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The Proton Makeover Surprise!

Fadly & family with PROTON reps and
R3 team that worked on his car

Remember the Proton Makeover story I posted? Fadly who was the first person to win the "My PROTON Makeover" contest had his 1992 Proton Saga specially treated by the R3 unit of PROTON Motorsports Division, and is now driving around in his new spanking Proton car! Check out the makeover pics below! 

My Proton Makeover Story Dream Come True

The “My PROTON Makeover” programme is still looking for stories about PROTON car owners and their cars, with outstandingly humourous or heartwarming stories earning a chance to have their car done up completely. The PROTON VIP Makeover programme is still running from now till the end of the year, with entries closing on 28 December 2011. There are still 4 more winners to go!

share your Proton love story and win a makeover!

If you have big dreams for your Proton car to have a spanking makeover, share your Proton story with Proton at for the chance to be WIN!