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Jentayu Spa by Sheila Majid


April Promotion

My friend Xana told me about the Sheila Majid spa before and we wanted to go but urm I don't know what happen after that, perhaps I couldn't afford it but now I really want to try all the luxury pamperings and places before I die (doomsday). I check out their promotion at their website JentayuSpa and the April promotion is really good if I go in a pack of 3 making a Aromatherapy pampering session only RM150 per pax. There's 10mins body steam, 30mins body scrub worth RM80 and a 60mins aromatherapy session worth I think RM120. SIGH Who wanna go!!!!


  1. Tammy u really super like spa!!
    I scare of letting ppl touch my body so till now I never really went for a full body massage yet.. @.@"

  2. been there a couple of times and i highly recommend it. very professional and the ambience is soothing


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