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Ning's Fling: Shop & Dine with Plusizekitten Winners


Ning's Fling at Flow, KLCC

 Afternoon Tea at Mandarin Oriental Kuala Lumpur

Thank you lovely readers for joining the Ning's Fling: Shop & Dine with Plusizekitten! The contest is now over and I have selected 10 winners with the best slogans to go shopping at Flow, KLCC with me on 29th September, 2012 6th October, 2012. After shopping we will adjourn for afternoon tea and chit chat at Mandarin Oriental Kuala Lumpur. I hope we could wear the clothes we buy that day and pose for a group photo together! This will going to be awesome. I love you all! *flying kisses*.

Congratulations to the 10 lucky winners!

E-mails has been sent to all winners for confirmation of attendance. The like & share contest will be announce early next month. Here's the winning slogans from the girls who's big, bold and beautiful.

1. Iffah
Photo Caption B: For a plus sized hijabi (translated: a plus sized woman who wears the tudung/headscarf), this blouse covers my arms, has a beautiful, captivating design on the arms, can be worn with a long skirt, a black & white hijab and will look good for office or a nice dinner date with my hubby. Simply GORGEOUS!! Its SO HARD to find nice tops for plus sized ladies who wear the hijab, so thank you FLOW! 

Hope those creative people at FLOW keep coming up with aurah-compliant pieces that cover us nicely yet still make us look good! 

2. Tammy Tiki
Photo Caption A: Colours, design and pattern which Ning had design accentuate the natural beauty of our body beyond what we see. It bring out the power within you without overpowering and to glow which shine within you. FLOW had made more PlusSize Women to make a stand that we are more beautiful and happy.

3. Suzana
Photo Caption A: Classy fashion tips for women often begin with styles, fabrics, and colors of clothing. These features are truly shown on the photos as its the confidence in one that bring you to the next level. That is a saying " wear the attire and never allow the attire to wear you". Simple quote but its true. In regardless of your shape or your look, bring the best in yourself when you step on on your clothes.

4. Hazlina
Photo Caption A:I love having curves.When I look at myself,I don't just see a woman, I also see a loving wife, a doting mother, a successful lawyer. I wouldn't change a thing, as that just means there's more of me to love!

5. Azura
Photo caption B: embracing my curves ..celebrating the joy of being ladylike sans the frail stigma of being a woman..in this fashionable clothes..i am still modest yet presentable to the eyes of my loved ones..ahh..the joy of being curvaceous lady..

6. Jessica
Photo Caption A: Black and white are the must-have colours in a woman's closet as they are clean, timeless, speaks volumes of elegance and above all, it helps to enhance the curves!

7. Tham Sook Heng
Photo caption B: The bold patterns in this collection makes any real woman like us stands out from the rest. We are irresistible to the eyes of those who deserve our love..so sisters go forth and soar!

8. Suba
Photo Caption A: This outfit speaks of elegance in volumes, without compromising on comfort. Totally the type of outfit we plus size babes wish for!

9. Eunice Lim
Photo caption A: I love simple color, especially the most-easy-to-match color which is Black and White. With that attire, I don't have to worry what color/type of shoes to wear anymore!! 

10. Doroshi Cheoy
Photo caption A: Black and White colour are timeless, brings out the unique yet confident and distinct taste in a woman's outfit.

Two grand winners RM200 shopping vouchers. 8 winners RM100 shopping vouchers. Everyone gets a FLOW VIP Member Card (normally given upon RM1k purchase). See you girls 6th October, 2012 at 1pm Flow, KLCC.


  1. Weee.. thanks for selection dear.....

  2. Thank you so much Tammy wohoooooooo.....We Women ROCK. See you all lovely ladies there. It is going to be a fun trip for me from Penang.

    1. I can't wait to finally meet u Tammy from Penang! imagine...two Tammys..finally meet....

  3. Aiyo.. I can't wait la...

  4. Replies
    1. CikLily, wish u joined us T___T but u balik kampung...

  5. Congrats gals dont forget show haul hehe...

    Too bad no shopping money.... Oh that day son concert day!!!

    Tammy njoy with your friends!! Remember show pics later...

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