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  • discovering melissachens: infinite renewal timeless radiance


    melissachens skin beauty spa one utama

    If you window shop around One Utama's spanking new block where old Jusco used to be, you'll soon find yourself staring into Melissachens. The passionate red is hard to miss. Call it color of science if u must as Melissachens is after all created by the brainchild Melissa Chen who has 27 years in extensive skincare experience, research and innovation. People with sensitive skin will rejoice knowing there is a specialist skin center called Melissachens Skin Beauty Spa that offers:
    • Personalized Skin Analysis and Corrective Skin Treatment
    • Home Skin Therapy and Maintenance

    treat your sensitive skin workshop

    I have sensitive skin so it was an interesting session where I finally met Melissa Chen at One Utama (Old Wing) at the "Treat Your Sensitive Skin" Workshop. 
    What's the Treat Your Sensitive Skin workshop?
    If your skin gets red, blotchy and irritated, you might have sensitive skin that is susceptible to accelerated aging. Learn why it happens and how you can prevent it at the Treat Your Sensitive Skin Workshop and get a FREE professional skin analysis. The first in a series of exclusive skincare education from Melissachens, this workshop is tailored for small groups of six to ten. 
    up close and personal with our skin!

    True it was only for a small group, which serves its purpose and attention was fully given to each one of us there. I met Aliez there, she brought her cute son along. I guess it's never too late to start learning about skincare early right? prevention is after all the key to beautiful healthy skin. My pal Esther was my date (hehe!). We sat together and learn about protecting our skin with the range Melissa Chen introduce.

    One of the interesting part about learning about our skin is when we were given the "true lies" mirror (okie a name I came up with!). A mirror that shows you, your true face in big screen. Horrifying? nah... see what went on below:

    Esther: hmmm I think I need help under my eyes...
    Tammy: OMG is this my skin?
    Aliez: I don't like this mirror...

    trying out the products n choosing our faves

    the comfort eye n lip makeup remover works!
    (removes mascare n eyeliner)

    love the smart body deep moisturizing oil
    (so many types of oil in it!)

    My personal favorites from the skincare session was the Comfort Eye and Lip Makeup Remover. It's a ultra gentle make up remover which instantly dissolves  all eye and lip makeup and skin debris without causing irritation to the eyes. Its moisturizing as well. There's many more brownie points about this product but the best part would probably be that it prevents the darkening of the eye contour! (first time I hear a eye and lip makeup remover has this?!).

    Second the Smart Body Deep Moisturizing Oil. A deep-conditioning body massage oil for ultra dry skin with peeling, scaling, itching and signs of premature-ageing caused by harsh environment or climate changes. Best thing about it? It repairs skin with exquisite unadulterated precious oils with excellent natural protective virtues to nourish skin moisture, protect against oxidative stress and restore smooth and supple skin.

    got to meet Melissa Chens up close too!

    All Melissachens skincare products and ranges are catered to Protect Repair Nourish Restore our skin. They're not your average over the counter/departmental store skincare products too. Most products contains plant stem cells! (imagine what it could do for your skin?). Check out the skincare range from Melissachens below and at their shops if you have the chance to! They have facial first trial promotions and promotions =)

    Skin integrity is a core essential factor with a focus on protecting skin by preventing skin barrier loss due to inflammation of the skin. With this in mind, all melissachens skincare system products are carefully created under the most stringent Swiss standards to protect skin integrity without any invasive approach.

    Evolving from the retail range of melissachens skincare system, the melissachens professional series further elevates derma technology to new heights by nurturing skin wellness at two levels - barrier protection and cellular revitalisation. Combined with Melissa M. Chen's signature extraction techniques and magic touch, where her expert therapists are trained to work their healing touch upon your skin with unique techniques, let melissachens professional series take your skin onto a sustainable journey of lifelong skin beauty and wellness.

    Melissa Chens and her skincare experts

    About MelissaChens
    After 27 years of intrinsic skincare expertise garnered from extensive experience, research and innovation, today Melissa M. Chen has applied her complete wealth of experience upon her new brainchild, melissachens skincare system -heralding a revolution in the professional skincare market of now, whereby skin integrity is a core essential factor with a focus on protecting skin by preventing skin barrier damage due to inflammation of the skin triggered by acne and sensitive skin.

    melisssachens Skin Beauty Spa @ Sunway Giza
    Block C, C10G, Sunway Giza Mall
    T: +603-6140 6437

    melissachens Skin Beauty Spa @ 1 Utama
    S117C, 2nd Floor, 1 Utama Shopping Centre
    T: +603-7727 1093


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