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Dermalogica launches NEW! AgeSmart SkinPerfect Primer SPF30

barista one hazelnut hot chocolate pls

Since I'm taking a long break from work. I've been having more freedom to attend events as I wish this month and one of them was Dermalogica which I have turned down countless of times until their latest launch which happens to be at Starbucks, TTDI. It was a great location imho to have a cozy session in Starbucks at the affluent major township in Kuala Lumpur. I wish more events happen here or at One Utama. KL is just over hyped, crowded and the traffic is terrible there.

 presenting the latest product from Dermalogica

it's the Agesmart SkinPerfect Primer SPF30
(not just a primer as you read on)

a primer that protects, covers and treats your skin
(Dermalogica believes in taking care of your skin while also looking good)

The new 2-in-1 product smooths, protects and conditions skin while correcting surface irregularities and creating a luminous finish. This primer may be worn on it's own (if you have flawless looking skin) to protect and even out skin tone or to make your make up last longer. The natural earth minerals blend away discoloration and enhance luminosity, while polymers prime the surface with a soft, matte effect.

Cherlynn demonstrates on a model Didi

 see the difference? left face vs right face
(skinperfect is applied on the left)

firm tip with a creamy brown texture

you might ask does in come in other shades?

A very common question upon seeing that the primer is in a earth brown shade upon squeezing it out. Nah, it only has one "shade" but that's one thing that won't stop you from trying this. I applied it to my hands and face and surely the brown cream vanishes, camouflaging against my skin tone. Again it's because of the pearl powder and natural earth minerals that neutralized the tint to help even out skin tone and enhance glow and radiance.

5 Reasons Why You Should Try the SkinPerfect Primer:
  1. Not just a Primer, it's also a Anti-Aging Skin Treatment!
    Antioxidant White Tea, Peptides, Hydrolized Pearl & Soy Protein helps protect skin from further damage, while stimulating collagen replenishment.
  2. It has Hyaluronic Acid
    To help hydrate your skin, keeping moisture lock in.
  3. Versatile "Underwear"for your face
    Silica fills in fine lines, absorbs excess oil and helps product to cling to the skin. Polymers mattifies skin surface.
  4. Neutral Tint, No Fuss
    Pearl powder and Soy Protein helps even out skin tone and stimulate cell renewal to ensure a smoother, perfectly prepped "canvas" for make up application.
  5. Sun Protection SPF30
    UVA & UVB defense. Zinc Oxide & Titanium Dioxide shields the skin from harmful UV rays and prevents photo-aging.
 Dermalogica products contains these No No

I like the scent of White Tea

applied skinperfect on the left side of my face
(I don't see much difference but u can say it's more even & radiant)

with or without my nerdy frames?

My thoughts on the product upon 1st usage was hey a primer that works as a skincare? Not only would it even out my skin tone it also doubles as a really light sunscreen and an anti-aging treatment. Ladies worrying about aging wouldn't mind swapping for this primer if it could help stimulate collagen activity and smooth out our wrinkles. The one thing I like about this SkinPerfect primer? is that you can wear it alone without foundation for a softer and natural finishing to your make up. That is if you don't have much blemishes to cover up, which is why products that treat your skin would serve you better in the long run. I always believe skincare is first before any cosmetic intervention.

color: earth brown
scent: white tea, refreshing clean
texture: creamy and easily smooths out
packaging: handheld tube, easy carry
price: expensive for a primer, but then again it's not just a primer right?

The Dermalogica's NEW! SkinPerfect Primer SPF 30 comes in a 22ml, poly-foil tube packaging and will be available in October, 2012 at RM242.00 (WM) and RM250 (EM). You can get it from AsterSpring and authorized Dermalogica retailers nationwide. Visit Dermalogica website for more information.


  1. Y no find me when u holiday??!!

    1. eh.. u never like my i though u boh suka me one... T_T

  2. not much different on your face...means you have flawless skin...
    and i guess won't give me good coverage :(

    1. actually my skin has been really bad lately...due to my sickness and because of work stress... now I'm recuperating... n hopefully my skin becomes better T_T sad..aging ......

    2. thanks darling, I recovered already but now fiance n bff...sick haha

  3. Wow,this is one awesome product that makes me really exited,nut the only downside is that it's quite pricey for a primer :'(

    1. Agreeing in the pricey part but its non comodegenic and it won't break u up, which is a +++ . So u save on BB cream, sunblock, make up base ..and best part this won't causes Ur pores to be blocked.

    2. good points that Jolene brought up :) it's Non Comodegenic so won't clog pores or cause oil seeds on face!

  4. Tammy could you advise on the coverage?

    1. coverage is sheer, it's more of a make up base that will treat your skin besides making your make up last longer

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