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  • Pantene Nature Care Shampoo & Conditioner Review (Iphone 4 Camera)


    do you wash your hair on Sundays?

    Yawn! woke up this afternoon and my hair all greasy and frizzy. What did I do the day before? yeap watch movies all night long while glued to the keyboard. Hence I think I seriously need a hair wash but too lazy to go outside to the saloon. I remembered I had Pantene's latest shampoo and conditioner series in my drawers so I whipped them out to use. It's called the Pantene Nature Care and it's really different from the usual Pantene hair care I use in the past. First, it uses flower power! (Cassia).

    when science powers nature

    Formulated with Cassia Complex, combined with Pantene's signature Pro-V technology, Pantene Nature Care was born! This range is light, refreshing and gives a clean fresh after hair wash feel. What's so special about this Nature Care series? well Nature Care  nourishes your hair from inside so it's more conditioned and stronger against hair breakage! 

    this review is done using iPhone 4!
    (color and image quality untouched)

    Also since it's Sunday and I'm feeling quite refresh from using the flower power shampoo, I decided to do take photographs of myself and the products using my iPhone 4 (a tribute to Steve Jobs). All the photographs seen here is taken by iPhone 4, image quality and color is left raw. The only difference is probably the addition of text, bubble box, and lines. 

    clear shampoo liquid that turns into foamy bubbles (smells fresh)

    creamy gooey conditioner that conditions n protects

    shampoo, wash, rinse, condition and wash again!

    Pantene as usual smells like Pantene. Remember when we were in school? one cannot miss the smell of another girl's Pantene shampoo-ed hair. Even when I was in Australia, the winter and summer wreck havoc on my hair causing it to frizz and dry out. Pantene was the only shampoo brand I use to moisturized my hair. However when I came back to Malaysia, my scalp couldn't take the white creamy Pantene anymore. I opted for clear liquid shampoos for that gentle and refreshing feel. Which is why when Pantene came up with Nature Care, my scalp was thrilled to find out Nature Care shampoo is clear and refreshing to use.

    recommended to use ^__^ for soft shiny hair

    Overall I do like this Nature Care series a lot! unlike the other range in the market, this is something different. I remember Pantene has another range that has clear liquid shampoo and packaging but this Nature Care series which uses Cassia Complex is really nice to try ^__^ and not to heavy on my scalp! If anyone is going to try Nature Care, do remember shampoo your scalp but only condition your hair ends and above. Don't condition your scalp or you're going to have oily/dandruff outbreak!

    Pantene Nature Care hair care ranges from RM4.40 - RM28.90 (depending on size) at pharmacies and supermarket.


    1. I need to change shampoo too!
      found that my hair is dryer and less healthier after it gets longer.. >.<

    2. I agree with you! I just bought the travel-size pack last week to try it out and after a few days of using it, I fell in love. I went straight to Watsons and bought the bigger sized ones (the travel size ones went into my toiletries bag in case I need to travel or go swimming).

      Like you, I find the texture and feel of the shampoo and conditioner so fresh, light, and (dare I say) better than the other Pantene shampoos. Truth be told, I never liked Pantene until I used this range.

    3. Jean: u try this new pantene, the formula different a bit from usual creamy Pantene! not bad not bad ^___^

    4. Doreen: you just said whatever I wanted to say!!! agree very much... this is better than other pantene shampoos. It brought back my love for pantene ^__^


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