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Judge Dredd Movie Review


movie review by a noob, Tammy Lim

I thought I would be watching a remake but turns out it's something else, something pretty awesome imho! Let's start, gangs vs judges. Judges are like all in 1 cop. Judge, Jury, Executioner and the cop? U throw sampah on the jalan, the show up, they read your "sins" give you your "sentence" and u can even appeal on the spot (see if u're lucky or not?). The sentence is carried out on the spot too haha! I didn't follow the cartoon so I'm your banana Judge Dredd.

I know the men looks hot under the helmets and that "mutant" 6th sense sidekick is mysteriously innocent and yet alluring in some ways. She makes u want to know more about her and what she can do. Which is obviously quite cool at one scene, where one bad ass tried to mind rape her but she mind-crazed him back n he ended up peeing while dreaming. The story revolves around a gang queen by the name of MA MA. She's bad ass n she makes a drug called Slow Mo. Slow Mo is a drug that makes everything seemed like matrix slow n u get on this high. It's becoming popular and her happy days ended when Judge Dredd & Mutant Girl sidekick went to Peach Tree (like Singapore HDB Flat) to investigate some "murder" cases.

The cool words of the day? MA MA. I don't know how this movie manage to make your innocent mama words become like some deadly mafia boss ass shiat danger tone. Kinda cool. Lots of gore, blood, bombings, ass kicking, skull cracking, scenes. Don't bring your kid to watch!

Your MA MA wouldn't want you to watch this.

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  1. Very fun and bloody, which makes it all the more entertaining and I can only wonder what they will do with the next installments of this series, if they can get there. Good review Tammy.

  2. My dad just saw this movie without me cause i'm underage lol

  3. Haven't watch it yet......should do so later... Weeee!


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