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My name is Tammy Lim and I am an award winning blogger from Top 10 Malaysia Magazine and Cleo Malaysia Magazine. I have been blogging since 2008 and I am also the founder of a local Malaysian beauty & lifestyle community called The Butterfly Project. People often tell me that I'm a wonder woman, but in reality - if it's something you love, you can do wonders.

When I'm not wondering, I'll be on my computer searching for the next fountain of youth or hunting down a fantastic deal. I'm also a shopaholic, wanderluster, spa enthusiast and proud hipster who loves planning special occasions and surprises for her loved ones.
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  • My Bali Plan


    Bali Map Travel Spots
    (thx to Jessica!!!)

    Been spending some time reading and researching on places to go (not to missed out) and what to eat in Bali from Lowyat Forum (just search Bali). I think I am almost set with my schedule except for the missing link in Day 2 where I am trying to slot in a full day tour after dumping my luggages at Royal Kamuela Villas & Spa (Monkey Forest).

    Pray and Love Bali

    Day 1: Arrival n Romantic Seafood Dinner
    7.30pm Bali Airport / Jimbaran Seafood Dinner / Purik Manik Cottages (Ubud) Driver Found Rp270k

    Day 2: Ubud n Uluwatu Sunset Tour 1/2 Day
    Ubud Market / Ubud Palace / Monkey Forest / Royal Kamuela Villa Spa / Padi Field Tengalalang / Sukawati / Uluwatu Sunset (IDR 3K) +  Dance / Jimbaran Seafood Sunset

    Day 3: Full Day Bedugul Tour (pick up 9am)
    Mengwi Temple / Taman Ayun Temple / Beratan Lake (IDR 10k) / Tanah Lot Sunset (IDR 10k) / Meslati Tanah Lot Seafood Cliff Dinner

    Day 4: Rest, Relax n More Shopping
    Fee and Easy / Spas / Villa Airport Transfer 6pm / Bali Airport  (9.55pm flight)

    Bebek Bengil Replied My Email On Smoke Duck!

    version 4 update *lol*

    Uluwatu Sunset or... 

    Kintanami Volcano? on a Wet Season

    I opted out from the Kintanami tour :( since it's such a rush and that it's November in Bali which means WET SEASON = RAINING = CLOUDS = RISK of not even seeing Kintanami volcano at all after traveling up there. So scrap Kintanami, going to enjoy Ubud and go for 1/2 day tour Uluwatu Sunset + Jimbaran Seafood again.

    Mango Tree Spa by Loccitane

    While googling for best spas in Ubud, I came across Kupu Kupu Barong Villas and Tree Spa which features luxury price spa menus overlooking padi fields and beautiful themed rooms. The amazing thing is this is a spa house is using Loccitane products! The spa is called Mango Tree Spa by L'occitane. Omg so wanan go n try but the prices is "luxury"!


    1. - "Wayan, Made, Nyoman, Ketut" .. You'll see lots of these, so don't be shocked (feel free to google this).
      - Tanah Lot Sunset can be followed by romantic dinner at Melasti Tanah Lot Seafood Restaurant located on the cliff (quite crowded just after sunset, the place is quite dark later on) (ask your guide, he'll know) http://www.tanahlot.net/home/index2.php?option=com_content&do_pdf=1&id=61
      - Budget accordingly. Change your currency in Malaysia. The exchange rate when you are in need of extra cash is rubbish. I travelled with my partner and we carried Rupiah and USD and yet we still had to use the ATM there. It helps to have a Visa debit card as you can press out cash via the ATM there :)
      - Do watch the Kecak Dance at Uluwatu during the sunset, a very moving experience.
      - Carvings, paintings, goldsmith/silversmith.. These are the core of the artsy activities of the Balinese folks. Get your guide to take you to these places.
      - How long do you want your spa to be? Average 100k per person for 2 hours. Kept that for the last day (our flight was at 9:30pm).
      - Do your shopping now and then. It helps. There's also a place called Krishna which is a huge warehouse-sale type "ole-ole" (souvenir) shop (souvenir shopping is now very commercial) where you can go and look for your souvenirs without having to haggle for the prices as the prices there are already very, very reasonable.

      I ♥ Bali!

    2. woah!!! thanks for the tips!

      1. wayan, ketut etc (must be thanks to Eat Pray Love fame?)
      2. Tanah Lot Sunset Romantic Dinner (sounds awesome! I was thinking what to do after the sunset, to just go back ubud straight or something n hunt for dinner, now I'll just check this place out!)
      3. currency - OKIE!!! but how much roughly should I budget for tours, tips, shopping n eating? we're just going to buy probably souvenirs n t-shirts back.
      4. kecak dance at uluwatu? alright, i heard about the dances but some say don't bother about it. I guess I should just try it out for myself to see. Need to wait or pay to book place?
      5. carvings/paintings/etc - if got time will have a free n easy sight seeing on this
      6. i must try the spas b4 i go back! your flight was 9.30pm too? how soon did u go to the airport?
      7. Heard about Krishna! but it's near to Kuta or something right?

    3. Hi Tammy,
      Saw your post on Bali.
      Just thought I will give my 2 cents worth. Your 3rd day may be a little rush... Cause you haven't built in all the traffic jam etc. Kintamani is very far, you sure you gonna get back in time?

      Also, skip the buffet lunch. It usually is the place they bring you if you follow tour. Not nice at all, its like buffet economy rice. You may as well ask your driver to bring to you a place where locals eat. My experience with those places are really yummy food.

      Seminyak: Maybe you can walk around in Seminyak, its a really artsy-fartsy place. Lots of factory outlets, many art galleries and boutiques (local designers) - some expensive but some affordable. There are also many wholesale accessories places.
      If in Seminyak, MUST go to the Ultimo Italian Restaurant! So good, their steaks to die for. We threw all our dinner plans out the window and went back 3 days for this.

      Ayam Tulang Lunak: The food is nice, but really overpriced!! Its where drivers bring you and they get a big fat commission. You can try...

      If you are in Kuta, ask them to bring you to a restaurant called Dulang. Nice food. Nasi Campur is awesome.

      BTW, make sure you dont miss the Dirty Duck no matter what, really good.


    4. - "Wayan" is 1st child, "Made" is 2nd child, "Nyoman" is 3rd child, "Ketut" is 4th child in the family
      - My partner and I carried roughly 2mil Rph per person, yet we had to ATM out more $$ (haven't completed our budget list yet). But that was for 6D5N and we didn't do much shopping (super regret!).
      - Well, if you've not seen the kecak dance before, then think it's alright to go and see it at least once?
      - My last day was spent souvenir shopping (bad idea cos that's when the earthquake happened, so it was kind of interrupted and wished I did more shopping), 2hour spa, early dinner (ayam tulang lunak) and was at the airport by 7:30pm. :)
      - Please put aside 150k Rph each person for airport tax to be paid upon departure else you won't be able to leave the country and catch your flight. Lol.
      - We did try the ayam tulang lunak because it was on the way to the airport and we didn't want our driver to be going round in circles so that we can get local food. Yes, it's a bit more expensive compared to local food, but at least we did try it in Bali. :)
      - Krishna has a few branches now compared to 2 years ago. The HQ is the one you wanna go to, cos that one is the biggest outlet. :P

      I ♥ Bali!

    5. I ♥ Bali!

      Thanks for your tips!! now i know why so many people are called Wayan, Ketut! I thought it's some kinda Eat Pray Love trend going on haha.

      Luckily I went to cash out more coz I read forums say 2mil is more than enough. OMG what were there doing with 2mil? =_= the lapis cake already nearly 1 mil for 6 boxes.

      We didn't see the kecak dance coz... =_= darn rain won't stop and our mood spoil by driver who said need to go back fast fast to Ubud back b4 jam.

      I did last day souvenir shopping at sukawati market!!! wish i bought more spa stuffs there. Somehow suddenly become kedekut holding 1mil rupiah (my budget for shopping).

      I also did tulang lunak! my bf was like..wth is this.. lol...... but not bad!!

      Didn't get to go Krishna T_T which probably is a good thing coz.. i spent it all at sukawati hahaha


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