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Gucci Guilty: Unleashing The Hidden Guilt


The Fragrance: Gucci Guilty 50ml EDT

I've been hiding this guilty *gulp* feeling for a long time and now I'm out to confess that I have a bottle of Gucci Guilty but I still love Gucci Envy! but but... somehow Gucci Guilty looks so seductive and dangerous that I'm attracted to it's power.  Maybe it's the gold, even if it's not real gold nobody knows right?

going for a wedding dinner smelling & looking
like a thousand bucks

Many reviews says it's a soft scent of oriental floral that don't last. Somehow my review would be totally different *guilty again*.  I feel that it's strong even with 1 spray on my clothes and it lasts over 6 hours. I only wear this during red carpet events which is something I seldom would do because I'm *guilty* not your average glam chic but more of a hippy chic who loves comfort. Maybe it's just my size? If I have a body like Angelina Jolie, to hell with glam clothes, I'll go naked on the catwalk (don't sue me please). Call me daring when I put this on, it'll be not the usual me but the me who wants to be glamorous, daring and sexy. }

The Scent?
  • oriental floral
  • top notes of pink pepper
  • heart note of lilac
  • base notes of patchouli and amber

gold liquid, gold body

ready to party and be guilty *not*

Sleek gold packaging with the words Gucci Guilty just screams I'm glamorous (expensively) naughty. Just watch this video and you'll know in a nutshell the message in this bottle of gold liquid, reflection your inner naughtiness.

Gucci Guilty EDT RM217/30ml, RM272/50ml, RM355/75ml.


  1. I love this also dear. The bottle gives the elegant feeling and the floral smell of the perfume is refreshing.

    1. You got this too? :D I treasure this perfume.... it's like the classiest one of my small collection.

  2. I love this also dear. The bottle gives the elegant feeling and the floral smell of the perfume is refreshing.

  3. Replies
    1. thank u ella dear... *meow* once a while glam up for a night out.... XD

  4. Tammy,your makeup looks hot,you look so pretty too :D

    1. thanks :D i guess I was kinda not as fat as now... HAHHA!!!

    2. Haha,you look so pretty with dark makeups like this smokey eyes,you should wear it more often :P

  5. wow!
    nice perfume & make up + hairdo! you look gorgeous!
    do you make up by yourself? how to get a perfect eyeliner?

    1. Nah for glamourous make up with eyeliner, I go to Shu Uemura to do it. My skills are limited - f.y.i I don't know how to draw eyeliner in liquid form! :(

    2. :) practice make perfect...I use to be so a that I has use the liquid liner and poke my eyeball ..


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