krisaliz.

Do u know how you can help? by donating your pre-loved toys (in good working order, don't donate those with broken head or limbs missing okay? or smell like some 70th century antique). Get your toys and go to the Earth Day Carnival at Sunway Giza from 20th - 24th April, 2011 and look for BUDS Organics booth. For every toy donated, you'll receive RM5 off BUDS Organics product on that day. On top of that, BUDS Organics will also donate 50cents to this campaign for every purchase made. So don't throw your toys away, you can recycle and get rewarded by BUDS Organics who will then re-home the toy and proceeds to an orphanage in Klang Valley.

BUDS stands for organic safe and protective skincare for babies, kids and mums minus harsh chemicals such as SLS, SLES, parabens, EDTA, PEG etc. BUDS is EcoCert certified organic, making it a safer option for pregnant mums and children as well as for the planet.

For more information on BUDS, you can log on to www.budsbaby.com.


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