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The Celcom Cupcake Giveaway! Happy 1 Malaysia Everyone

 Happy 1 Malaysia Everyone!

Kelly, Tammy, Mr. Cupcake, Pen Merah & Hamzah
(we got our cupcakes!)

Celcom gave out 1 Malaysia Cupcakes today

many motorist were caught by surprise

caught in action! watch my behind the scenes video haha

surprise everyone! get your free cupcakes!

Today was so fun! I went to catch the free cupcakes given out by Celcom at the special locations (click to for list of locations). Finally after walking around, I saw the Mr.Cupcake (I call him that because he's giving out cupcakes haha) a.k.a baker on the road. He has wearing a blue Celcom apron and giving out cupcakes in boxes! I ran to him and asked him for one. Then I stayed and stalked him giving out free cupcakes to motorist at the road between Ikano & Curve. I can see children being really excited and poking out the windows to see Mr.Cupcake. Some motorist were quite suspicious of him too, I don't blame them haha. This is a rare sight to be seen here! They were here only for less than an hour before heading to the next route on their list. I wonder who else was caught by surprise? readers if u got the cupcake, please tell me how u feel! 


  1. wah!!! yay!!! got our cupcake on Malaysia Day :P

    1. eat liao? i ate one... liao one kept in fridge for tomorrow ^___^

    2. Taste good? Can share ... Hehehe jk...I want to get the cupcake book u bf will scream at me for having too many books .


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