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My Cres Wellness Facial Treatment Review

total women treatment spa

Let's face it, I have a soft spot to indulge in a lil luxury pampering here and there at times especially since  doomsday is coming (according to Buaya Wing, she's been telling me the signs of doomsday is everywhere). I guess I really like pampering saloons that has either Zen, Balinese or a soulful ambiance. Cres Wellness was my latest pampering conquest and they have earthy brown tones in a elegant and sophisticated setting. 

the interior look inside

A bit about Cres Wellness:
Cres, a holistic beauty and health sanctuary which offers personalized treatments that helps women understand, manage and pamper their entire selves, in order to achieve a total wellbeing exuded by Confidence, Relaxation, Elegance and Sophistication. Being the flagship boutique of Cellnique - the first and largest Paramedical Skincare brand in Asia, CRES is backed by decade worth of experience and industry know how, as well as deep insight into the lifestyle and needs of the contemporary women. It offers a wide range of state of the art personalized therapy that contours the women of the new age towards ultimate beauty of mind, body and spirit.

My visit to Cres Wellness wasn't to treat myself to a body massage (oh how I would love to have one) but to experience their facial treatment. It wasn't the first time I tried Cres Wellness facial, when Cres Wellness Gardens opened few years back in Gardens MidValley, they were doing a roadshow promotion at the concourse area. I signed up with a trial facial and body slimming package with them there. I still remember it was RM399 for 10 sessions of the slimming sessions (great right?).  I am still a member until today :)

a facial consultation to analyze and recommend treatments

After my face consultation to determine my facial needs (hydration, brightening and firming), my beautician recommended me to do the Oxy-Lift Guasatherapy Facial (120mins). I was really happy to try this because my auntie who's a platinum member of Cres Wellness in Seremban highly recommended me to try this facial. She says the "Guasatherapy Massage" is really good for stressed out and saggy dull looking face skin (yeah that's her words!). I am not sure if my facial is the same as hers, but since the word Guasatherapy is in it YAY! (happy). I'm already very stressed and old so I really need a good facial treatment, besides hydration. 

Oxy-Lift Guasatherapy Facial RM350 (120mins)
A 100% preventive and therapeutic treatment which combined eastern chinese reflexology practice and the western therapeutic Oxygen treatment. It's key benefits includes:
  • Purity, prevent wrinkles
  • Unclog pore, promote blood circulation
  • Anti-oxidants, de-pigmentation
  • Oxygenation and active cell, strengthen skin immune system
the treatment rooms for facial and body

another facial treatment room to show

The facial started with a scalp massage to improve blood circulation and to relax me down. Then as usual cleansing, scrub treatment, extraction, lymph drainage massage (to improve liquid circulation between cells, lighten the skin and smoothen fine lines) and the specialty of the facial treatment (machine/hand techniques) follow by shoulder massage and hand massage to relax and improve blood circulation. The specialty of my facial treatment was the Guasatherapy Massage which promotes blood circulation, detoxifies, revitalizes and regenerates. It's relaxing and helps to promote healthy skin appearance. The Guasatherapy Massage uses special wooden sticks to massage our face after a ampoule is used (yes ampoule on a first trial facial! can't believe it, no top up required). I really enjoyed this session, I fell asleep during this time. It's like having smooth and slippery ice cream sticks sliding up and down your face. 

Ultrasound machine was used, I asked the beautician what it's for? she says it's for stimulating the skin to increase absorption ability and also helps in lifting and firming effect. I really like the sound of that! My beautician put on a mask for me and let me sleep in for about 10-15 minutes. When she's back, she cleans my face, tones and moisturized it. 

*note: I heard that Guasatherapy Facials has specially trained beautician assigned for this. Not all beautician knows. 

no photoshop this is before & after my first trial facial
(brighten & firmed, apologies I was using flash as it's too dim)

Also I asked what's the goodness of Cellnique products? and I was told one of the goodness is Cellnique  products are fruit, herbs and plant based ingredients. I am seriously thinking about signing up a package after my first trial session. First I love the place, it's relaxing and really luxurious, however I wish the outlet was bigger and more spacious. Secondly, I am beginning to love the Cellnique products used in my facial for me, particularly the apple scrub treatment (smells wonderful apple-ish!) and that ginger infused toner. Third, the facial uses ultrasound machines to help improve/promote cel metabolism, detoxify the skin cells and slow down the aging process. My facial treatment also prevents skin moisture loss and replenish hydration and moisture of the skin. The supple and hydrated effect lasted up to 5 days after facial, can u believe it? I was touching my face everyday to check how long the effects last.

Celinique Skincare products recommended by Cres Wellness
(for my sensitive and dry face)

Since this is a first trial, I don't believe there will be a miracle change out of the sudden. From my photo, you could see I have been sleeping late, stressed out and probably minor water retention. My skin is also dull and dry so I really loved the facial treatment that I was given to try. Though I don't think young girls would benefit from a Guasatherapy Massage facial (firming) but I do recommend ladies above 24 onwards to give it a try. My auntie loves it!

70% discount for any Facial Therapy
 + FREE steam bath + 2pcs of RM20 Product Voucher

SO here's a promotion treat from Cres Wellness to my readers! it's only for the first 100 to enjoy so don't miss this out, I highly recommend you girls to go try it and Cres Wellness are professionals beauticians here (no hard sales!).  This promotion is for any facial therapy so grab the really good ones to try, don't go for the basic ones since it's a 70% off! Not only that, you get to have a free steam bath and 2pcs of product voucher should you fall in love with any of their Cellinique facial products.

Here's what you should do to get this deal! I'm leaving a comment at Cres Wellness Facebook fanpage and the first 100 who comments on my comment post will get this special promotion! You will then be contacted from there and receive the e-voucher via e-mail.

click here to be the 1st 100 to comment!
(don't forget to like the fan page first!)

So this is a step by step how to do it :)

1. Click here to like Cres facebook.
2. Leave a comment on my post only. You can comment anything about this, say you want to try it etc! leave your e-mail for Cres to contact you!
3. Wait to be contacted.
4. You get your e-voucher by e-mail.
5. Making your first trial facial appointment at Cres :)

Yeap that easy, don't miss this chance out to get a wonderful facial at a beautiful place like Cres Wellness. Highly recommend it!

Terms & Conditions for the e-voucher:
·   Limited to new customers only.
·   The voucher is valid for aged 21 years old and above.
·   The voucher is valid for 2 months from the date of issue.
·   No replacement will be given to expired e-Vouchers
·   Only one (1) redemption per customer is allowed.
·   The voucher is transferable
·   The voucher is non-refundable and non-redeemable for cash or other products/services/promotions
·   Prior appointment is required, Please contact CRES outlets for your appointment.
·   Customer must show their e-voucher upon redemption.
·   The voucher is applicable for treatment in all CRES outlets.
·   Redemption Days: Monday to Sunday, 10a.m to 8p.m.
·   CRES Wellness Sdn Bhd reserves the right to omit, amend and change the above terms & conditions without prior notice.


  1. WOW... very detail review, make me 1 2 try NOW!! I need facial.. =)
    Thanks tammy for always benefit her reader.. Love you dear~~~

  2. but im affraid, will it be very expensive even after the 70% discount?

  3. the range is rm120-rm350 for facial loh.. since this one 70% off better to take the most expensive to try loh...

  4. I love Cellnique products! My cousin owns a Cellnique salon in Desa Petaling- De Fennel and although it's far from where I stay, I'd so make the trip there. I actually had a facial done there yesterday, and my brain was purring the entire day. Not to mention I love Cellnique products too (After Dermalogica, but since Dermalogica changed the formula for their Ultracalming line and it doesn't suit me, I have a legit reason to switch to Cellnique now) :)

    BTW the ginger infused toner is the Soothing and Hydrating Toner, which doesn't look like the one in your photo. I'm using the Vital Repair Cleansing Milk too, and I love it so far :D Oh, and since you have it, does the ingredients list include Paraffinum Liquidum? My bottle doesn't have list it, and the ingredients list on my bottle doesn't match the one they have on the website so I'm a bit confused D:

  5. i cant wait to get my voucher ^^

    xoxo elle

  6. is it safe for pregnancy woman? can go for it?

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  8. i tried this facial few years back when i was at the age of 24~25, the lifting feel last for almost a week like Tammy describe! Feel like go back for this facial again but it's too pricey... =(

    1. oh i love the guasa facial.. cres is quite innovative, they have new facial treatments all the time. It's pricey if buy solo, when they have those member's day or open house or package promotions, then worth it :D

      nowadays they also promote on groupon so u can also buy from there

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