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When I'm not wondering, I'll be on my computer searching for the next fountain of youth or hunting down a fantastic deal. I'm also a shopaholic, wanderluster, spa enthusiast and proud hipster who loves planning special occasions and surprises for her loved ones.
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  • Bio-Oil: The Pregnancy Skincare Kit. How to Prevent Stretch Marks


    it is estimated that 75 - 90% of women are prone to stretch marks

    Pregger Mamas, do you worry about getting stretch marks on your tummy, thighs or breasts? I know my friends are worried and they shared with me a few solutions - professional body care salon, traditional methods and home care products to prevent stretch marks. Today, I would introduce one of products in the market you can use for home care. It is not just any product but one that we know best for being the No.1 selling scar and stretch mark product in Malaysia (ranked by Nielsen, beating other established multinational brands).

    rich in Vitamins A, E & contains Calendula, Lavender & Rosemary oils
    which all contribute to healthy, nourished skin

    Introducing Bio-Oil, a specialist skin product from South Africa with clinically proven formulation containing the breakthrough ingredient PurCellin Oil as well as Vitamin A and ECalendulaLavender and Rosemary oils and Chamomile extract. PurCellin oil is known to smell and feel quite good on the skin.  It's also good for dehydrated skin because it has very high moisturizing qualities. Rest asure Bio-Oil is safe to be used for pregnant ladies (click here to read). Trusted by women for 18 years and most recommended by doctors.

    during pregnancy keep your skin healthy and hydrated by
    drinking lots of water, eat foods rich in Vit E & C, Zinc & Silica

    While many women have a healthy 'radiant glow' throughout pregnancy, some struggles with their skin, finding it to be anything but glowing. In addition to stretch marks, the following skin concerns are common:
    • Uneven Skin Tone
      Brown hormonal marks appear on the face or body as a result of an increase in melanin production.
    • Dry, Itchy Skin
      Itching, also called pruritis gravidarum, occurs as the skin and muscles stretch. Skin can also appear puffy due to water retention.
    • Caesar Scars
      As the final 'mark' of pregnancy for those who have not had a natural birth, the resulting scar can cause self-consciousness and loss of confidence.
    Don't panic now because you can use Bio-Oil to relieved, improved or and prevent the above throughout pregnancy. It's unique formulation makes it extremely effective for numerous skin conditions - regularly applied. It gives skin the boost it needs - both during pregnancy and after. As a tip, start using Bio-Oil early during your second and third trimesters. Once stretch marks appeared, it would be harder to reduce it.

    snapshots of the event at Jentayu Spa, Solaris Dutamas

    I am no stranger to Bio-Oil, when I had the snatch thief incident last year at Publika, my hands had wounds which I feared would scar me for life. It was unsightly and looked like I attempted suicide. You can check out my blog post about it here. My bff recommended me to use Bio-Oil to reduce the scarring, which seriously really worked for me. I regularly apply and massage Bio-Oil on my wrist and by now you can't even see it (unless you stare at the strange terrain on my skin, u might see it).  I dare you to see the pictures of my wound, healing stage and after using Bio-Oil. [Do Not Scream]

    Bio-Oil helps reduce scarring

    discussion about Bio-Oil & its benefits

    So when I got invited to a talk on how Bio-Oil can help pregnant women prevent stretch marks, I jump at the chance to explore it's benefits other than scar reducing. It was a cozy session with several invited guests, which makes the discussion quite exciting. We learn how women can use Bio-Oil in various ways, what it's made of and how it can help us especially during pregnancy (pre & post natal massage to feel good, relieve water retention and at the same time reduce stretch marks). The highlight of the event?  everyone was treated to an hour long relaxing body massage using Bio-Oil. Imagine from theory to practical!

    the pregnancy skincare kit
    When the body expands faster than the covering skin, the skin tears, forming a scar as it heals. These scars are visible on the surface of the skin as stretch marks. The likelihood of developing stretch marks varies according to skin type, race, age, diet and hydration of the skin. Those most prone to stretch marks include pregnant women, body builders, adolescents undergoing sudden growth spurts and individuals who experience rapid weight gain. Stretch marks are permanent in nature, and although Bio‑Oil is formulated to help improve their appearance, it can never remove them.  
    Bio‑Oil should be massaged in a circular motion into the stretch marks, twice daily, for a minimum of 3 months. During pregnancy, it should be applied from the start of the second trimester to areas that are prone to stretch marks such as the abdomen, breasts, lower back, hips, buttocks and thighs. Results will vary from individual to individual.
    Then they gave me a 60ml size bottle of Bio-Oil for the full body massage session. I was quite taken aback. Is 60ml enough for this? I don't believe it but they said it's more than enough. Being the non-believer, I got ready for my pampering session. First I was ushered into this beautiful spacious massage room, everything was readily available in this room. Then a flower foot bath that got me excited. It's full of flowers, awwwww. Next, I was on the massage table which doubles as a bath tub (cool right). I face down and my back felt the warm slippery orange-pink oil from the hands that would make my day, sweeter. I love the light aromatic scent of Bio-Oil, they say it's suitable for sensitive skin and it's hypoallergenic. It's also Halal

    media guests were treated to a aromatherapy massage

    using Bio-Oil as the massage oil

    can u believe it? only nearly 1/2 bottle used for massage!

    After an hour, I awoke to my masseuse gently massaging my face. I felt so relaxed and warm. Surprisingly the oil wasn't greasy on my body since it's fast absorbing. The most shocking part? when my masseuse gave me back my Bio-Oil which was only barely 1/2 used! how did that happened? She explained to me that it wasn't necessary to use too much, she pour into small glass bowl and used from there to massage my entire body. Imagine that, a little goes a long way. 

    get your own pregnancy skincare kit here!

    Here's the best part, 5 lucky followers will be able to try the Bio-Oil (60ml) worth RM32.95 and experienced for themselves at home to prevent stretch marks (pre or post natal). Just leave a comment with the following details. I'll select 5 lucky followers. Giveaway starts today and ends Wed 12th September, 2012. Only for followers with a Malaysian mailing address. 

    Follower ID:

    Answer this question: How many months p
    regnant? and why you'd like to try this!

    Those who can't wait to try this, can purchase Bio-Oil for RM32.95 (60ml) and RM54.95 (125ml) from pharmacies and selected retailers. 
    For a list of ingredients and studies click here to visit Bio-Oil website. I would like to thank Jeremy for the wonderful photographs of the event :) click here to visit his blog!


    1. Follower ID:ykristen

      Answer this question:I am not pregnant but i would like to win this for my daughter who is an eczema sufferer who has been advised to try it

    2. Oops

      My Follower ID shd be yeohkristen
      Name Kristen
      EMAIL: yeohkristen@gmail.com

      I am not pregnant but would like to get this for my daughter who has eczema and has been advised to try Bio Oil

    3. Follower ID: classy pyt
      Name: sarvin sidhu

      I am not pregnant but i would love to win this as it helps with acne scars too :)

    4. Follower ID: ilif
      Name: Ili
      E-mail: ro_lianey2k@yahoo.com

      I am not pregnant, but I would like to give it to my mum. She fell down on her head recently and there's a huge scar on her forehead. Hope bio oil could help the scar diminish.

    5. opocok!! where my preggers readers all go to.. haha..

    6. This comment has been removed by the author.

    7. Follower ID:魔女妈咪
      Name:Queenie Lai

      I am on my 9mths pregnancy and will go for c-caesar soon. I really hope that bio-oil will help to reduce the scarring :)

    8. Follower ID : Vina
      Name: Vina

      I am in the midst of loosing weight now and I am terrified of the stretch mark bit. I hope bio oil will help me to reduce it...

    9. Follower ID: #ciksuzlin
      Name: Suzlin
      E-mail: busymonkey07@gmail.com

      I'm not pregnant, but I do us this for my sensitive skin and of course, my on my lose weight stretch mark.


    10. Hi Tammy!
      I have 4 kids and planning on no 5 to be happening this year, haha I know crazy right. I would love to try this out because I have heard so many raves about it and plus I have quite a few stretch marks here and there.
      Thank You!

      Follower ID: Mrs K
      Name:Khadijah Malik
      E-mail: khadijahabdulmalik@hotmail.com

    11. I used Bio-Oil too when I was pregnant and I'm stretch mark free!

    12. Follower ID: pigellen
      Name: ellen shi
      E-mail: pigellen@gmail.com

      i'm 1 mth preg now. shhhhh.....:)
      this is my 1st baby, i dunno whether will get the strech mark or not but prevent better than cure.

    13. Follower ID: Li Lian
      Name: Wah Li Lian
      Email: wahlilian@yahoo.co.uk

      Hi Tammy, it's quite some time didn't see you as now I seldom join events due to pregnancy. I am 2 months pregnant now, I'm excited and at the same time also worries of many things.
      I would love to try Bio-Oil to prevent stretch marks after seeing the amazing result from your testimony and pictures.

    14. Follower ID: Sri
      npName: Sri
      Email: sri.dola@gmail.com

      I delivered via C- section 9 months ago and have a lot of stretch marks and surgery scar. I hope it can reduce the post pregnancy stretch marks.

    15. Follower ID: Shiro
      Name: Shiro Chen
      Email: shirochen@hotmail.com

      My baby is going to turn 1 next month but the stretch marks on my belly looks ugly :( Can Bio-Oil make them disappear? *finger crossed*

    16. Follower ID: thian
      Name: Shin Thian
      E-mail: sweetheart0222(at)gmail(dot)com

      I'm not pregnant but I have a big scar on my thigh... I want it to be removed

    17. Follower ID: IevaDont
      Name: Ieva Daugyte
      E-mail: ladydeaddoll@gmail.com

      Well, I am not pregnant, but I have scars that are shaped like moon and star on my knee from childhood that looks pretty bad and on my hands from previous workplace because of chemicals that caused a bad rash reaction.. I do not feel comfortable wearing T-shirt or anything short sleeved.. :(

    18. Follower ID: Easybaby88
      Name: Aubrey Lim
      E-mail: easybaby88@gmail.com

      After 2 kids and adventurous food eating frenzy since moving to KL, my flabs are not good looking and the slivers of stretch marks on my tummy aint pretty. Hope i can get to try Bio Oil and have smooth looking skin again :)

    19. Follower ID: angelzoe
      Name: azura zoe azlee
      Email: angelzoe80[ at ] yahoo[dot] com

      Two pregnacies..two c-sect scars..
      Bio-oil pls do wonders so i don't have to go Mars.. As this Wednesday is also my birthday.. I'd like to wish for skin that look like it has just seen the world for a day..

    20. Follower ID: lyksell
      Name: Lee Yun Kiew
      Email: lyksell[ at ] yahoo[dot] com [dot] my

      Two pregnacies..1 c-sect scar.. myself, 1 c-sect scar for my sister who got a twin
      Actually I wanted to have this Bio Oil for my younger sister, who is mini in size, but carried 2 babies, she got terrible stretch marks on her tummy even until now after 6 months of giving birth, nothing of the solution she tried helps, i do think Bio Oil will be her solution .....

    21. Follower ID: Nicole
      Name: Nicole Tan
      E-mail: miley71(at)hotmail(dot)com

      I am not pregnant --> but i wanna try this Bio Oil out cause i heard this product works like a miracle in only a few weeks or months,and i wanna use it to heal my scar marks on my knees that have been there for almost 9 years now,i hate that,and i hope this product will work out for me :D

    22. Follower ID:LieongYien Ting
      Name:Ting Lieong Yien

      A few months ago my baby have been born,but so many stretch marks on my belly,Thigh,Butt ...really looks so ugly...so i really wanna try this Bio Oil ...

    23. Follower ID:

      Im not pregnant. I feel so so sad everytime I see my pretty fair legs with scars. My friends used to keep telling to buy pantyholes to cover them up.. =(

      1. Follower ID: Yvonne (FB:Crystal Woods)
        Name: Yong Yvonne
        E-mail: yvonne9152@hotmail.com

    24. The giveaway has ended! I would like to thank you all for joining my giveaway :)) It was hard trying to select the winners because all of you sound like you need bio-oil! T____T sob sob.....

      Don't be sad if you did not win because there's other giveaways to join in my blog, so don't miss it out yeah babes I have many things planned for my blog now that I have quit my job :D

      To the 5 Mummies who won the 60ml Bio-Oil, Congratulations. Do remember that Bio-Oil can be used to prevent stretch marks and it needs to be regularly massaged on. For existing scars, it will take time (scars are harder to remove as it's already formed).

      1. ShA-RiFa Al-Jamalullail
      2. angelzoe
      3. Queenie Lai 魔女妈咪
      4. Wah Li Lian
      5. pigellen

    25. Tammy, have u tried it b4? And any result on it?

      1. I tried it on my hand wound that was healing :) currently not pregnant so I don't see the effects for stretch marks :(

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    34. I have been using bio oil for the past 5 years and it works amazing. Now that im pregnant i have little signs of stretched marks because i started back using bio oil instead of cocoa butter.

    35. Makes sure that product instructions will tell you exactly how long you should wait for results and how often or how much a product should be used. pregnancy stretch mark serum


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