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Reviving Lil Old Plusizekitten Facebook Fan Page


It's been sometime since I last saw this page

I'm back in action if anyone notice and I've been dreading to go into my own fanpage, I started it in late 2011 and left it there after getting frustrated with the limited functionality of fb pages that time. There wasn't much to do or track but with Facebook's new functionals for FB pages now, I'm going to take care my page again! it'll probably be easier than adding me as friends on FB coz I'm more selective there on who I approve. Also u wouldn't want to hear me bitching about my friends and at the same time put up a Happy Best Friends day post ahah.

(pls lah like it? i beg u)

Please like my Fan Page! coz 688 is sure a good number to start everything again! 688 means Happy Rich Rich in Chinese? (my chinese sux so.... I'm guessing that's what it means). Thanks to Wilson for making me realize that!


meow thx ^_^ for commenting

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