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My name is Tammy Lim and I am an award winning blogger from Top 10 Malaysia Magazine and Cleo Malaysia Magazine. I have been blogging since 2008 and I am also the founder of a local Malaysian beauty & lifestyle community called The Butterfly Project. People often tell me that I'm a wonder woman, but in reality - if it's something you love, you can do wonders.

When I'm not wondering, I'll be on my computer searching for the next fountain of youth or hunting down a fantastic deal. I'm also a shopaholic, wanderluster, spa enthusiast and proud hipster who loves planning special occasions and surprises for her loved ones.
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  • Make Your Own Havaianas Flip-Flops! 2 DAYS Only


    8th - 9th Sept, 2012 at Havaianas Pavilion, KL

    Please tell me you're not impress by this? because I am. Whoever thought of "Make Your Own Havaianas"idea that allows us flip flop lovers to design our own personalized flip flops according to what we want is BRILLIANT! Here's to wishing Havaianas a Happy 50th Birthday and for bringing us flip flops that's stylish and comfortable to wear :)

    Being a lover of flip-flops, I'm going ga-ga already thinking about what I would come up with. I have so many flip flops but I have never own a flip flop that I design or make myself! so this is going to be awesome! But wait, how hard or easy is this going to be? since it's only a two day event? I don't want to be waiting or making it at the shop (shylah? or no time?) hey... fret not coz this is how easy it's going to be :)

    choose from a selection of soles, straps & pins in the menu card

    menu selection (pins are only RM3.50 this two days! np rm19.90)

    see your design put together!

    collect & don't forget to snap pic!

    bring it back and show 'em off

    who wants to make & get 15% off?

    I can't wait to make my own Havainas flip flops at Pavilion KL (let's see one is surely not enough too!). The special day only lasts for two days so don't miss it. Put your dream flip flops to the making and see them come to life. After all who can say you're not a designer? show them your pair and make them green with envy with 15% OFF on your total purchases! The special 15% OFF is only for the first 5 followers who would be making their own very pair of flip flops!

    15% OFF for the first 5 blog followers. Please leave the following details in your comment:

    Follower ID:

    Tell me what you're planning to make! (orange sole flip flop with green strap = mandarin orange?)

    Your details will be given to Havainass for registration so you can enjoy your 15% OFF on making your own flip flops!


    1. Follower ID: caixiuxiu
      Name:Chai Ying Huei

      I wanna make purple yellow flip flop n sing purple yellow purple yellow (ori song lyrics shld b black and yellow)

      1. :D thank you I shall be sending you an email to get your details to submit to Havaianas!

      2. btw purple yellow purple yellow is great theme :) for your bumble bee concept!

    2. omg :D can walk in anytime?
      Follower ID: Arisa Chow
      Name: Arisa Chow
      E-Mail: arisa1443@gmail.com

      I'm planning to make pink sole and green straps so it looks like patrick starfish :D spongebob ftw! <3

      1. This comment has been removed by the author.

      2. Spongebob @ Patrick Starfish inspired Havaianas? great idea.. might steal it!!!! hahah!!! shall email u to get your details unless I have it I can straight register :) for u

    3. I want my third pair of havaianas!! weee~

      Follower ID: FatiN
      Name: Fatin Feisal
      Email: fatinfeisal@gmail.com

      Currently thinking of making mine with orange sole and gold straps. Then I'll add some bling to jazz them up. I'll call it: 'Rock That Mandarin Baby'! :)

      1. love your Rock that Mandarin Baby design!!!!! gona be cool for CNY also u know? haha!!!!

    4. I want my very first pair of Flip Flop!

      Follower ID: Candygal
      Name: Candy Lee Ming Yok
      email: candymylee@gmail.com

      I wanna have a mint blue sole with pink strap plus some swarovski to bling up my day!

      1. that's a nice candy colored bling Havaianas! can't wait to see your creation! :) shall register u for the 15% discount! remember it's on total purchases so... u can ask friends & family to join ur bill keke

    5. Follower ID: LauraLeia
      Name: Laura Lee (Mei Yin)
      Email: Laura1990my@hotmail.com

      I want to have a pink base with blue or purple strap, plus a bling heart or butterfly! :D

      1. aww... that's a sweet color.... I'll like to see the butterfly on it! the heart is nice too..omg... let me know when u get your creation done so I know which one u settle for in the end! Registering u ^__^ for the 15% discount!

    6. Thanks all the first 5 followers has been selected for the 15% discount.

    7. just wonder how much is a pair? looks fun! but i have a lot of slippers d. =x

      1. · Slim Style: RM100

        · Top Style: RM83

        · Additional pin: RM3.50 each

    8. Aww,it's so sad i missed this,it looks really fun :(

      1. it is T___T u should see my 2nd post on what i did...for the flip flop designs...

      2. Already see your 2nd post,and it's super creative :D

    9. Cant wait for the 2nd round by them..

    10. I wish there would be another event like this. It is really fun to make your own flip flops with your friends or other family members.


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