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  • Olay Challenge: After 6 Weeks


    Team Tammy:  Me and Camie

    I can't believe that it's been 6 weeks since I started using Olay Regenerist with my team mate Camie. How time flies when you are busy preparing for something special like a birthday or wedding. Definitely challenging to keep to a skin care regime strictly. Sometimes we can be so lazy and forgo cleansing our faces or using serums. I took on this challenge to see how Olay's anti-aging range can improve my skin within 6 weeks and I'm happy to say that so far so good, I didn't experience any breakouts or allergy reactions.

    Week 1 – Before Olay Regenerist

    With the wedding over, me and Camie could finally settle down and look back on memories created together. I don't know about Camie but my skin texture has improved and it's firmer too. Just see my before photo wearing the red shirt posing with Camie above and this latest photo taken with my iphone during our skin check with Olay. We look younger don't we! 

    when are u getting married? – the bride asked
    (I look too young to get married!!! Giggles)

    Week 5: The Wedding

    Week 6: After Using Olay Regenerist

    To prove how youthful I look, I decided to take 4 different angles of my face on my phone during the skin check. My face is still bare and my cheeks are blushing as usual. I must continue to use this everyday so I can keep my face firm!* (looks slimmer). Also to prevent age spots, wrinkles, lines, and saggy skin. If you ask me what's the first thing that I notice after using Olay Regenerist? It would be that my skin around my jawline and cheeks are firmer than before. Gradually I notice a change in skin texture   (do the pinch test by gently "cubit" my skin to check how "succulent" it is) and lines around my mouth and cheeks being not so prominent. Hope to further complete another 3 - 4 weeks usage, finishing off all the products and in time for my romantic holiday trip with my boyfriend to Bali. Yes another special occasion to look forward too! and I will be talking a lot of photographs of myself!

    what do u think? few years younger?

    Here’s a face diary that I have, summarizing the results of each week using Olay Regenerist:

    Week 1: A slight tingling sensation felt in the first few days of usage which gradually goes away. Olay skin therapist told me it’s just the product working it’s way on my skin.

    Week 2 – 3: My cheeks used to be dry and flaky especially during hot and sunny episodes. Surprisingly Regenerist does not only firms the skin but also moisturizes and protect. Cheek area significantly more supple and less irritated by the hot weather. Skin texture is firmer*, and skin tone appears healthier.

    Week 4-5: Consistent results after 3 more weeks. Skin does not appear to be dull looking anymore. Skin around the jaw line firmer*, showing a shapely jaw line than before.

    Week 6: Face appeared more radiant and youthful with firmer* cheeks and jaw area. Lines around cheek areas significant reduced. Skin texture is healthier than before with a rosy glow.

    About Olay Regenerist

    Olay Regenerist’s breakthrough anti-ageing formula targets the toughest signs of skin ageing, even as lines, age spots, wrinkles and sagging skin become more prevalent with age. Harnessing advanced skin science in the form of the exclusive Aminopeptide Complex**, Regenerist effectively renews the skin from the cellular level*, helping to reduce the appearance of deep lines and wrinkles.

    * at the epidermis level only

    Olay Malaysia

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    1. u are so cute looking! ur face is already flawless, now lagi porcelin!

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