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Cherry Shrimps my latest pets!


Cherry Shrimps & Their lil tank home

Okay my sea monkeys has all gone to the sea monkey heaven. Granted they don't live long and my bf forbids me to keep sea monkeys coz he thinks it's a waste of time and what the heck is sea monkeys right? I still lurve sea monkeys! and I also loooveee hamsters! but I can't keep them in the condo so my latest pet craze hobby is keeping cherry shrimp! Thanks to Jean who told me about it and I have been following her cherry shrimp stories on facebook, one day Jean brought me to the aquarium pet store and I bought my first cherry shrimps. Well at first I bought 4 and one died on the way home, 1 died the next morning in the tank leaving behind 2 cherry shrimps. Few days after my bf took me to Pudu, KL again to get more cherry shrimps. I bought 6 more from a different shop but they all died the next day again. The first two shrimps has been surviving up till now, it's been almost a month now *yes!*

cherry shrimp example

I found out:
  • that Cherry Shrimps loves to eat the aquatic plants!
  • Cherry Shrimps needs freshwater and not saltwater
  • Cherry Shrimps are orange in color and tiny fellas
  • the female Cherry shrimp is bigger than male and has ovaries behind her head
  • one small tank like mine can only keep 2 or 3 cherry shrimps (oxygen)
  • put a aquatic plant in the tank for them to eat and for oxygen
  • top up water every week
  • remove any parasites growing in the tank! they come with the plant !! eee...
 Cherry Shrimps are low in maintenance but they're sensitive aquatic creatures! (temperature/movements/water ph level). Once you have the perfect tank u can actually just leave them be. They eat the plants and spend their day swimming around and yes eating non-stop.


  1. aiyoo...u pya hobi mmg pelik la dear, tp takpe, keep it up. sy pon bela hedgehog, pelik jg tu :)

  2. hahhaha!!! i suka..... benda benda pelik... special lah.. macam limited edition punya hobby.. hahhaha..

    ur hedgehog lagi pelik ni!!! macam mana take care O_O? sonic the hedge hog

  3. 2 questions.. ^^
    do they eat the plants or izzit the algae on the plants?
    do u do a water change or u jz top up the water?
    jz wanna noe.. thx...

  4. they love to eat the algae on the plants, they also eat the plants :)

    i top up with water that's de-clorin liao slow 30% each week

  5. helloo. just googling around about shrimps because i'm interested in keeping some as a hobby and found your blog. are your shrimps still alive? wonder where i can buy them...

  6. Just wondering where you got your tank and how big it is or isn't...


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