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Spa 101: Hot Stone Massage Therapy VS Swedish Massage

what's the difference? How Cast tells you :)

This year I'm so crazy about massages and spa. Even when I'm low on cash, I'll still go for a foot massage. There's something about having your senses relieved for an hour or two that makes me blissful. It's one of the ways to get me relaxed and happy. However I don't go to any tom, dick and harry spas/massage salons just because there's a discount or promotion. I would like to go to a proper one that focuses on your health & wellbeing, elevate your senses or mind body relaxation. When I do go for massages, my choices are always hot stone or swedish? I love both, but now I know hot stones while they're great for relieving your muscles aches and give that nice oooooh warmth on your back, the places on your body it can be used is limited as compared to using hands for swedish massage.

Watch the video to understand :)


  1. ooo yea, i just love going for massages as it really calms you down after those stress from work..the recent massage that i tried was at Cres @ the gardens. It was simply great :)

  2. I like cres ones too, but oh man.... i still dream of spa village at pangkor laut..... * miss that place *

    btw cres has the anniversary package for massage, u bought is it? I didn't buy :O

  3. I need massage.. tired.. neck and shoulder.

  4. I miss the one in Krabi... Cheap n good..reminiscence is good


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