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  • Foya Night with Wing


    have u ever seen a Buaya in action?
    (this is how a buaya looks like while excited)

    ! I'm just back from 1utama. It's foya night (play play night) with Buaya Wing. She was so stressed "warrghh i want to have someone massage my head and i din wash my hair very long already!!!" so i followed her to Infinity Hair Saloon in One Utama New Wing. Wash & Blow for short hair is rm25 while long hair (mine) was rm35. Then she saw some scalp treatment nioxil? or nioxin rm25 for normal treatment and drama in front of me that it's so good. It's been some time since I last wash my hair at saloons so yeah why not and ok a scalp treatment might be good for my dandruff prone scalp?

    getting my blow dry from Mel & one guy

    The scalp treatment rm25 was basically a scrub that was done after washing your hair. It's cooling and minty. Smells minty too. After washing, another minty cooling mask + scalp massage. The hair stylist left us for 5mins. Our head felt like many bottles of Origin's Piece of Mind (an fancy and pepermint alternative to minyak kapak) but it was so dam cooling & nice.

    our wash & blow night leaves us feeling better
    after a stressful working day


    1. wah nice.. get hair wash and blow :)

    2. my face so round n big..wahahaaha..btw..it is NIOXIN..d best scalp treatment n cleanser :)
      i love it! used to use it las time but wallet in KERING mode...hav to say tata to it...

    3. ur face not round n big..

      just ur hair look like mangkuk style!! kakaka.. jk jk ..

      yeah it's so nice! NIOXIN! so cooling... i did b4 at curve rm120 4 steps.. but never as cooling as NIoXIN!!!!!! we should do this once a month...... haha..

      i am also kering mode... sigh

    4. we buy n do ourselves la..:p
      but not now...KERING KERING mode

    5. i do for u, u do for me lah..

      i dun like do for myself..

      i am so lazy..

      yesss i admit i am lazy n kering..lol

    6. so enjoy has a girl outing after work!
      I never go a saloon for hair wash before eh~ wondering how it feels?

    7. cough cough..

      feels like a hair wash...

      laughs out loud rolling on floor

    8. arghhh.....I want to foya at OneU too.............:(

    9. someone recommended this Nioxin to me b4 but i never got round to trying it out.

      hmmm, will do so now with such good reports from you two.

      What exactly is the Nioxin treatment for??

    10. Your hair lookss great! So jealous already.. :p

      Buaya looks Matrix-like in action.. lol!

    11. both of you girls are having a swelll of a jolly time~~
      pampering your hair & scalp *blissful neh

      wahh rm25 for treatment is a steal~~ and the hairstylist blowdry both your hair so stylo

      buayaWing!! yay..wow..drooling screaming!! so the bag its yours~~~ i saw at shu the other day* hehe..luv luv your B bag..its on everygirl's wishlist *hehe lemming for a purple or pink one lol

    12. I cannot la.. got terms and condiion apply by dear LOL

    13. I tried infinity saloon today.the service was not very good. Although I paid for senior stylist to have my hair coloured.she ended up asking the shampoo girl to do my hair.shocking! I heard another stylist asking the shampoo girl why is she colouring my hair in mandarin! Probably be my first b last time here.


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