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Uniqlo Fall/Winter Collection LAUNCH At The Newly Expanded Uniqlo KLCC Store


Uniqlo Malaysia Ambassadors

Carmen Soo and Fahrin Ahmad

Uniqlo launch it's fifth and final Fall/Winter 2011 collection last month September, 2011 at Uniqlo KLCC (also recently expanded to serve more customers yay!) The store was closed for a media pre-launch of the new collection which introduces the Fall/Winter collection in black, dark brown, mud, claret, Prussian blue and Russian green (all the fall colors that I love!). The avant-garde blend of poetic, ethereal and aerial forms with enriched, contemporary cotton and precious woolen fibres bring life the elegant, formal, and tailored universe of Fall/Winter 2011 Collection, infused with the know-how of casual wear. Elegantly shaped down-jackets that express a strong couture spirit are smart yet cozy, perfect for a winter cocktail. Dresses are straight cut, space-age style with visible 3D seams. Edgy skirts feature cubic outlines. Cool knitwear adds a splash of vitamin colors. Men's suits created in soft flannel, with special, light-weight tailoring, represent fine craftsmanship and design. 

introducing the new heat-generating clothing

the ultimate jeans for comfort and style

      limited edition designer shirts grabs attention

Anyone going on a holiday to winter/chilly, the new HEATTECH collection will serve you well under your clothes, keeping you warm and snuggy. I remembered when I went to Melbourne to study, it was kinda hard shopping for warm clothes that fits my pocket (after all I was just a student). Now with Uniqlo's debut in Malaysia since Oct 2009, I think many people out there would shop in ease.   For the collection, I am showing some women and men clothing samples and to see more click here Fall/Winter 2011 Catalogue here and don't forget to join Uniqlo's facebook fanpage for upcoming activities and updates!

Japan’s no.1 fashion brand unveils its Fall/Winter 2011 collection

Japan’s no.1 fashion brand unveils its Fall/Winter 2011 collection

UNIQLO’s Fall/Winter 2011 Collection are:

Relax in warm comfort any time in HEATTECH, a basic item for winter. HEATTECH, which is made of a material that absorbs moisture from the body and induces Heat Generation, reduces the need of ungainly heavy winter garments due to its Heat Retention capabilities. A definite must-have for unlimited fashion possibilities on cold days, allowing you to be more active. To complement the utility ideal for any setting, UNIQLO offers variations to wear throughout the season from early fall to the coldest time in winter. HEATTECH is more comfortable than ever, now coming with a deodorant feature. Experience the warmth and comfort of HEATTECH that you’ve never had before.

Ultra Light Down
Say goodbye to bulky winter wear with UNIQLO’s collection of amazing lightweight Ultra Light Down items. The all new and improved lightweight downs feature extremely thin, 20-denier nylon for the material’s surface and a technique that enables direct stuffing of the feathers without using down packs - enabling an even lighter weight, resulting in each down weighing a mere 196 grams! Enter, a light yet warm premium down with a 90% feather mix and a design with a more sculptured form taking wear comfort and enhanced silhouettes to newer heights. *High-quality down with a fill power of 640 is generously used for a down mix of 90%.

Sweat Parka and Merino
Merino and Sweat Parka offer comfort through the Fall/Winter season. They can be worn alone as outer layers during Fall, or as secondary layers during the colder days of early Winter. Made by the best wool in Australian, Merino Wool is extremely thin at 19.5 microns in diameter, so it offers a soft, smooth feel. The wool boasts an extremely fine surface and an exquisite luster due its high gauge. This season’s Merino and Sweat Parka are perfect fits for any style from classic American casual to outdoors, and even clean-look styles.


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