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Day 4: Back From Kota Kinabalu


look who I brought back home from KK?

Oh my head. I just woke up a few hours ago. To be precise, at 3pm. I slept at 4am yesterday. It was hell.

First, we crossed the Peninsula border at 8.15pm and the pilot announced we'll be reaching LCCT on time. My mind went blank from time to time trying to remind myself this is a bus ride (thanks to Vincent). The whole plane look serene in the dark, the sound of the plane cruising peacefully. Suddenly, the plane juggle a bit and I opened my eyes. No, I closed my eyes back because the plane was flying in a ziggy-d--zag manner now and I was panicking in my head. The plane drop a few times and in the final push, it roared through the sky again and the pilot announced that we're heading to Subang Airport now to land. I thought wow, that's better than LCCT! but pilot says we are only landing in the parking space and when the bad weather passes, we are all flying back to LCCT! (bummer). Lightnings can be seen in the dark clouds outside my window. It felt like a Ghostbuster movie.

emergency landing in Subang Airport
(due to crazy weather yesterday)

3 sekawan trapped inside plane for hours

(if not complain is futile)

Our plane arrived safely back at LCCT at about 12.30am.  Taxi charges? RM126 just to go back Mont Kiara. We took the Bus RM9 to KL Sentral instead and had a knight named Koon Liang to rescue us. We reached Mont Kiara after 2am. Today I am having a bad hangover and I am not even drunk.

KK To Subang 2 and 1/2 hours.
Subang to LCCT 3 1/2 hours.
Safety = Priceless.

P.S: Just check Airasia.com. In 2008, Air Asia announced for flights delayed more than 3 hours will be compensated with RM200 voucher. This year 2011, there's On Time Guarantee insurance that will compensate you for flight delays.


  1. Wow.. That was toturing.. Staying in a plane for hours. Aircond on or not?? But the insurance sounds great.. Ha!

  2. got aircond but it's freezing cold..until have to open luggage to get another shirt out to wear :O !!!

    think I will get the insurance the next time i board Air Asia again coz... we could have gotten RM200 voucher bcoz of this ordeal! =_= cis...

  3. I think will get for this insurance is to be must..
    Perfect Radiance

  4. man..i hate turbulence so much! very scary experience. Must be terrifying when the plane dropped a couple of times..


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