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I'm a Barbie Girl Living in a Barbie World


it's raining barbie dolls!

I SWEAR I didn't intend to buy Barbie Dolls on Jusco Member Day! I didn't even want to step into the place (omfg... I been trying to control my impulsive shopping habit as my bf complains a lot about it, already my room look like a junkyard and not store room). My bro told me how awesome the sales are and ask me to check it out. I hesitate at first but right after work I had to wait for my bf to finish his makan session with colleagues so I went..... to JUSCO Member day (LAST DAY) at Mid Valley.

They're so pretty and at 70% off!
(ranging from rm7++ to rm20++)

Out of nowhere when I was in the children's department I heard the magic words "LELONG LELONG 70% OFF! LELONG LELONG 70% OFF". Hell who could resist not going over and seeing the commotion there? SO MANY PEOPLE! especially parents there were rummaging through the 70% off rack like there's no tomorrow. The 70% OFF Lelong is a happy hour thing in Jusco member day sales, it last for an hour I think? I manage to squuezeee myself into the crowd and look at the toys they're taking. Mostly BARBIE DOLLS and people are grabbing it like it's Gold.

 Barbie Fashionistas I grabbed the last 4 left!
(and had to stalked a woman for it)
OMG I couldn't resist what I was looking at. It's been some time since I played with Barbie Dolls. I was a serial Barbie collector when I was a kid. I had a BIG mansion that opens up, a POOL, a Limo and 30 Barbie Dolls (not including Ken Doll or My Little Ponies). The obsession kick back when I saw the really cute Fashionista Barbie Dolls. I was holding it while trying to tell myself to run out of there fast. I thought hey it's so cheap now why not get 1? then I saw a lady holding a cupcake handbag Barbie doll and I lost it. I totally stalked her until she let it go.. and wham I lost control and now I am holding 11 Barbie Dolls and 2 Kelly dolls. All for the price of 70% off.

 Kelly Doll for RM7++ only
 Manicure Barbie & Shopaholic Barbie!
 Birthday Barbies so cute with Tiara!

When it's time to go back, my bf came to look for me at a cafe where I was "resting". The moment he came closer his face totally changed to black. There's a horrible expression on his face and he finally said "what's that". At that time, I was sitting at cafe with 4 huge plastic bags of Barbie Dolls. I don't know what came over me. Perhaps it's work stress, perhaps one don't control their "shopaholic" needs because hey then we'll really do some damage! or perhaps I have an idea or two what these Barbies are for :) I am certainly going to make full use of them.

XOXO, don't stop shopping!


  1. i love all the barbie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111<3 and i see one dark skin barbie too.lol!!!cuteee

  2. i love the song, now i cant get it out of my head lol

    i sometimes like to purposely see this kind of shock face on my hubby lol last year i was at Jmember day n came home with 15 pieces of clothing @@

    xoxo elle

  3. Wish i can go there too:) being 9mth preggy hard to make ways into the crowd, i guess:(

  4. Loll.. I saw the sale. So many people man! Btw, isit just me or is Barbie getting thinner? I remember my Barbie was wayy 'meatier' lol


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