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My name is Tammy and I've been blogging for over 8 years now. I started blogging because I wanted to share my beauty hauls and lifestyle experiences. I'm also a pro-consumer, which is probably the fire in my life.

This blog is now happily written by the cutest couple you've ever seen. Gareth's Irish while I'm Malaysian. We met in the most unexpected way possible and since then have been in a loving relationship. He loves to eat, drink and try new exciting things (even extreme sports) while I love the quieter things in life, like spas, massages, shopping and beauty! But we have something in common, we both love travelling.
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Chanel Lip Gloss Give Away: VOTING TIME


Win a Chanel Lip Gloss Contest!

I'm sorry girls for the delay in the Chanel Lip Gloss Give Away. The Cat Party took the week off and I was really tired. SO WITHOUT further delay, this voting session will go on for a week before it closed. ONLY FOLLOWERS (verified account members) can vote. This is to prevent anonymous/multiple voting entries. If you wish to vote, you must first be Plusizekitten Blog follower by clicking on the follow button in this blog (on the right hand panel down below traffic counter). I will personally count the votes myself.

To Vote:
Leave a comment with the following details & your vote. Example below:

Follower Id: Miu
My Vote: XXXX because the pic is awesome!

here's my pic with my maquillage lip gloss. it's 3 tones. limited edition.
juicy sugary lips i have after applied the maquillage~

My Lovely Clarins Lip Gloss! :)
@lly Channel

Kitty Pose~=p
No time to makeup before going out? A lip gloss will help!
Heart my Etude House's Watermelon Water Gloss!

Mirror Mirror On The Wall, Which Lip Gloss is my Favourite?
Joey Beauty Gossipologyst

Luscious intoxicating lips! A kiss to steal for!
My favourite - Inouvi Latin Lover

bling bling! So amazing it makes me shine throughout the darkness!
TruColors Mandarin Mystique is my favourite lip gloss ;)
Huan Ting

super duper lustrous lip glass, soo in love with it,
so much till i bring her to bed!

My Flash Lips, I can turn it on and
off to use even in the dark! :D

Pout pout if you are a NARS Babe :)!

ooo~~its so shiny that my eyes cant even focus!!@.@
Sylvia Ng

The caption: Putting on a lip gloss is such a bliss!
La Estrella

Notti Pouty Pig with her Shiny Glossy Lip

My all time favourite Estee Lauder
High Gloss Ultra Brillance
lipgloss (color code no14 Amethyst)
brightens my day and chase my gloom away!

wondergloss... for wonderkittens
(Im wearing stage wondergloss in sophia)

anyways im using a revlon lipgloss ,
it gives a smooth and cushiony feel to my lips!

Rimmel Volume Booster Lip Gloss in Tempt
"Bee stung lips..what a tempting invitation!"
* Vina *

My All Time Favourite Stila Lipglaze in Raspberry

^ I love Clarins Instant Light Natural Lip Perfector, it's just AWESOME !!! ^


(french) la kiss de amour@
Anna sui got me a kissable sugar lip. *pout pout*

my lovely lip gloss~~BEAUTE DE KOSE

Terms & Condition:
1. Starts 11/12/09 - 18/12/09 11.59pm.
2. Only followers are allowed to vote.
3. The girl with the most votes win the give away.
4. Prize will be pos laju to winner within 1-2 weeks.
5. You can vote for anyone even for yourself.
6. Each follower = 1 Vote only.


  1. I am Rene
    I vote for Honey babe !
    because the lip is so pinkilicious !
    nice photo good complexion, sweet eyes an yah anna sui lipgloss rock !

  2. So many girls take part! I doubt that I'll have chance..lol

    I vote for Joey~ She's so pretty in her gloss!

  3. So many girls take part! I doubt that I'll have chance..lol

    I vote for Joey~ She's so pretty in her gloss!

  4. Follower ID - DaDevil
    I vote for Sweetiegem(My All Time Favourite Stila Lipglaze in Raspberry)

  5. Follower ID - Naniacollection
    I vote for Joey from beautygossipologyst.blogspot ( As her lips look sexy)

  6. Follower ID: blue_done

    i vote for sweetiegem because stila lipgloss always rox and she brings up the colour of raspberry

  7. I vote for Doroshi because she's the FIRST contestant who shows a kissable pout and demonstrates what glossies do - enhance a pout to lure a kiss.

  8. Follower Id: stylishone
    My Vote: *vina* Rimmel Volume Booster Lip Gloss in Tempt
    "Bee stung lips..what a tempting invitation!"
    "she really did a good job in pulling it off well!bravo to her.

  9. id:jerry cheong
    i vote for *vina* as she looks really fabulous with tht stylish lip gloss post!:D

  10. id:bawani a/p visuvanathan

    i cast my vote for *vina*bee stung lips -rimmel volume booster lip gloss!!its my fav n she looks really beautiful with it!!:D

  11. rebsmith smith

    *Vina* Catches my vote,she looks fabulous and classy with tht gloss.awesome i say.

  12. Follower Id: Candygal
    My Vote: I vote for Joey because her sexy lips looks kissable! haha!!

  13. Follower Id: Carol
    My Vote: Sherry , Different is why, and at least we wont be shock if we see anyone with a glowing lipgloss in the dark putting on their makeup.
    voted purely out of coolness *thumbs*

  14. Follower Id: stellarvixen
    My Vote: JEAN because she looks so adorable with the kitty paw paw!!bright bubble gum pink~~ yum yum

  15. if i post sure i win LOL .. but wait .. MIU is being sexist coz she say only GIRLS hahahaha ... i am literally putting words in her mouth now .. LOL LOL *running for life*

  16. Follower Id: La Estrella
    My vote: ooo~~its so shiny that my eyes cant even focus!!@.@
    Sylvia Ng because she's so cute!! :)

  17. My vote is for Sylvia Ng,she is too cute with her lip gloss!

  18. id:oliv3r9
    i vote for vina,she looks cool and hot,besides she is applying the gloss itself,in a stylish manner and that counts ,she has absolutely done that.

  19. I vote for Sylvia Ng! it's an atypical take, n funny too :)

    follower id. shan

  20. follower id. Melissa

    I vote for sweetiegem cuz she looks good with her stila lip gloss. ^^

  21. follower ID: Sherry

    my vote goes to seek for beauty Janice :D

    everyone is doing well too but only one vote. :D

  22. follower id : jOsh_taKumi86
    My vote : i vote for sweetiegem(the lip gloss look great on her and also part of my fren's gf...hehe)

  23. folower id: :)
    My vote: Vina because she makes me want to go out and buy that lipgloss of hers!

  24. Follower ID : -mEi YeE-
    My vote for sweetiegem bcz she look just perfect with lipgloss~~ (:

  25. Follower id : woaini_87

    I vote for SWEETIEGEM because she looks good in it.

  26. follower id:charlie_86

    i vote for sweetiegem..she looks pretty in stila lipgloss

  27. follower id:charlie_86

    i vote for sweetiegem..she looks pretty in stila lipgloss

  28. EG;
    Follower ID - Aaron Ti
    My vote : i vote for sweetiegem because I like it..

  29. follower id:vincent

    i vote for SWEETIEGEM because she look sexy with the lipgloss

  30. Follower ID: Sunshine

    Vote : My vote Is for SWEETIEGEM cuz her picture look sooo Cute and Adorable, Shes the pretties!!! of Alll!!

  31. id:allstylishpeoplesay

    vote:i vote Vina,she looks beautiful there sticking the lipgloss and besides her slogan is impeccable!

  32. hi, i'm chloe
    i vote for vina =)

  33. hye.. im orchid..
    i vote for vina.. :D

  34. follower id: samyap18

    i vote for sweetiegem..because she is as sweet as gem with the lipgloss

  35. id:Samantha Princess
    vote: i vote for vina shes beautifully applied her lip gloss

  36. Id:lim ting huan
    VOTE:VINA she my beautiful friend



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