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My name is Tammy Lim and I am an award winning blogger from Top 10 Malaysia Magazine and Cleo Malaysia Magazine. I have been blogging since 2008 and I am also the founder of a local Malaysian beauty & lifestyle community called The Butterfly Project. People often tell me that I'm a wonder woman, but in reality - if it's something you love, you can do wonders.

When I'm not wondering, I'll be on my computer searching for the next fountain of youth or hunting down a fantastic deal. I'm also a shopaholic, wanderluster, spa enthusiast and proud hipster who loves planning special occasions and surprises for her loved ones.
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  • What do you think of certified organic skincare?


    Esmeria Organics Giveaway!

    Another giveaway! oh my this month I have so many giveaways on my blog & THREE (3) ESMERIA ORGANICS HAMPER worth RM139.60 to THREE (3) Lucky FOLLOWERS of Plusizekitten.com. Yeap and you don't believe me do you? Seriously with the surge of organic skincare in the market, you gotta try this one! I fell in love with the scent and wonderful creamy texture of the products. I'm really picky nowadays with skincare, especially since today's newspaper banned 7 beauty products in the market that contains harmful chemicals!

    Okie this ain't about me now. Let's talk about how you can win this awesome hamper? (I also want!). Remember this is only for my blog followers so if you haven't follow me yet go and click that follow button on the right top hand corner! it's real easy to follow :)

    How to Win Awesome Esmeria Organics Hamper worth RM139.60?
    1. leave a comment here on the topic of What do you think of Certified Organic Skinare?
    2. leave your follower id & email so contact if u win!
    Contest starts 21/4/11 - 24/4/11 midnight -- awesome?
    Esmeria Organics will contact the winners to collect prizes! so u don't have to wait for me to post to you coz I don't live next to the post office.

    That's Not All! U can also win a Esmeria Organics travel set worth RM39.90! There's 10 to giveaway! read the fine print here okay? Go to Esmeria Organics FB page and like the page and participate in the FB page contest. Ten travel sets are up for grabs! (cute travel sizes are awesome travel buddies). Just post your Earth Day Eco Tip on the wall and keep your fingers crossed!


    1. I think this product can 'heal' my dehydrated skin. I've been very bad towards my skin since I used a tons of harmful chemical products on my super-extremely sensitive skin.;D

      Follower ID: JajaIzzati
      Email: jajalimah@yahoo.com

    2. 1) with the increase of the certified organic skincare in the market, it's important that the public be well informed with what's available out there. some brands use the word "natural"/"natural ingredients" on their product instead & make the public believe that it's organic..which is not true. companies/distributors should organize more workshops to educate the public & spread the awareness of genuine certified organic skincare so that the consumers are more aware of the choices available out there..

      2) follower id : irene chima
      email add : mikeio79@yahoo.com

      tammy - which newspaper mentioned the 7 banned beauty product? tks :)

    3. I have sensitive skin all my life, and could never really find the suitable product out there. With certified organic products, I am confident and will feel safe whenever I use the products, with less harmful ingredients and more natural goodies, I'm hoping that it will help me to reduce my skin's sensitive problems.

      Follower ID : Blogger
      Email: ellen_sue89@hotmail.com

    4. I believe that Certified Organic Skincare is safe for the skin because there is no mineral oil, SLS and other dangerous ingredients like hydroquinon that is harmful for the skin. I think that Certified Organic Skincare is earth friendly i.e. free of chemicals during planting and harvesting the raw ingredients. Therefore, by using them, we are conserving our mother earth. By using certified organic skincare, our skin will have a healthy glow that it deserves.

      Follower ID: Lavender
      email: paulinecltan@gmail.com

    5. What do you think of Certified Organic Skinare?
      I love organic skin care series which have lesser or even does not contain any chemical that will bring some side effects on skin. Moreover, they Esmeria provide a wide range of skin care serious that suits all of our skin requirements. Love the earth, love natural, love Esmeria.

      Follower ID: i1b2b
      email: maine.xenz@Msn.com


    6. no harmful ingredients! when i use a skin care products, i always intend to use for long term, so i would i not sacrifice my health just because a product is suitable only to my face ^^

      xoxo elle

    7. What do you think of Certified Organic Skincare?

      A skincare range that not only thinks bout YOU (i.e. pure, natural & organic product for your delicate skin), but because it is organic, it thinks also about the FUTURE GENERATION. Afterall we have not inherited the Earth from our fathers, we are borrowing it from our children!

      For the love of our skin, love of beauty & nature, love our Earth - choose Esmeria!

      ID : Kathlynn
      Email : sleeping_child14@hotmail.com

    8. Certified Organic Skincare is meant to love your skin and care for the Earth at the same time.

      By using certified organic skincare, you are rest assured that your skin is getting the purest and most natural skin food.

      Without the harmful chemicals and artificial ingredients, your skin smiles with healhty radiant glow.

      The Earth will thank you for saving the nature for the future generations.

      Love the Earth
      Love your Skin
      Choose Esmeria Organics Skincare!

      ID: yukitee
      Email: forwardyourquestion@gmail.com

    9. Certified organic skincare products are made to keep your skin healthy and safe in use. If you want to prevent damage and harmfullness to your skin, you should use organic skincare products on it every day.You might think of high prices, but it's good if you look at safety perspective: you cannot put a price on your safety and health. The only way prices will go up is if damage goes up.


    10. They often say that beauty comes with a price! I think it is unfair for Mother Nature to pay the price too.

      So support organic products, support Esmeria Organic Skincare.
      All natural, organic ingredient for your skin in their skincare range.

      Afterall, who says you can’t be beautiful on the inside (by helping ‘save the world’) and on the outside! :)

      ID : Tammie Tan
      Email : tammiexoxo@yahoo.com

    11. I think certified organic skincare is great! Not just for your face but also for mother nature's face too LOL. I find that organic skincare works better for my skin (I have sensitive skin)and well I don't have to worry about evil corporations killing mother nature. 2 bonus points for me! ;)

      followerID: masurin
      email: masurinREMOVETHIS@gmail.com

    12. Organic definition is produced by the organs; as, organic pleasure. If that add in with the word Certified, then for sure I have NO DOUBT using it!!

      Follow ID: Cindy
      Email: cindy_xinyi@yahoo.com

    13. I did not notice this brand till you post it here. For me,organic is something very natural without any artificial ingredient. So it will be a good chance to try it and experience the effect of it (=

      Follower id: vernz_08
      Email: vernie_88@hotmail.com

      thanks alot for the giveaway (=

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    15. Certified Organic Skinare has no harmful ingredient, it is certified organic skin care. I have been looking for suitable skin care product all my life as I have sensitive skin.

      Follower ID: Sherry
      email: sherrygo@hotmail.com

    16. Certified organic skincare assures me that it is safer for my face and is less harmful to the environment as well. When we take care of the environment, it will benefit us and our children. By using organic skincare, we are putting less chemicals into the world and consuming less chemical ourselves since we eat and live on the same ground we throw the chemicals on.

      Follower ID : Isabel
      Email : deariesx (at) hotmail (dot) com

    17. to me,
      Certified organic skincare must be 100%-ly FREE From paraben, mineral oil/petroleum jelly, Sodium Lauryl Sulphate (SLS), chemical forming agent,any artificial fragrance and color and any other harsh chemical.
      besides that, their packaging also must be 100% recyclable. and the whole process of making/producing the products should be done handmade-ly.
      and most importantly, they must be certified! :)

      follower id: ai wei
      email: icaiwei@gmail.com

    18. Seriously, I don't really know what actually is that.I guess just something organic with no chemical inside?If I have the chance to use it or own it, I think I will like it.From my understanding, organic product is much better than non-organic product. Just that never try as not sure which is better. Student like me not much income.Financial tight~~

      follower id: shereen1224

      by the way, i like MEOW MEOW~~

    19. i love certified organic skincare because its all natural. i hate the feeling of putting chemicals substance on my face.

      follower id: irene soh
      email: ireneyksoh@yahoo.com.sg

    20. I think certified organic skincare is a skincare range that without any harmful chemical that all the ingredient used was approved organic. Then the skincare is much more better to our skin since it is 100% natural.

      follower id: bobolooi88
      email: bobolooi88@hotmail.com

    21. We all want healthy lifestyle, Organic foods, organic drinks, organic this and that. But most product that we applied on our skin are not that environmental friendly or so called organic in term for their ingredients. Certified Organic Skincare gives me the confident that whatever i applied on my skin is pure, natural, organic and most importantly it would be risk free from damage towards inner skin.

      Follower id : Wei Kwan
      email: tracie_cancer@hotmail.com

    22. a) What do you think of Certified Organic Skincare?

      For me, Organic Skincare is those skincare that its product development is rigorously monitored with the seed that how it is grown,harvested,stored, transported and processed from the beginning till the end. Besides,each stage is completed according to the international standard then it will display the 'certified organic' logo is given certified logo.

      Since nowadays the issues of global warming is getting serious, and people is more concern about eco-friendly and safe earth, I believe no only from reducing consumes meat but vegetable, reducing ride own transport but public transport or car pool, encourage using fan instead of air conditional, and also less using tissue but drying machinery after toilet, so we maybe can also change to use certified organic skin care to which reduce harm and damage towards our skin.

      but because I'm still student and can't afford to buy it straight and wonder whether it suits to my skin,I hope I can get this as trial,if I suit for it I'll sure be it loyal customer! :D

      Thanks Tammy for introducing this product so I know more bout Esmeria. :)

      b) follower id: Reese cow
      email: hiwei_8912@hotmail.com

    23. This comment has been removed by the author.

    24. certified organic skincare makes me thought of the ingredients used are all natural and would not cause sensitivity to our face & for ppl who have a sensitive face type like me will certainly go for it!

      follower ID:Jessie
      email: jessiel.mad@gmail.com

    25. Certified organic skincare products are made to keep your skin healthy and safe in use. If you want to prevent damage and harmfullness to your skin, you should use organic skincare products on it every day.You might think of high prices, but it's good if you look at safety perspective: you cannot put a price on your safety and health. The only way prices will go up is if damage goes up.

      ID:see jing jing

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