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TTDI Garage Sales! Shop for a Cause


garage sale at TTDI whoopeee!

 I got a facebook invite to a Super Pre-Loved Garage Sale happening around my area (TTDI). I was tempted to go check out what they have. This reminded me of the time I was studying in Melbourne and the folks there have garage sales like every weekend. It proved to be worth while because I got neat stuffs for the house I rented at a great bargain. Well this garage sale that I went did something nice apart from just selling their pre-loved goodies. A part of the sale goes to charity. This is such a good idea! I feel like having my own garage sale too now.

even my fiance knew where the house was
(because his bff stayed here) 

fiance dropped me off here, looks pretty cool already

rest of the neighborhood saw this & drop by

I was feeling a bit moody and drowsy, having my nose blocked and a mean sore throat so I didn't stay too long. I manage to grab a hat at RM5 and a RM2 book "Don't Go Shopping For Hair-Care Products Without Me" by Paula Begoun the Cosmetic Cop. What a bargain *smiles*. I felt bad just buying these so I gave a ten for all of it.

all this rm7 only!

shall be reading it while resting at home for a few days

pre-loved items from RM2 onwards!

Are you ready to do some shopping? We are trying to de-clutter so please help us take home some items which we love but have to bid adieu to due to lack of space.  Pre-loved stuff ranging from clothes to books and CDs, who knows what you'll find? This initiative is to benefit charity (Children's Homes - SunBeams Home & Agathian's Shelter)

Female, Male and Children's:
- Clothes - Dresses - Tops - Skirts - Pants/Jeans - Shorts - Bags - Totes - Shoes - Accessories
- Books - Music - Box Sets - Magazines
- Kitchenware - Tableware - Crockery - Decorative Items - Lifestyle
- Small Electrical Items - Appliances
- Batik & Sari Fabrics - Table Runners
- Bric-a-Brac

They're open tomorrow from 9am - 2pm. Check them out if you're around the neighborhood!
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