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Eau Thermale Avene Beauty Workshop For Sensitive Skin


Avene Beauty Workshop 22nd Oct, 2011

The first skincare beauty workshop organized by Avene, Watsons and OnlyBeauty taught participants today all about sensitive skin and how Avene products could help relieve, soothe, repair and protect people with sensitive skin.  The workshop also taught participants how to achieve a radiant complexion from Avene experts. Mr. Damien Tavernier (Avene Asia Pacific Trainer of Pierre Fabre Dermo-Cosmetique) gave a slide presentation and share his knowledge about the different types of sensitive skin which I find useful because I have sensitive skin (the question is to what extend, why and how I can manage it).

a workshop for the sensitive (skin!)

The question that attracted many to find out more at this workshop: Did you know that over 20% of adults have sensitive skin? People with sensitive skin are more at risk of developing pigmentation defects as the skin reacts in excessive manner to daily factors. Over time and with combined sun exposure, skin complexion becomes irregular and loses its youthful radiance. 

Avene's Trainer Mr. Damien Tavernier

the venue Full House Jln Yap Kwan Seng

Q&A Prizes for participants who answers it right!

the workshop at Full House Cafe

Damien's presentation was informative. Medical terms and statistics was used to show participants that Avene is serious in providing a range of skincare products and advise to sensitive skin users. Just to share a few tips, there's three levels of sensitive skin in general:
  • sensitive skin
  • intolerant skin
  • allergic skin
Avene Sensitive White

All Avene products are dedicated to sensitive skin. However for those suffering intolerant to allergic skin  levels will have to use extremely gentle products (e.g cleanser, skin recovery cream) to protect their skin. What sets Avene apart from other sensitive skincare products is the use of Avene's Thermal Spring Water, a source of calm for sensitive skin thanks to its properties:
  • soothing
  • anti irritant
  • anti inflammatory
Cindy trying out the popular Avene Thermal Spring Water Mist
(one of my favorite products in the market)

second half of the workshop hands on skincare session

everyone was excited about this

trying the different range of products on table

I like this extremely gentle cleanser, no need to wash off
(just wipe or spray with thermal spring water and dry)

Cindy shows a before & after using the cleanser!
(can u spot the difference?)

Cheryl, Avene Senior Manager guides us
(she teaches us how to do hydration/soothing mask!)

Avene Thermal Spring Water is a popular skincare mist product among beauty junkies. I myself have this on standby whenever I travel to soothe my skin from itching due to heat. Others used it in their daily care, either to stay cool, for razor burns, after cleansing, after shaving, diaper rash, to calm down facial redness, itching, sunburn, sensitivity or post surgery use. In this workshop, I learned a new use for Avene Thermal Spring Water! is that you could also use it as a hydration/soothing mask

paper face mask was given, just spray generously on it

put on for 15-20mins, you can even soak 2 cotton pads
to put on eyes as well using the thermal spring water

the mask was the highlight of the workshop

Wani put on hers with such style and poise

this is how you do it baybeh!

Esther done hers so quickly!

Cindy won herself the lucky prize for answering "Mineral Cream"
used in the new sun protection for sensitive skin users

 our lunch was a choice of grilled chicken or seafood
(I picked the later)

entry and dessert, love the soup though! 

bloggers group photo with Damien

Overall a fun and educational workshop for those wanting to learn more about Avene and Sensitive Skin. With the introduction to many of its range of products, one can now test, sample and try on the spot to which products is best suited for their skin. Participants who needed help and advise could turn to the skin analysis booth, to check their skin condition and worries. The personalized pampering session (which is the hands on skincare session) was fun, allowing full use and testing of Avene products. With a hearty meal served after the workshop ended, participants could now sit down and mingle with each other to share their thoughts on the products. 

A goodie bag worth RM63 (few trial size products with a thermal spring water spray) along with a RM20 voucher, was given to the participants so they could further explore the Avene skincare products at home. Should they be interested to purchase, the RM20 voucher would come in handy at nearest participating outlets (Watsons).

Many thanks to OnlyBeauty, a beauty website that focuses on sampling activities and reviews from bloggers and consumers, who jointly organized this workshop for OnlyBeauty members to enjoy! Register now at their website to find out more interesting and fun activities to do and to sample skincare and beauty products in Malaysia.


  1. I also have sensitive skin this product sound good to me

  2. Wow...so quick u blog abt the workshop!! Really have a nice time with u in the workshop dear..
    Keep it up, i always read word to words in ur blog!! love u tammy~

  3. Eau Thermale Avene Beauty Workshop For Sensitive Skin, Oct 23, 2011 (Sunday)

  4. Dear Tammy, nice post! Nice packaging with the Avene's goodie bag. :) I love ne Thermal Spring Water too. ^ ^ Good that you enjoyed yourself in the workshop, long time never see you been to workshop :P


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