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  • BeautyLabo Shake Shake Whipped Cream Hair Dye Review


    The long awaited post on my latest hair coloring escapade! My fiance don't like me coloring my hair because it damages my hair but I just can't resist trying cute hair coloring products in the market. The latest was this milkshake looking bottle called Shake Shake by BeautyLabo. It's just sooooo cute!!! The come in cute chocolate flavored names as well like Peach Chocolate, Maple Chocolate, Milk Chocolate, Caramel Custard and so on! I bought Milky Beige, a dark brown tone from what I see on the product.

     so cute I can't resist trying one

    reminds you of the Liese Bubble Hair Dye right?

    Now this product is under Hoyu - one of the biggest Hair Color Manufacturers in Japan (popular & famous brands like Beauteen, BeautyLabo). BeautyLabo targets consumers at the age of 20s & 30s. It is one of the best trendy hair color product lines in Japan offering the best coloring performance (they also claimed to be harmless to your delicated hairs). Allowing girls to enjoy changing their hair images frequently without much concern to their hairs. From the voice of customers, it's the most mild and non-damaging hair color kit! Check out the video below for a quick intro and how to use :)

    watch the video for a quick demo on how to use!

    This is just child's play if you're asking me how easy it is coloring my hair. All I did was, without even looking at the instruction sheet *pls don't follow me, I'm just used to coloring my hair after SPM* mix the agent, shake it, and the bubble whip comes out. Apply evenly on hairs and after 30 minutes, wash it off. Being a product from Japan, there's English translated instructions inside so don't worry about not knowing what to do. Here's a step by step picture guide from me haha!!!

     Open package

    Take out all the items in the package

    Don't forget to wear gloves, because I forgotten!
    That's no good because we're mixing chemicals here.

    Pour in the liquid to the can

    Pour in the sachet of powder into the can

    smells sweet O_O *shocks*  maybe just mine?

    Cover the can and shake a distance of about 30cm/1 feet for about 20-30 times

     Open can after shaking, do not wait or it might explode!

    whipped cream is out! (do not eat it)

    start coloring your hair and leave it on for 30mins!
    (please refer to video on how to)


    some say leave it longer than 30mins for brighter color

    While I was mixing the chemicals, I couldn't help but smell it. Surprisingly it didn't smell like some ammonia bomb but it smelt sweet instead! (maybe it's just this bottle?) but when I applied it on my hair, I could smell the ammonia already. It wasn't overly strong until my eyes teared up (just like when I use Liese Bubble Hair Dye, very strong ammonia for Malaysia's batch but not for Singapore's batch!). I was just covering my hair and massaging it, not being very fussy trying to cover all my hairs as I wanted it to be natural or have some kinda highlight effect. After 30mins I wash my hair and could feel my hair stripped of it's natural silkiness. It's very dry so I had to conditioned my hair with the leave in treatment. 

    The product says it covers evenly, I think it does cover evenly (better than Liese Bubble Hair Dye) however with DIY hair coloring at home, evenly is really a subjective word. I did it "cincai" (simply do only) and I still manage to cover my hair evenly, though my top is slightly brighter (due to heat from scalp).  The color Milky Beige turned out somewhat as shown on the box (only in daylight) - a milky chocolate brown color. Thanks to my black hair, you'll see dark brown during normal days if I'm not under the sunlight. Also another expected outcome as black hair eats colors.

    Check out some colors I manage to find from googling.

    Beige Series
    Milk Carameliser & Milky Beige

    Ash & Orange Series
     French Chocolate & Maple Chocolate

    Honey Series
    Classical Honey & Caramel Custard

    Brown Series
     Bitter Chocolate & Sweet Brown

    Pink Series
    Peach Chocolate &  Candy Pink

    guess what you can do with the Shake Shake bottle?
    (reuse, be creative, don't throw!)

    My own photos were taken using iPhone 4 while I was coloring my hair (I can't hold big DSLR while coloring and nobody to help me take pics haha!). I don't mind coloring my hair again with Shake Shake, perhaps a different color like Candy Pink. Anyone else tried this product? please share your thoughts with me!

    Price: RM29.90 (introductory price)
    Packaging: milkshake bottle
    Scent: sweet to ammonia-ish during mixing and application
    Colors: Range of colors limited at Watsons stores
    Cover Evenly? : better than Liese & yes can say evenly colored
    Cover White/Grey Hairs? : no
    Color Show? : depends on your hair, subjective to say.
    Damage control: be prepare to condition heavily after


    1. Hi Tammy.
      I would like to have a try but my skin is way too sensitive..
      Last time, I did the allergy test for liese bubble hair dye n I ended up having urcataria (a type of allergy, not sure if the spelling is correct) for 3 days! In the end, I had to consult doctor n had injection. :'(
      So I wan to ask, does this hair dye provide any allergy test? Thx! :D

      1. :( oh..... darn... having sensitive skin limits u to try a lot of things on the shelves. It's better you don't try any hair chemical treatments/ products that contains ammonia or formaldehyde. I had skin allergy once on my wrist don't know how it happen but the agony for 3 weeks makes me cringe.

        The hair product comes with an instruction on how to do a patch test :(

      2. Yea.. The mom n the bf don allow me to try.. So too bad, I don have chance to have a try.. :'( sob sob

      3. :( better don't sob sob.....

        how about the INOA Hair coloring service? I heard there's no chemicals used for this but very expensive to do it at hair salons

    2. It's urticaria.. just googled it. :P

      1. Just for others who wants to know what is Urticaria, it's a type of allergy reaction to food/chemicals that causes hives (Red swelling often itching.


    3. I might need 2 portion of this for my length of hair >.< Anyway the result look great!

      1. my hair 1 box :D longer than shoulder length needs 1.5 box and longer to boobs/waist needs 2 box

        Thanks! I wish I can have much more obvious color without needing to bleach :(

    4. The colour looks great! But so far I still haven't tried dyeing my own hair coz i'm afraid it'll make a mess and the result won't be what i expect. >_<

      1. :) u gotta try it once! go with a safe colour, get a friend who did it already :)

        this shake shake hair coloring is easy and cincai do also turn out good! (omg did it just rhyme?)

        you're missing out on the fun of diy hair coloring ^______^

    5. Replies
      1. yes only when mixing time..... after become foam smells like ammonia..

    6. I saw some review on this b4... How is it like vs liese?

      1. liese Malaysia smells like strong ammonia... that stung my eyes when I use it. I bought liese singapore b4 n it was not so strong! makes me wonder is it the chemicals allowed are different for SG n MY?

        Anyway, I don't want to try Liese anymore after that.

        Now I tried Shake Shake, and it didn't sting my eyes and the smell wasn't as strong.. I say thumbs up for BeautyLabo SHake Shake!

    7. Really??stings eye! Omg... btw is the application easy? Just scoop out n apply? Need comb or any special skills..

      1. for this shake shake, application is easy! scoop and apply on hair, make sure macam "washing hair" kinda technique so the whipped cream covers all hair :D muahah... u can watch the video included in this post to see their own skill.

    8. Hey Tammy,
      Gosh I've been itching to try out this product!Blame it on the super-cute packaging. Too bad gloves aren't provided. I never coloured my hair(Henna doesn't count)so I'm kinda intimidated to give DIY-hair-colouring a try. Plus, do I really need to apply leave-in conditioner afterwards, or wash-off conditioner will do?

      BTW, it's no longer RM29.90. =( Just checked at Watsons yesterday, about RM36ish. Which is still affordable btw.

      1. oh babe it comes with the gloves dun worry. I know... it's kinda taboo right? correct me if I'm wrong :(( some friends tell me that Muslims cannot hair color/dye coz it cannot be wash off (like nail polish can remove but hair color cannot).

        If u got a strong awesome wash off conditioner that will do, coz your hair is dry after being colored right away.

        Oh man.. no moe introductory price? lucky i buy earlier haha

    9. Great then gloves are provided! Err if that the case i think i need to get a bottle of leave in condotioner along with this 'shake'.
      Aiyoh who told u that. ;-)Actually us Muslims can colour our hair provided that the product used is free from non-halal ingredients. ;-)

      1. it comes with a leave in conditioner sachet, u can use that but if u got a better one would be good, serap the moisture back after rinsing off.

        I thought muslims cannot permanently color hair/polish nails coz it interfere with praying or something :O

      2. Yup u're right there. ;-) esp nail polish coz the product doesnt really absorbed into our body skin, unlike hair color. Aiy.... On 2nd thought maybe i should let the pros at salon to colour my hair since this will be my first time.

        But hubby isnt really keen coz he said it'll damage hair. Haha our men can gang lah!

    10. yeay another foam hair dye, looks super easy to do. is the colour very close to whats on the packaging? :)

      1. well :(( my hair is so black, the color is not close to the box. It's like darker shade of what's on the box.

    11. so.. the product used is free from non-halal ingredients?

      1. Hi Haswani, sorry for the delay in reply. Atm I'm not sure if it's Halal, i've drop a message to Hoyu to ask! hopefully they reply.

    12. if i nvr did bleaching b4,is de colour easy 2 上色??

      1. depends on which color u choose sayang, the lighter the color the harder to achieve it due to :

        1. virgin black hair
        2. stubborn black hair
        3. wrong time & wrong temperature (wash too fast & do in aircond / cold place)

        ahhaa...this just my experience.

    13. Hi, I would like to ask you, Is the product halal anyway?


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